tori quotes from the stage...

October 25, 2001
Indianapolis, Indiana

How are you guys? Um.. you're very chirpy, aren't you? You know, the thing about you guys is I'm - trust me on this - we should like, bottle you up and take you around to the rest of the country, cause they really need you. Ok, so it's like, you know, if you're bored just come visit, and I'll get you in. So anyway, um, couple thing.. getting ready for Halloween. It's been a real tough one. Cause you know, cause that's my favorite day. Yes...

[Tori begins playing the piano and sings...]

Ghosts and spooks and maybe you
maybe you
something for me to do, I said
ghost and spooks and maybe you
maybe you are
trick or trreating me
maybe you, I said
maybe you can
take this out of my head, I said
maybe you, maybe you
gives me something to do...

[begins Caught a Lite Sneeze...]