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Tori talks about the afterlife

I believe in continuance. I don't know if that equates to afterlife. [Financial Times - September 29, 2017]

I think if you have any bit of intelligence at all, you have to figure that living this little life just doesn't get you to sit with Jesus and discuss. I mean, it's about soul-growth, as far as I'm concerned. You keep just traveling around and matter keeps reforming, and that just makes a lot of logical sense. [KROQ, Los Angeles - February 9, 1996]

I don't know how it works, to be honest with you. I'm sure somebody's got it figured out. I'm open to possibilities. Say a truck hit me tonight. Say a Haagen Daz truck or something. I can't possibly believe that I'm ready to sit down and hang out with Jesus and have a cappuccino and chat. Nor do I think he would ever stop growing.

Being able to be on this planet is an incredible gift because we can act out things. It's where you can put into a body, consciousness. When you're flying around and stuff, and you don't have to eat, and you don't have to know what a rock and roll god is like, you have a whole different set of problems. You don't have avarice. You're not jealous. Maybe you're jealous because her wings are prettier than mine. I think your whole vision is different and here when you can get lost so easily, which is so perfect because there are so many distractions: people's opinions of you, are you someone people would want to invite to a party, you know all of those things. Did your peers respect you? Those things are such great gifts because they show you if you watch and I watch how we react to things, that's where we really know where we stand.

I think human beings are so much more capable of what they told us we're capable of. We're really so much more capable of... who knows? Maybe being in a few places at the same time. If time really doesn't exist, like they all say. If you can be in multi-dimensional realities, like they talk about. We go, Oh God, how can you talk about that? You know, they said that when the world was flat. And there were civilizations, the Incans, the Mayans, the Native Americans, they were existing. They didn't know about them in Italy. It's really perception, I think. [Pepperdine interview - March 22, 1994]

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