tori quotes from the stage…

April 28, 1996
Washington, DC


Hi guys, how are you doing?
[guy in audience yells: “I’m lost in Mexico”]
You do what?
[guy in audience: “I’m lost in Mexico”]
What did you do in Mexico?
[“I’m lost”]
You’re lost in Mexico.
[“I’m trying to find China”]
Oh, yeah, yeah, ok.  Well she, she isn’t here yet.  But I’ll introduce you to Trendy [a stuffed dog]. This is Trendy, my dog.  His name’s Trendy. Anyway, Trendy’s a... he’s a bit of a jerk, that’s why I called him Trendy, but he’s keeping me company.  Anyway. There’s another girl, she’s not in Mexico...  [begins “Bells for Her” on harpsichord]