tori quotes from the stage…

June 11, 1996
Aimes, Iowa


Hi you guys.  Is it going good?  Are you happy?  Is life ok?  Huh?

[someone in audience yells: “You’re beautiful!”]

Ooh, thanks guys.  Thank you very much.  Um, isn’t it always funny how we all seem to agree on certain principles.  And then, you know, there have got to be people in your life, like if I just, say you and I have a margarita.  All of us.  And probably… And for those of you who are on the wagon, fair enough.  I’ll do it, I’ll take your 1800.  But the thing is, um, whatever’s good, we’ll make it work. But it kind of, I’ve been thinking about this before the show tonight how… we don’t really know each other, we kinda do.  I mean, maybe you know me a little more than I know you, ha ha ha. But the thing is…

[someone in audience yells something]

My torn what?   Anyway, it’s funny how, I’m sure there are people that know you, right, that I could have a margarita with that would think that you’re a total selfish scum.  And there are people that you could have a margarita, believe me, that would tell you I’m a total selfish scum.  And you say, well you know I have moments of total selfish scumness.  But then you kinda go, isn’t it funny, though, how we just see each other really differently.  It’s a very tricky one.  It’s a tricky, tricky one, isn’t it? 

[begins “Blood Roses” on harpsichord]