t a l k

April 3, 2005
Orlando, Florida

Okay... This is that time. Hold your hands up. Okay, got 'em? No, this isn't like a revival. And we're not doing the wave. This is your pretend martini. My mother's a teetotaler and so we'll say Mary's lemonade. Now, I have to say my mother has the most delicious lemon tree in her backyard and Duncan made us some lemonade, which brings me to this. See, now this looks like a groovy tiger print, doesn't it, or something very hip, but it's really my lemonade. The reason I think Dunc did this is because it looks like something else. Let's look. See? Looks like I've been to the doctor. But anyway, but it might be worse! Anyway, this is my lemonade, so get your hands up. You're at Tori's Piano Bar. So I've gotten, now, six thousand requests of songs. Huh?

(people in the audience shout song requests)

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