tori quotes from the stage...

October 27, 2001
St. Louis, Missouri

Hey everybody. So um, how's it going? Pretty good? So we went to Cahokia today. That's pretty fantastic, eh? How great is that? And we went to the um, museum of um...

[a guy in the audience yells something...]

Yeah, went to that. I did that today. I've been all over your town. Did Cahokia Mounds today, did the Children's city museum..

[a girl in the audience yells, "Children's Museum"]

Yeah, crawling around. Anyway, pretty cool place, this place, huh? So um...

[Tori plays the piano and sings...]

Sometimes I I I I I I I
sometimes I I I I go back in time
sometimes I go back in time
like today, with her hand in mine
oh sometimes I I I I I I frighten myself
sometimes I I I I I get lost in myself
and sometimes I I I I I don't know what to say
like today
like today...

[begins Yes, Anastasia...]