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The official book from yessaid, edited by Jason Elijah

Using inner work, observation and creativity
to explore your personal myth as a path to awareness,
integration, transmutation, healing, and wholeness,
then sharing your myth and journey as a mirror
for others to do the same within themselves.

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The Myth of Tori

The Myth of Tori is a truly rare and unique book, the product of almost twenty years of research and work, exploring the musical, intellectual, mythical, spiritual, and emotional journey of one of the most inspiring and creative musical artists of our time: Tori Amos.

Often intense, always candid, insightful, and full of wit and wisdom, this epic story is being meticulously shaped and crafted from Tori's own perspective, in her own voice, from over a thousand conversations with DJs, TV hosts and journalists from around the world. It is my gift to Tori, to all Ears with Feet, and to all the amazing people who have supported this site over the years. Thank you! The book will also include artwork for each chapter by Ryan Obermeyer [see drawing above].

Since its conception in December 2011, when I first proposed the idea to Tori, The Myth of Tori has shape-shifted, evolved and expanded into the most detailed, comprehensive tome of Tori talk to ever exist in any form, requiring countless hours to assemble and edit over the course of several years. It is currently planned to be finished and printed in 2017. We are all praying and I am going non-stop!

The Myth of Tori will not be available for retail distribution. It is an independent, non-profit, fan-made and fan-funded project. Only by joining together are we able to produce this very special, one-of-a-kind book. The number of copies printed will be based on the number of orders received before printing (date tba). There will not be a second printing of this unabridged version.

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Tori Amos said...

I was writing music before I could talk. I was brought up in a super-achiever system as a child prodigy in which you cut off pieces of yourself. Now, I allow myself to become a canvas. I go completely blank and the songs take over my body and my being. I am a sonic canvas for the songs to enter.

The music always comes when I'm dealing with something emotional. If you integrate your records into your life, then they become imprinted on you. You're not going to go to the same place again. When you, the writer, integrate your own material in your psyche, it changes you forever. Some writers allow songs to come through them, but don't take it in, so they don't grow. If they don't let it bring up questions in their own beings, they're just translators.

I've always seen the songs as having a consciousness. Since I was two-and-a-half they would come to me from nowhere. I never thought that I was conjuring them by myself, and I was always grateful they would come and visit. They've always been very much alive. They don't have a physical body like we do but there seems to be an awareness.

Within the songs we find the solution as well as the problem. They're a dimensional medicine wheel from the ether realms. This is how they work.

I'd be quite happy, as an artist, if I knew that a verse, even a line in one of my songs could liberate people in some way, particularly from a fear of the darker side of their own nature. What is any art form worth if it doesn't do that? Isn't that what all great art is all about?

Music without spirituality doesn't deserve its name. It's the intention behind the music that counts. When you compose for people who only have sales figures on their minds and theories about what people want to hear, then you're lost. These people have no respect for music, and also no respect for themselves. They don't know the power music can have. We musicians shouldn't be afraid, we should remember why we're on this earth, and make it clear to ourselves what responsibility we have, toward music, toward the people who listen, and toward ourselves. No one is going to take that responsibility away from us.

Many thanks to Tori Amos
for providing the book title logo
and personally supporting this project.

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