tori quotes from the stage…

April 9, 1996
Tampa, Florida

So um, Christmas… not this past Christmas, but the last Christmas, I was with my parents.  Yeah, exactly, anyway.  So I went to the little service, you know, and the kids were very cute.  I’m not saying they weren’t cute.  And they do, you know they do their little booger thing and they sing their song and you kinda love them … sort of.  And you know, you’re sitting there, I mean, you love yours, the one’s that’s your niece or whoever, isn’t she cute.  The others are yeagh.
And anyway, I’m sitting there and they’re singing their little, “na na a manger no na na na” (tune of Away In a Manger).  And my father’s like, “Sing, Tori Ellen, sing, Tori Ellen, we’re supposed to sing along.”  I’m like, “Thank you, Dad.”  And uh, for some reason I just couldn’t hear that song in my head.  And it was like, changing in my brain.  And he said, “Well, what are you hearing?”  I said, “I’m hearing (sensual chant then sings: “away in a manger no crib for a bed, Muhammad my friend, I said yes we both know, we both know it was a girl…”


[begins Muhammad My Friend]