t a l k

April 1, 2005
Clearwater, Florida

Okay, so this is the time when um, we do a little thing. This is the first time that I'm doing it, so I'm gonna talk about it. What?

(someone in the audience shouts, "I love you!")

I know that. I love you, too. But this is what we need to discuss.

(a guy in the audience says, "Purple Rain.")

I know "Purple Rain," I know wank wank. Anyway. This is not just about obvious things that we've done.

(a guy in the audience says, "Grape Juice.")

I don't know the song called "Grapefruit." Anyway, the point is, nothing you say tonight matters. However, it will matter next time. So basically, there are 4,000 people - 4,000 people have emailed songs that I should play. Now, this is um, called Tori's Piano Bar. And um, next show, we'll be serving um, martinis - sans vodka for the crew, that doesn't need to pass out 'til the show's over. And um, anyway, we are doing this thing. So if you have suggestions, you can leave them in a little like, snifter on the way out, okay? Um, but for tonight I'm doing something that I've always loved, and it goes back, way back when I was singing in Georgetown and people would spill their beer on the piano bar. You're not allowed to do that on this tour, you can't get close. But um, I loved it when people would come up and say, "Can you play this Billie Holliday song," or "Can you do this Elton John song?"

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