tori quotes from the stage…

June 8, 1996
Milwaukee, Wisconsin (early show)

So how are you guys, pretty good, hm?  Last time I was in Milwaukee was with um…  Well I’d been to the hospital in Madison, some of you know that.  And um, this greet dyke doctor gave me this fantastic shot in my ass.  It was really great.  Anyway, if you run into her tell her I said, “Hi.”  Um, let see, what else was happening…  I was here with my buddy Michael Stipe.  And I… We’d written this song in Milwaukee that everybody hated.  But um, I quote like it.  And I think they’re wrong.  So I’d just like to tell you.  I have fond little memories of this wonderful little place.


This next song is a bit strange because my father and I had a bit of an argument over it.  Mainly because he’d dragged me to Christmas Eve services - not last Christmas but a year ago.  I was um, kinda in between boyfriends, you know that one, girls.  So you always go home to mom and dad.  So I was with my parents.  And they took me to the nice Christmas Eve service.  [Tori begins playing Away in a Manger while talking]  And uh, you heard the little tykes singing.  And I like, I like the little tykes.  When they have the crusty noses it’s, it’s a bit irritating.  But um, they were up there and the congregation was supposed to join in, as one does in the Methodist church.  And um, off-key, normally.  But anyway, it was our turn to come in.  And then let’s see, I was contemplating.  And my father looked at me and said, “Tori Ellen, it’s time to sing.”  I said, “Dad… there’s something very wrong with this thing.”  And he goes, “Well, what are you talking about, there’s something wrong?”  I said, “This thing, you know… [sings to the melody of Away in a Manger] da da-da da da”  And he said, “Uh, well what are you talking about?”  And I said, “It shouldn’t go like this.”  And I’m really convinced.

[begins “Muhammad My Friend” with a 7-syllable chant/wail (something like a war-cry, maybe, but I don’t know much about that) then, “we both know it was a girl”]