tori quotes from the stage...

September 28, 2001
West Palm Beach, Florida

So some of you, uh, some of you may know Cornwall very well. I've been there a few years and I'm just getting to know her. And she hasn't spit me out yet. But um, you never know with her. The thing about that place, though, is you have to have a pair of wellies. And uh... [someone in the audience asks, "what are wellies?"] Wellies. Wellies. Wellies, boots. So um, hey, hang on. Where are the British people? Wellies. Wellios. They're these rubber boots that work great in maneur. Or mud, or whatever it is. And they, you know, all they do is you just wipe it off and it's not a problem. Whereas my Adidas, forget it, you walk in the maneur and, you know, I told 'em... So, the point is, over in Cornwall you get these hazes that come in and they sit for days and days and days and days, and I'm going, "Husband, let's go to Florida." And uh, he says, "I have a better idea..."

[begins Spring Haze...]