tori quotes from the stage…

April 28, 1996
Washington, DC


Ok, you know that song, [sings] “Go Greyhound.” That’s been in my head all day.

[people in audience yell requests]

This is what’s happening now.  She’s gonna go away now. [the harpsichord was being taken away by crew members]

[someone in audience yells: “Winter!”]

So.  She’s not coming right now.  She might come in a minute, hang on.  She’s still drinking a margarita [Tori laughs].  Ok.  Buts she… Guys, she’s going away.  Bye.  [the harpsichord platform is rolled away]  Bye.  Yeah, she’s a little bit…  Drama queen, she needs goodbyes and stuff.  Ok…

[begins In the Springtime of His Voodoo]