tori quotes from the stage...

October 19, 2001
Toronto, Canada

Hey everybody. So um, it's always so great to come up here. You're like the big sister of the North, you know? Um..

[guy in audience yells, "I love you, Tori!"]

Love you back.. Anyway, um, somebody asked me um, why don't I come up here um, in the Northern territory a bit more. And I said, "Well, I freeze my ass off." And I really think they have to get those little heat warmers everywhere. You know, cause everywhere they'll patent anything. And um, but I'm thinking about a song I want to do, cause it's so great up here so just know, you know, I know that down there we get so bratty. Saying.. [Tori makes a "bratty" noise] Shut up!

[begins Sugar...]