tori quotes from the stage…

June 11, 1996
Aimes, Iowa

Some of you know I get um… [people shout requests] Ok maybe just… [more requests]  Ok, guys…  Guys.  Foreplay, yeah?  Um, some of you know I get letters, right?  And umm.  Yeah. Hmm.  Well, I get these great letters from guys because they usually wanna know what they’re gonna do with you.  Girlfriends.  It’s really fascinating…   “What am I gonna do with her.  She’s driving me crazy.  What is she talking about?  She’s, I don’t know what she’s saying.  What does she mean?  nanananana, Why doesn’t she love me, look, I look like this.”  And it’s really adorable.  I’m, I have a big thing for nerds.  Anyway, so this one one for them.

[begins “Pretty Good Year”]