tori quotes from the stage…

April 28, 1996
Washington, DC


So it’s really funny how um… this is like my home, kind of.  Um, huh?  … Ozzy Osbourne.  Yeah, wow.  [middle school!]   Yeah, I know.  Wow.  It’s … yeah, I love you, too.  Um, so the thing is… people thought I was wacky then.  So you can imagine how I’m trying to explain to the British press who um, let’s be honest… You know when you’re in one of those moments and your life is falling apart, you don’t want the British press around. Um, so I try to explain to them how the girls are alive, the songs are alive.  And you can just imagine, they’re sitting there like this…  And as you keep talking, you know how your words get slower, do you know, and you go, “Do you know what I mean?”  And my mother said to me, “When you have, when you start saying, ‘Do you know what I mean,’ you just have to ask yourself do you know what You mean, honey.”  And so anyway.  And I say, “But they did this to me!”  And it’s this thing like, ugh.


So, anyway, this girl, right.  All the guys had finished the record.  Caton was there, they were drinking Guinness.  It was all over, it was finished.  We were partying.  Well, and then I stopped the party.   And I said.  I know, I suck.  And I said, “I’m really, really sorry.  You can keep drinking the Guinness as long as you know how to push the red button,” said the singer to the engineers.  And the engineers said, “We can push the red button, go ahead and sing.”  So um, she just made the record.  [begins Doughnut Song]