tori quotes from the stage…

April 9, 1996
Tampa, Florida

The audience is very loud, people won’t stop yelling, so
Tori stops singing Crucify in mid-chorus and says:

Wooo, hooo, ooo, ahhhh

I’m so excited, too
[Tori stands up and jumps around in a circle like she’s really excited, then sits back down.]
Ok, it’s so good to be here, you guys.  To be in the States.  And you know what?
[guy in audience yells: “I love you!”]
I love you, too, honey bear.
And you know what?
I want to take you on the ride of your life. Ok?
So.. well, let me take you, then. Ok?
So let me take you.
Let me sing for you.
Let me…
Let me sing for you tonight. Ok?
[sings] “it’s me… me…. me in the corner…. me in the spotlight… losing my religion…” [Losing My Religion]