tori quotes from the stage...

November 5, 2001
Denver, Colorado

Hey everybody, how's it going? I'm having a shoe crisis, hang on. You know about a shoe crisis, you gotta fix it. So how's it going, pretty good? Oh god, that's so much better. I mean, you know, those people that are into all that S & M stuff, it must get painful. Anyway, yeah, it's a good concept, but I dunno.. But like, what's going on, anything new? Well, Mommy [referring to herself]. Such a good thing to do. I think guys, you would love it, some of you would make really good mommies. I'm convinced of this. But um, you would have to maybe um, like, lay off the vodka. And, another thing is, though, I don't know, you know, I don't know if you could deal well with um, um.. infected nipples. But there is something to be said for it, it's just the best thing, being a house on heels. So um, anyway, happy to be here...

[Tori plays the piano and sings and improvisation...]

na na
we took today
we went up to play
we took today
we walked hand in hand
and we found
butterflies and we played in the sand
it's just a day, today
November for, for you
it's just a day
but I felt the sun in my hand
the sun with my
little girl right there in my hand
we played out today
we ran, we saw
we heard everything, we said
we'll come back here one day
one day, when you're tall
when you are tall
when you are my
big lovin' girl, I said
we walked hand in hand today
just a day
just a day
just a day
for me, Heaven...

[begins Sister Janet...]