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Tori talks about feminism

Feminism was an important shift that happened on the planet. But being a feminist isn't enough now. It's about being a whole person. It's about the feminine principle. Men have that just as much as women. [George - April/May 1996]

Feminism is limited. Listen, I can drag a man's balls across the country better than a man can. I run my own publishing company. I run my own label. I was the youngest student Ever at the Peabody Conservatory. I was a musician first. I held my own with the bad boys that can play their asses off. I wasn't just the girl singer. But I don't want to have to play it better than a man. That's what makes me puke. I just want to play it like it is. [Dazed & Confused (UK) - 1996]

I think the feminist movement is dead. But where it's going now, it's about beings claiming the yin - to get very Eastern for five seconds.

Do you think strong women tend to take on male attributes?

A lot of women do take on the patriarchy, which is really different from the feminine. But a lot of men can be really in touch with that [feminine] side, just really open.

But openness isn't solely a 'feminine' quality - it's just that more women exhibit it than men.

Yeah. I think some of these terms will shift. The word 'feminism' will shift because of its associations. It needs to change 'cause it's turning people off.

'Feminist' still sounds like some hairy chinned woman wearing dungarees. Oh, fuck - you're wearing them! Sorry!

Yeah, but can you take over the Corporation in a flowered dress? Now it's not so much about image, having to act like a man, to take over the Corporation.

A lot of women have still taken on masculine roles.

Well, go back to the animal kingdom and the female lions are the ones who hunt for the meat. No boyfriend I've had would not want to make love to me because I'd lost my job. It's scary for men, though. If a man lost his job, that would turn some women off.

But you're not that kind of woman.

Yeah, but I'm a hunter. I have meat. I can feed my tribe. [Esquire - October 1999]

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