tori quotes from the stage...

December 7, 2001
London, England

Hey everybody, how's it going? Anyway um, huh? What did you say? Love you back. Um, huh? Do I want something? Well, a heated bus would be nice. Let's have a little chat, can we have a little chat about buses. Let's have a chat about buses in this country. So.. no, no, no, not the cute red ones, I really like those. I could live on one of those. I'm talking about tour buses. So our heat went off last night. I'm a little croaky. It sucks, I'm sorry. But I'm trying. And um, anyway, the heat was going and I felt Tash's legs and they were like icicles. So um, I was up all night with her trying to make sure she was warm. And here we are, and I'm a bit fucked. But you know what.. I love Stevie Nicks and so maybe I'll channel her.

[a girl in the audience yells, "you'll be safe at my house!"]

I'll come to your house.

[begins Little Amsterdam...]