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Tori talks about the internet

You should log on [to the Really Deep Thoughts mailing list]. I don't do it but I hear about it all the time. It's a very interesting one I think, compared to others, because people share different books they're reading and different theories about things. It's a big discussion one. A lot of really intelligent geeks are on mine. They have a lot to say and they're really clever... They just use me. I think I'm more of an invitation. That's what I'm good for. I'm kind of like those shrimp appetisers at a party. That's me. People are really coming for the liquor. It's called Really Deep Thoughts... I try and stay away from that because I actually respect their privacy, if you know what I mean... I don't think it's any of my business. I think if I looked in I would be invading a little bit. They need to feel free to talk about me however they want without any kind of. I don't think that would stop them anyway, but I just think they need to know they have their privacy. [Drum Media - November 29, 1994]

Sometimes you feel like there's a little camera in your private world because of the Internet. If you're having an argument with someone in a restaurant chances are it'll be on the Internet: "Tori sighting, Tori uncomfortable at table, the man with sunglasses." [Deluxe (UK) - May 1998]

I think it's best that I don't turn on a computer, because the last thing you need to hear is, "She was a bit bloated last night," [Laugh] You really don't want to know that. You have to expect that people will express themselves and they do. They really do... So I stay away from it because people come up to me and say, "Are you pregnant?" I'm like, "No, I just had Mexican food. Sorry." [Arkansas Democrat - October 8, 1998]

Do you ever visit the many Web sites your fans have set up?

I kind of stay away from that. People's opinions of what I'm doing are really none of my business. [ - 1999]

When I was carrying out research for the interview, I was astonished by the amount of websites devoted to her. I tell her that there are actually Tori Amos websites, created by fans, which exist for the sole purpose of listing other Tori Amos websites. How does it feel to be so out of control about what other people are saying about you?

I must tell you, I try and stay away from them. There are people on the crew who are very aware of what's going on, and they tell me things on a need to know basis. I think that I kind of decided it wasn't my business. That I'd be intruding. People have to feel they have the freedom to discuss things. And by eavesdropping, their discussion might stop me doing something and following my own creative beliefs because I got caught in a web that I shouldn't have been in. [Red Direct - September 2001]

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