tori quotes from the stage...

October 23, 2001
Chicago, Illinois

Hey everybody, how's it going? Ok, so, I have this dilemma, right? I don't know what I'm gonna be on Halloween. I've been backstage, right, we've been discussing who we're gonna be. And it's like, you know, this is big crisis. So um, Tash is gonna be Tinkerbell. Um, she picked it out. Imagine that. So um, if y'all have any ideas, that would be really good, just let us know.

[people in the audience shout suggestions]

Devil in the blue dress? Oh..

[Tori begins singing and playing piano...]

Devil in the blue dress
what do you know
something I didn't think
to wear to my show
Devil in the blue dress
Houston, here we come
if I get a to Texas
watch 'em run, a run, a run
Devil in the blue dress
here I come
husband get ready for an extra horn
Devil in the blue dress
watch her come
and she can
and she will
and she does...

[begins Silent All These Years...]