tori quotes from the stage...

November 2, 2001
Austin, Texas

So this is my new little friend. And uh..

[girl in audience says, "We love you, Tori."]

Love you back. Anyway, what's that funny noise? Did you hear that, what's that? Is that the wurly? Yeah. Is it fucked? Thanks you.. It is, isn't it? This is the thing. This wurly is older than most of you people. And you know, it's difficult being a wurly. Because um, you see, the thing is.. is that it had um, stuff spilled on it at the first Woodstock, and it stayed on there, I think, 'til about May of this year, 'til my guys starting getting this crud off it. And it's like, could you imagine not having a bath in thirty-some years? Fucking gross.. Can I do it now? Hang on, we have to test this...

[Tori improvises and plays part of "Dueling Banjos" on the wurlitzer...]

[Tori improvises an intro to Talula...]

I don't want to lose her, now
I don't want to lose her
I need to be fierce and strong
and all the things I'm not
most of the time
I need to be strong, now
I need to be the grown-up one, now
I need to protect her, now
and I will
and I will
and I will
and I will...

[begins Talula...]