tori quotes from the stage...

December 6, 2001
Manchester, England

Hey everybody, how's it going? So um, god this town feels good. Anyway, I wore my chains for you guys, bcause you know, I know you love chains here. So, you know. Glam, chains, kinda cute. Good for my um, religious grandmother. Speaking of her, her ghost was with us last night in Scotland. A bit intense. Oh god. But you know, she can haunt you. Do you have grandmothers that terrorize you? Mm. Um, speaking of being terrorized, I'm learning about baby swag for football teams. Husband comes home and says, "You know, I want the baby in this on the um, Saturday game."
I said, "You gotta be kidding me."
He tells me, "No, she needs to wear this."
I said, "What if she doesn't like arsenal?"
He said, "She will."
I said, "Oh, will she now? That sounds like a challenge."

[people in audience yell things...]

Would you like to hear that? Do I look like a jukebox? Um, you know what.. I'm gonna put that right here, and we'll see where they go. The girls are marching in and out back there, you know, they're changing and moving around.. We'll see who comes...

[begins Caught a Lite Sneeze...]