tori quotes from the stage...

October 2, 2001
Atlanta, Georgia

Ok, hey everybody, how's it going? So um, how great is your town? We um, we took Tash to the zoo yesterday, and it was so, I can't explain it, but it was just, you know that balmy warm thing you guys have? It's so great. And it's um you know I love Florida, I'm into the swamps and all that stuff. But, you know, I like it that um, just here it's perfect and it doesn't have that sweaty kind of thing. So it's kind of good for the romance level. It's very good, because uh, not to get graphic but when you have a baby you just don't have time to go shoosh every ten minutes. And the truth is, in Florida, you know, this is the thing - baby decides.. mm-mm-mm [she goes to sleep].. ok, put her down. Then you go, oh my god, we have fifteen minutes. But then, girls, cause some girls understand. If you're a cat person you will get this. If you're a dog person, you won't. So, girls, you go, oh my god.. [clears throat] Pedicure, badadadada, you know, I have to shoosh, because you know, dogs, messy breath, [??]... It's the truth, it's the weirdest. So, you know, that's the thing about Florida is that you can't just go, like maybe yesterday, oh we've got fifteen minutes and I'm already shooshed. Anyway... [??]

[begins Take to the Sky...]