tori quotes from the stage…

June 8, 1996
Milwaukee, Wisconsin (late show)


[Tori plays a soft melody]

I’ve got meanness in me.  And some of you girls have meanness in you, too.  And it’s not necessarily something I know we’re very proud of.  Well, sometimes I’m not.  When I’m vvvvicious.  And that usually happens because, ohh god, who knows why.  But it’s funny when it happens and you just become one of these like um… You know those comic books?  Sven the Berserker.  Well, it’d be nice if I uh… had a better understanding of it.  And I think those of you that have those crazy tempers know what I’m talking about.  Now some of you are at the other end of those crazy tempers, which isn’t that fun, either, is it?  Or maybe it is, isn’t it, you little mmm, mmm, mmm, you little gimp, you! [Tori snorts like a pig]  But um, the thing is, this girl I knew once named Maryanne, who was the absolutely, you know, coolest.  She was totally cool.  And yet she didn’t have this meanness in her.  She had so many other things in her.  You know, nanana, but meanness wasn’t one of them.  So when I was hanging around her, I didn’t need to have this meanness.  Basically when my mother said, “Hey, um, oh my god, Maryanne killed herself,” the only thing I could think of was, “Fuck you, mom.”  Because… in truth, nobody was really the same after Maryanne killed herself.

[begins “Marianne”]