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Tori talks about emotions

Emotions are very simple. I don't find them complex at all, to be quite honest. The girl who got laughed at, or the girl who was laughing at the girl: You're one or the other, my friend. Or there is one other option: You're the girl who's trying to divert attention so you don't get laughed at, and you're trying to stay friends with the girl who's laughing at the other girl. That's where I was; I think that's where most girls are. You're trying to stay friends with the girl who's laughing at the other girl so you won't become the girl getting laughed at. That's cowardice. I write about being in those shoes, because it calls up those things in us. [Keyboards - November 1994]

Sad wears these gorgeous high-heels, and you can hang out with her, and she's got some funny jokes, too. And once you get to know her, then you're totally free. [WBCN, Boston - January 30, 1996]

I'm not afraid of grief. You might cry, you might even cry so much that there are no more tears left inside of you that you feel you've become dry, but still your grief lets you make decisions and lets you grow as a person. Everything depends upon how you handle it, if you accept your grief, your loss and your mourning or if you try to push it away. I think you have to live through it, that's my personal belief, because it has consequences. [The Inside Connection - June 1998]

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