tori quotes from the stage...

October 18, 2001
Detroit, Michigan

Tori starts playing Spring Haze, then stops after a few lines...]

Do you need my help? [Tori is talking to an usher trying to seat someone in the pit] Um.. So let's see.. I'll play the song, don't worry. Um, so Mr. Joel, what's happening in the second row, I think, do we need a light? I have a little Mag light that I.. I've used this thing for years. Um, I'll tell ya.. when you get your Bosendorfers at home.. I really recommend a little Mag light. because sometimes, you know, it's very handy.. for things. You know, you have to think about that a minute, you know, but this is more comfortable than you think. Ok.. [Tori plays Bachelorette, which was not on the setlist.
At the end of Bachelorette, she goes back into Spring Haze
where she left off before, and finishes the song...]