t a l k

April 4, 2005
Atlanta, Georgia

Okay. So here we are. And believe it or not, I um...

(someone in the audience shoults, "Love you!")

Love you back. So I looked at all those little notes that you all sent me on that internet, and there are some very good songs. And there's crap ones, too. I don't know, some of you have come up with some very strange, very sick ones. But I'm entertaining a few of them. However, for tonight, a guy requested this from Atlanta. And I don't know where he is in the world, he might not even be here. But now, don't worry, I'm not gonna play "Georgia On My Mind." And yes, somebody did request that. [Tori plays "Georgia On My Mind" while talking] No. Now, to do this would be the [?] and most ridiculous thing to do here. So, it's not really a possibility, we're moving out of this really quick, but I can't in the middle of a bar because it'll freak me out. [finishes the bit of "Georgia On My Mind"] Now we're done. So, for the guy, if he's here, thank you for reminding me. I used to sit in a smoky bar, when you could smoke in bars. Not that I ever smoked - cigarettes. In my little place, I would sit there, and my brother would come, and he would get a beer. And he'd say, "Tori Ellen, will you play this one, you know the one for me." I'd say, "Yes, I know."

[Tori plays Rocketman by Elton John]

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