t a l k

July 27, 1996
Springfield, Illinois

I have this friend. He gets kicked out of all these places, right? So he was crashing on my couch. He got kicked out of his girlfriend's house, who I used to babysit. And I still took him in. Because he's one of these guys that you just, he's like Dennis the Menace but grown up and in the wrong comic. And um, anyway, he was crashing on my couch and he said, "Tor, my life's over, I'm gonna throw myself down the disposal." So he went into the kitchen, right? And I always have dirty dishes. I'm not a messy person. I think you know, the clothes are clean, guys. But dishes, it's like, difficult for me. I'm in the... I'm working it out, I'm working it out these days. But at that time, I just would invite people over and make them - I'm a really good cook - and I'd make them food so they would clean. Now that could be really mercenary. But they got fed, and I got my dishes cleaned. So anyway, Rantz went in the other room. The thing is, I didn't have a disposal.

[begins Precious Things...]

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