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Tori talks about Lucifer

What a word: the Devil. I find it very funny, the way malice/evil is projected. I think different kind of energies are in all of us. What we call malice/evil is nothing but very damaged love. I think about this a lot. Imagine you are transported to another planet, left all alone and far from the populated world. You will break down from loneliness and pain. I think in situations like this you are capable of an extreme kind of anger. But the Devil, my god, I see so many Christians acting manipulative and devilish. Why the witch burnings? What was that whole Inquisition about? And now we are talking about the Devil? [Oor - March 7, 1992]

[I went on a journey] To visit Father Lucifer, to have a moment to dance... to go down in the dark, to visit with the dude. Not these little prince of darkness wannabes. Some of them are cute, but to visit the real energy force that has held the darkness, you go there with honor. And that takes a very big heart to hold the place of shadow... When I went to Lucifer I learned many things. And I am not talking about Satanism. That's the distortion of those who can't really claim the dark so they become evil because they are not really claiming their shadow. So we claim our shadow... Then we pick up pieces as we go. [B-Side - May/June 1994]

I've always said that Lucifer understands love better than anybody. You know he's done a mean tango with Greta Garbo a few times. Really understanding love is the only way you get to the dark side of things. [Keyboards - November 1994]

I just want to say, I think Lucifer has a very rough job. And I think he's tired of it. That's what I've been told anyway. And what I hear is that, um, you know, he's a little tired of holding this space... for mankind/womankind. All our shit that we don't claim, he's holding it. He's like a big sewage dump. He's really bummed. [UCLA speech - March 1995]

I've been taking tea with Lucifer. I mean I've truly spent time with Lucifer, the energy of Lucifer. So when I sing, "Father Lucifer, you never looked so sane," I truly went to those places. I'm talking about the shadow side, the secrets of the unconscious. It's about claiming in ourselves what we hate in other people. [Dazed & Confused (UK) - 1996]

To be 100% creative, you have to find a way to gain access to the darkest sides of your soul. It's a sort of a backward path that can lead you out of the hellfire. But to achieve this, you ought to sit down in front of Lucifer, and have a tea with him. [Musica - 1996]

When I say Lucifer, I'm talking about the feelings that we hide from ourselves [not something that's twisted and evil, like during the Inquisition when they used Christianity to torture people. That's Satanism.] I went to go visit Lucifer to get my talisman, which means my little magic key that took me to the places that I hadn't let myself go... Dark is not a scary thing if you go in there understanding there is a purity in Darkness. There's also a lot of distortion in Darkness. It's a choice where you want to go, and I wanted to get to the truth, not to the drama and to keeping me from the truth. [Modern Rock Live (radio) - February 5, 1996]

I wanted to marry Lucifer... Even though I had a crush on Jesus. Lucifer was the brother holding the space for mankind/womankind to act out their fears and hidden secrets, things they won't acknowledge. That's what the shadow is, the side that's been denied, and once you don't deny your shadow anymore then it's not a perversion of that energy source. I don't consider Lucifer an evil force. We can all tap into that free-running current of distorted energy. Some of my girlfriends - liberal London girls - had a problem with the idea that I was writing a song called "Father Lucifer." One of them heard it and cried and said, "You made him so beautiful," and I said, "What if he is beautiful?" Shadow defines light. The shadow is where I hang out a lot because I like chasing and diving with those forces... Although I think my mom would like to tag along and have a dance with him because she's been a minister's wife for so long. But this is not Hollywood's view of Lucifer. [Spin - March 1996]

You ask any girl on the planet, you know, just the idea of dancing a tango with Lucifer - and he dances wonderfully, and just gives you a wonderful kiss, has a delicious honey taste of Bordeaux. I mean, come on, it doesn't get any better than that... [Fanzine (French TV) - March 6, 1996]

I was taking drugs with a South American shaman and I really did visit the Devil and I had a journey. [VH1 Storytellers - October 24, 1998]

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