tori quotes from the stage…

June 8, 1996
Milwaukee, Wisconsin (late show)


How’s it going?  Huh?  Nifty?  Isn’t like, isn’t Dumbo nifty?  [Tori is holding a little stuffed Dumbo elephant]  Dumbo’s so good.  Look, let me show you why he’s so good, hold on…  Ok, [Tori does a cute Dumbo voice] “I’m really good because I can hear you.  And um, this is good, too, it’s handy, and… you know.  Alright, so, I’m really happy that I could come ‘cause I never get to make appearances because Tori’s so protective of me and I’m tired of it.  Ok.  And shut up!”  You know, we have to take care of our little friends.


Ok, so my girlfriend tells me she [Tori coughs] tells me.  She goes, “You’re never gonna believe who called me last night.”  I said, “Who.”  She goes, “mmm.”  And I said, “yeah, what did he have to say?  All the way from fucking England.”  She goes um,  “I love overseas relationships, it’s sooo convenient.”  Anyway, she a… So he was drunk.  Girls, you know how that gets.  Anyway, drunk is fine.  It’s... it, I mean, it’s part of it, isn’t it?  Once in a blue.  So he calls up and goes, “[hiccup!] [in a drunk voice] I love you… I love you, lick my left testicle.”  [Tori and audience laugh]  I swear to god, that’s what he said.  And it’s like, come on brothers, a little better with the poetry, eh?  Jesus Christ.

[begins “Blood Roses” on harpsichord]