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Ellen Amos (1977 - 1988)

[6 entries]

March 31, 1977 - Montgomery Journal (US)
Top Teens In Talent Test

December 18, 1980 - The Washington Post (US)
At 17, Student Sings a Song of Success by Kathryn Tolbert

September 2, 1983 - The Washington Times (US)
Ellen Amos: Piano Bars - Springboards to Success by Charles Bermant

May 11, 1984 - The Washington Post (US)
Ellen Amos: The Marbury Woman by Roger Piantadosi

July 20, 1984 - The Washington Post (US)
Tunes by Torchlight by Michael Welzenbach

June 22, 1988 - The Gazette (US)
Local rock 'n' roller shoots for stardom by David Schwartz

Little Earthquakes (1991 - 1993)

[73 entries]

October 30, 1991 - What's On (London) (UK)
Heart-to-heart by Dr. Mike Nicholls

November 1991 - The Guardian (UK)
Victim in search of her true voice by Andy Darling

November 16 1991 - Melody Maker (UK)
Conservatory Parties by Jon Wilde

December 1991 - The Daily Telegraph (UK)
Strange in a strange land by Mark Cooper

December 1991 - Manchester Evening News (UK)
Is Tori the next star? by Tony Jasper

December 21, 1991 - What's On (Birmingham) (UK)
Breaking the Silence by Mike Davies

Christmas 1991 - International Musician (UK)
BUZZ: Tori Amos by PW

1992 - Amsterdam (the Netherlands, radio)
Tori Amos interview and live performance

1992 - Innerviews (www)
Drama of the gifted child by Anil Prasad

1992 - The Story of Pop (UK, radio)
Tori Amos interview on BBC Radio 1

January 1992 - The ELLE Guide to Living in Europe (UK)
INSIGHT: Tori Amos by TR

January 11, 1992 - New Musical Express (UK)
Ginger Nut by Barbara Ellen

January 22, 1992 - Time Out (London) (UK)
Vote Tori by Nick Coleman

January 25, 1992 - The Guardian (UK)
Trouble for Tori by Robert Yates

January 31, 1992 - Entertainment Weekly (US)
Faces to Watch: Tori Amos by Dave DiMartino

February 1992 - Keyboard Review (UK)
songs from the soul by Malcolm Harrison

February 1992 - Q (UK)
Can we talk? by Mat Snow

February 8, 1992 - New Musical Express (UK)
'I wanna sell you a Tori' by Terry Staunton

February 11, 1992 - The Herald (UK)
Emotions strike a lyrical note by Craig Mclean

February 27, 1992 - Westwood One (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview in San Juan Capistrano, California

March 1992 - Hi Folks! (Italy)
On the Couch with Tori by Ezio Guaitamacchi

March 1992 - Illinois Entertainer (US)
Breaking the Silence by John Everson

March 7, 1992 - Oor (the Netherlands)
The Circus Girl by Bert van de Kamp

March 22, 1992 - Washington Post (US)
Finally, A Prodigy Finds Her Song by Richard Harrington

March 26, 1992 - Hot Press (Ireland)
Tori's Story by Joe Jackson

March 28, 1992 - Billboard (US)
Tori Amos Shares Life Lessons by Larry Flick

April 1992 - Vox (UK)
Loony Tunes by Isabel Appio

April 11, 1992 - Billboard (US)
Davitt Sigerson interview
Sigerson Captures Amos' Emotional Tremors by Jesse Nash

April 24, 1992 - The Bergen Record (US)
The preacher's daughter by Barbara Jaeger

April 25, 1992 - The Dini Petty Show (Canada, TV)
Tori Amos interview and live performance

April 26, 1992 - The Chicago Sun-Times (US)
Unplugged and unburdened by Jae-Ha Kim

April 30, 1992 - Rolling Stone (US)
A piano woman's ethereal earthquakes by Elysa Gardner

May 1992 - Creem (US)
Tori Amos by Jon Young

May 1992 - Interview (US)
Tori Amos by Jon Savage

May 1992 - Musician (US)
Tori Amos Finds Herself by Paul Zollo

May 1992 - The Seattle Rocket (US)
Smells Like Pop Diva by Charles R. Cross

May 8, 1992 - Sacramento Bee (US)
Tori Amos: Long Struggle Yields an Emotional Rebirth by Ann Kolson

May 8, 1992 - The Village View (US)
Madwoman Across The Water by Brenda Day

May 11, 1992 - Los Angeles Times (US)
Tori Amos' Emotional Richter Scale by Richard Cromelin

May 18, 1992 - World Café (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview and live performance on WXPN, Philadelphia

May 19, 1992 - The Drum Media (Australia)
Moving Heaven on Earth by Mark Mordue

May 25, 1992 - 3D World (Australia)
Enchantress: Tori Amos

June/July 1992 - B-Side (US)
Monsters & Faeries by Sandra A. Garcia

June 1992 - Keyboards (Germany)
Screams and Whispers by Albrecht Piltz

June 1992 - Music Express (Canada)
Up The Ladder Of Pianos by Jennie Punter

June 1992 - Vogue (US)
Tori Amos brings women's rock beyond the babe factor by Alec Foege

June 7, 1992 - Triple J Sessions (Australia, radio)
Tori Amos live performance on Triple J, Sydney

June 16, 1992 - Steve Wright Show (UK, radio)
Tori Amos interview & live performance on BBC Radio 2

July 1992 - The Network Forty (US)
What’s So Amazing About Really Deep Thoughts by Gene Sandbloom

July 30, 1992 - Scene (US)
Tori Amos: singing from her heart by Lee Barrish

August 1992 - Glamour (US)
Listen to Tori Amos by Brook Hersey

August 1992 - Music Revue (US)
Tori Amos Shakes, Rattles & Rolls Metaphysically by Bruce Madden

August 15, 1992 - Billboard (US)
Danny Buch interview
Atlantic Hopes To Get Tori Amos On Air By Grounding Promo In Personal Stints by Eric Boehlert

August 24, 1992 - The Mark & Brian Show (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview and live performance on KLOS, Los Angeles

August 30, 1992 - Sacramento Bee (US)
Tori Amos Prefers to Take the Road Less Traveled by Gary Graff

September 1992 - Keyboard (US)
Tori! Tori! Tori! by Greg Rule

September 1992 - Visions (Germany)
Grace, Feeling and Passion by Holger Andrae, Ole Bergfleth and Karlo Radic

September 10, 1992 - Hollywood Report (UK, TV)
Tori Amos profile/interview on ITV

October 2, 1992 - Bay Area Musician (US)
Little Earthquakes and Continuing Tremors by Jonathan Mudd

October 8, 1992 - Chicago Tribune (US)
Moody Music by Chuck Campbell

November 1992 - Details (US)
From rock chick to twisted mystic by Tom Hibbert

November 1992 - Maryland Musician (US)
Travels to the Dark Side and Back by Natalie Davis Connolly

November 1992 - Music Monitor (US)
Tori! Tori! Tori! by Frank Johnson

November 8, 1992 - Baltimore Sun (US)
Baltimore native rewrites rules of rock and roll piano by J.D. Considine

November 11, 1992 - HFS Café (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview and live performance on WHFS, Annapolis

December 1992 - Philly Rock Guide (US)
Tori Amos by Jay S. Jacobs

December 17, 1992 - The Toronto Star (Canada)
Tori Amos & a sad little boy by Peter Howell

December 24, 1992 - The Irish Times (Ireland)
Star tracks and pet hates by Joe Jackson

January 1993 - Musician (US)
Tori Amos Keeps Her Head by Elysa Gardner

January 1993 - Spin (US)
Famous Amos by Sam Rooti

March 3, 1993 - Steve Fisher show (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview and live performance on Q101, Chicago

March 5, 1993 - Maie Pauts show (Canada, radio)
Tori Amos interview and live performance on CFNY, Toronto

May/June 1993 - Piano & Keyboard (US)
Pop Goes the Prodigy by Melanie Haiken

February 20, 1993 - Billboard (US)
Atlantic's Golden Girl by Melinda Newman

October 1993 - Magian Line (US)
Tori Amos by Brian Hibbs


Under the Pink (1993 - 1995)

[124 entries]

December 1993/January 1994 - The New Review of Records (US)
The Passion of Tori Amos by Brad Balfour

December 4, 1993 - Billboard (US)
Label Tickled 'Pink' Over New Tori Amos Set by Larry Flick

1994 - MTV's Alternative Nation (US, TV)
Tori Amos interview with Kennedy

1994 - On the Street (Australia)
Songs of Enigmatic Clarity by Michael Smith

1994 - unknown source (radio)
Tori Amos interview clip about Anthony Kiedis

1994 - Women, Sex and Rock 'n' Roll (US)
book excerpt by Liz Evans

January 8, 1994 - New Musical Express (UK)
Nog-Nog-Noggin On Heaven's Door by Ian McCann

January 16, 1994 - London Independent (UK)
Kooky or what? by Justine Picardie

January 16, 1994 - The Sunday Times (UK)
The Keys to Success by Robert Sandall

January 21, 1994 - Times of London (UK)
Confessions of a cereal killer by Paul Sexton

January 28, 1994 - Haagsche Courant (the Netherlands)
Vulnerability, Passion and a Pinch of Witchcraft by Hans Piet

January 29, 1994 - Oor (the Netherlands)
Tori Amos by Bert van de Kamp

January 30, 1994 - Baltimore Sun (US)
Tori Amos Follows Up 'Little Earthquakes' with Another Album Aftershock by J.D. Considine

January 30, 1994 - Los Angeles Times (US)
Brazen. Precious. Poetic. Profane. by Chris Willman

January 31, 1994 - Modern Rock Live (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview with Tom Calderone

January 31, 1994 - NRC Handelblad (the Netherlands)
Tori Amos by Hester Carvalho

February 1994 - Axcess (the Netherlands)
Holding Hands With Violence by Laura Morgan

February 1994 - Impact (Canada)
Tori Amos: Inviting Sadness by Liza Finlay

February 1994 - Nieuwe Revu (the Netherlands)
The Devirginizing of Tori Amos by Serge Simonart

February 1994 - Q (UK)
Q Diary: This Ain't LA, Baby... by Tori Amos

February 1994 - The Washingtonian (US)
The Virtues of Tori Amos by Sherri Dalphonese

February 1994 - Us (US)
sexual healing by Kim France

February 3, 1994 - The New York Times (US)
Women Off the Pedestal by Stephen Holden

February 5, 1994 - Melody Maker (UK)
Her Life's Tori by The Stud Brothers

February 5, 1994 - Virgin Radio (UK, radio)
Tori Amos interview with Tommy Vance

February 9, 1994 - Live X (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview & live performance on WNNX, Atlanta

February 10, 1994 - Alex Bennett Morning Show (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview & live performance on KITS, Los Angeles

February 10, 1994 - Scene (US)
Tori Amos: Feminism, God And The View From Under The Pink by Kymberli Hagelberg

February 11, 1994 - Orlando Sentinel (US)
Tori Amos Addresses Ritual Female Abuse by New York Times

February 11, 1994 - Time Out (US)
Amos feeling in the "Pink" by Bruce Britt

February 18, 1994 - Entertainment Weekly (US)
Next Big Tortured Chanteuse by Dana Kennedy

February 23, 1994 - Hot Press (Ireland)
The Hurt Inside by Joe Jackson

February 25, 1994 - University Radio Warwick (UK, radio)
Tori Amos interview

Spring 1994 - Schwann Spectrum (US)
Tori Amos: Under the Pink by Joan Tarshis

Spring 1994 - WHFS Press (US)
Potomac's Own Becomes the Anti-darling of Modern Rock by Bob Waugh

March 1994 - Creem (US)
Sex & the single pianist by Ben Edmonds

March 1994 - Details (US)
Famous Amos by Caren Myers

March 1994 - Mojo (UK)
Emotionally Unavailable

March 1994 - Performing Songwriter (US)
The Inner World of Tori Amos by Bill DeMain

March 1994 - Spin (US)
She-Creature of the Hollywood Hills by Wm. Ferguson

March 2, 1994 - What's On (London) (UK)
Pink Lady by Nick Duerden

March 11, 1994 - Bay Area Musician (US)
The Brazen Saint of Shrinks, Hookers & Wolves by Kim Fowley

March 12, 1994 - Hitkrant (the Netherlands)
Tori Amos, the Wild Minister's Daughter by Wendy Parks & Edwin Gitsels

March 18, 1994 - Taratata (France, TV)
Tori Amos interview & live performance

March 18, 1994 - World Café (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview & live performance

March 19, 1994 - New Musical Express (UK)
Home on the Deranged by Barbara Ellen

March 19, 1994 - New Musical Express (UK)
News by Tommy Udo

March 19, 1994 - New Musical Express (UK)
Public NME

March 22, 1994 - Press Conference (US)
at Wadsworth Theater in Los Angeles, California

March 24, 1994 - North Hills News Record (US)
Amos' Under the Pink about empowerment by Rex Rutkoski

March 24, 1994 - Philadelphia Daily News (US)
Amos' Piano Pop More Than Music by Jonathan Takiff

March 25, 1994 - CFNY, Toronto (Canada, radio)
Tori Amos interview & live performance

March 30, 1994 - Good Morning America (US, TV)
Tori Amos interview & live performance

March 30, 1994 - Simon Mayo Show (UK, radio)
Tori Amos interview & live performance on BBC Radio 1, London

March 31, 1994 - WFNX, Boston (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview

April/May 1994 - B-Side (US)
Tori Amos: In the Name of the Mother by Sandra A. Garcia

April 1994 - Record Collector (UK)
Tori Amos by Greg Brooks and Robin Evans

April 5, 1994 - Times Union (US)
Songwriter's Work Explores Inner Self by Mary Campbell

April 7, 1994 - Savannah Morning News (US)
Singer-songwriter Tori Amos Discovering New Territory by Mary Campbell

April 11, 1994 - The Heights (US)
Tori Amos speaks sans piano by Thor Iverson & Theresa Regli

April 14, 1994 - The Free Lance-Star (US)
Painting musical pictures: Tori Amos talks to the mountain by Mary Campbell

April 21, 1994 - Preview (UK)
Cornflake Girl Tori on the rise by Charles Hutchinson

April 26, 1994 - The Hour (US)
Tori Amos continues her healing art

May 1994 - Q (UK)
PJ Harvey, Björk and Tori Amos
Hips. Lips. Tits. Power. by Adrian Deevoy

May 1994 - Vox (UK)
Tori Amos: 'I'm the Queen of the Nerds' by Steve Malins

May 5, 1994 - Rolling Stone (US)
Raves by Tori Amos

May 6, 1994 - WHFS, Baltimore (US, radio)
Mary Ellen Amos interview
Mother's Day interview

May 7, 1994 - Oor (the Netherlands)
Tori Amos by Hans van den Heuvel

May 7, 1994 - Veronica (the Netherlands)
Tori Amos Spits Fire by Eugene Buitenhuis

May 14, 1994 - Daily Express: New London (UK)
A New Age for Tori by Alice Freeman

May 28, 1994 - Melody Maker (UK)
Rebellious Jukebox by Tori Amos

June 2, 1994 - The Derek McGinty Show (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview on WAMU

June 2, 1994 - Fairfield County Weekly (US)
Tori Amos Unplugged by Elizabeth Hilts

June 6, 1994 - Donau-Kurier (Germany)
No pretty song about the shiny happy world

June 9, 1994 - New Haven Advocate (US)
Tori on Tour: Amos Exodus by Christopher Arnott

June 10, 1994 - Boston Globe (US)
Tori Amos Opens Heart Onstage and Off by Steve Morse

June 20, 1994 - Businessweek (US)
Doug Morris interview
(Tori-related excerpt)

June 20, 1994 - Washington Post (US)
Tori Amos, in the Pink by Richard Harrington

June 20, 1994 - Rolling Stone (US)
Tori Amos by Toure

July 1994 - Beat (Australia)
phone interview by Anthony Horan

July 1994 - Nuvo (Canada)
The Deeper You Listen by Scott Riddle

July 5, 1994 - All Things Considered (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview on NPR

July 10, 1994 - Star Tribune (US)
Amos Revealed by Roger Catlin

July 15, 1994 - St. Louis Post Dispatch (US)
Tori Amos by Alan Sculley

July 22, 1994 - Baltimore Morning Sun (US)
Tori Amos Takes the Road Less Traveled by J. D. Considine

July 22, 1994 - Daily Press (US)
Tori Talks with 'God' by Sam McDonald

July 22, 1994 - JAM (US)
Tori Amos Exposes Her Hidden Corners by Dave Hall

July 27, 1994 - Break (US)
Piano Woman by Chris Willman

July 27, 1994 - Virginian Pilot (US)
Amos Speaks Cryptically by Sue Smallwood

August 1994 - Bone (US)
Tori's Story: Going Under the Pink by Kat Battlefield

August 1994 - Illinois Entertainer (US)
Looking After God by John Everson

August 1994 - Interview (US)
The wisdom of the Wild. Sandra Bernhard interviewed by Tori Amos

August 1994 - PIV (US)
No Exclamation Marks Are Under the Pink of This Little Earthquake by David Maida

August 5, 1994 - Live X (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview & live performance on WNNX, Atlanta

August 10, 1994 - Public News (US)
Tori Amos: happy in her moccasins by Ericka Schiche

August 11, 1994 - Dallas Observer (US)
Into the Pink by Robert Wilonsky

August 11, 1994 - West Australian (Australia)
On an Ungodly Mission by Michael Dwyer

August 22, 1994 - Show Monday (US)
One Tori'd Affair by Stephen Lynch

August 24, 1994 - Kevin & Bean Show (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview on KROQ, Los Angeles

August 24, 1994 - KSCA, Los Angeles (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview & live performance

August 30, 1994 - Alex Bennett Morning Show (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview & live performance on KITS, San Francisco

September 1994 - Music Monitor (US)
Tori! Tori! Tori! by Jim Maynard

September 1994 - Prodigy (US, www)
live online chat

September 2, 1994 - Goldmine (US)
noTORIous Amos by Gillian G. Gaar

September 9, 1994 - Ticket (The Sacramento Bee) (US)
Tori! Tori! Tori! by J. Freedom

September 10, 1994 - KPFA, Berkeley (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview & live performance

September 11, 1994 - Michael Pearce (US)
interview for internet by Michael Pearce

September 15, 1994 - The Weekender (US)
Tori Amos: A Spousal Attachment To Her 88's by Chris Willman

October 1994 - Spin (US)
Sex, God, and Rock 'N' Roll by Charles Aaron

October 1994 - The Face (UK)
Devil Woman by Mark Edwards

October 6, 1994 - Rolling Stone (US)
Mothers of Invention by Mim Udovitch

October 15, 1994 - Name Your Adventure (US, TV)
Meeting Tori Amoshosted by Mario Lopez

November 1994 - Keyboard (US)
Dancing with the Vampire and the Nightingale by Robert L. Doerschuk

November 1994 - Rolling Stone (US)
Tori Amos interview by Chris Mundy

November 2, 1994 - Anthony Horan (Australia)
phone interview transcript by Anthony Horan

November 18, 1994 - EG (Australia)
Peeking into the Ladies' room by Virginia Trioli

November 29, 1994 - Drum Media (Australia)
Tori Amos by Stuart Coupe

December 1994 - Campaign (Australia)
On the Couch With... Tori Amos by Phillippe Cahill

December 2, 1994 - Triple J (Australia, radio)
Tori Amos interview

December 9, 1994 - Entertainment Weekly (US)
When You're Strange by Robert Seidenberg

December 17, 1994 - New Musical Express (UK)
Tori Seems to Be the Hardest Nerd by Johnny Cigarettes

February 1995 - Details (US)
Michael Stipe interview
Michael in the Middle (excerpt with Tori Amos)

February 9, 1995 - Silver Chips (US)
Famous Amos: sweet sounds, tough cookie by Sherry DeLauder

February 27, 1995 - Tori's Course on Creativity (US)

March 5, 1995 - Naked City (UK, TV)
Tori Amos interview

March 14, 1995 - Detroit Free Press (US)
Names & Faces by Neal Rubin

March 19, 1995 - Baltimore Morning Sun (US)
Robert Plant interview
(Tori-related excerpt)

April 1995 - Musician (US)
If I Knew Then What I Know Now... by Tori Amos

May 1995 - B-Side (US)
Tori Amos, 1994 photo by Sandra C. Davis

May 1995 - Q (UK)
Tori and Drugs by Tori Amos

Fall 1995 - Nomad (Australia, TV)
Tori Amos interview & live performance on SBS TV


Boys for Pele (1995 - 1997)

[154 entries]

July 1995 - Details (US)
Tori Amos: The Canal House, London photos by Steve Pyke

October 1995 - Pro Sound News (European edition)
Hallmark of quality for Tori album by Phil Ward

December 9, 1995 - Later... with Jools Holland (UK, TV)
Tori Amos interview & live performance

December 12, 1995 - KDGE, Dallas (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview

December 12, 1995 - WKQX, Chicago (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview

December 12, 1995 - WBCN, Boston (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview

December 12, 1995 - WFNX, Boston (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview by Ty Ford

December 12, 1995 - WHFS, Baltimore (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview

December 16, 1995 - Music Week (UK)
Tori Amos: Back In Soul-Baring Mood by Neville Farmer

December 16, 1995 - New Musical Express (UK)
Sneezy Writer

December 20, 1995 - Time Out (UK)
Ginger Nut by Peter Paphides

1996 - Launch (CD-Rom)
The Story of Tori by Dave DiMartino

1996 - Metal Express (France, TV)
Tori Amos interview

1996 - Musica (Italy)
A Girl and Her Piano by Andrea Silezi

January 1996 - George (US)
Where the Girls Are by Joy Press

January 1996 - iGuide (US)
Tori Amos: One on One by Lisa Robinson

January 1996 - iGuide (US)
The Story Behind "Me and A Gun" by Murray Weiss

January 1996 - Making Music (UK)
Tori Amos by Rikky Rooksby

January 1996 - Next (US)
Tori Amos

January 1996 - Veronica In Concert (the Netherlands, TV)
Tori Amos interview

January 3, 1996 - This Morning with Richard and Judy (UK, TV)
Tori Amos interview & live performance on ITV

January 12, 1996 - Frontiers (US)
Finding Her Fire by Dean Buckley

January 12, 1996 - NY Post (US)
Men No Longer God to Amos by Lisa Robinson

January 13, 1996 - Billboard (US)
Amos Bares Soul on Atlantic Set by Dominic Pride and Chuck Taylor

January 14, 1996 - New York Times (US)
Tori Amos by Ann Powers

January 18, 1996 - Chicago Tribune (US)
Playing with Pain by Greg Kot

January 19, 1996 - The Boston Globe (US)
Under the Volcano by Steve Morse

January 21, 1996 - Baltimore Sun (US)
The Feminine Musique by J.D. Considine

January 21, 1996 - MTV 120 Minutes (US, TV)
Tori Amos interview & live performance

January 22, 1996 - MTV Europe News (Europe, TV)
Tori Amos interview

January 23, 1996 - Philadelphia Daily News (US)
The Story On Tori

January 23, 1996 - phone interview (Singapore)
unknown source

January 26, 1996 - Oor (the Netherlands)
Tori Amos by Mark van Schaick

January 27, 1996 - New Musical Express (UK)
Tense Tori Love Songs by Sylvia Patterson

January 29, 1996 - CFNY, Toronto (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview & live performance

January 29, 1996 - On the Street (US)
The Way To a Young Girl's Heart by Mike Gee

January 29, 1996 - Toronto Sun (Canada)
The Book of Amos Continued by Jane Stevenson

January 30, 1996 - WBCN, Boston (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview & live performance

January 30, 1996 - The River Music Hall (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview & live performance on WXRV, Boston

February 1996 - Dazed and Confused (UK)
Talk of the Devil by Susan Irvine

February 1996 - Diva (UK)
Pianosexual by Lucy O'Brien

February 1996 - Hot Press (Ireland)
Bigger Earthquakes by Cathy Dillon

February 1996 - Us (US)
Hear It

February 1996 - What (Canada)
Tori Amos: Roasting Men and Sweet Bikers by Chris Yackoboski

February 1, 1996 - CNN.com (US, www)
Tori Amos Is The Coolest G-URL On The Web

February 1, 1996 - Daily News (US)
The Sound and Fury Signifying... Tori. by Greg Kot

February 1, 1996 - WXRT, Chicago (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview & live performance

February 2, 1996 - Just Passin' Through (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview & live performance on WHFS, Baltimore

February 4, 1996 - Modern Rock Live (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview with Tom Calderone

February 5, 1996 - People (US)
"My Dinner with Clunky"

February 5, 1996 - WDRE, Long Island (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview & live performance

February 5, 1996 - WNEW, New York (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview & live performance

February 7, 1996 - Alex Bennett Morning Show (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview & live performance on KITS, San Francisco

February 9, 1996 - Kevin & Bean Show (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview & live performance on KROQ, Los Angeles

February 9, 1996 - KSCA, Los Angeles (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview & live performance

February 9, 1996 - Michael Jackson show (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview on KABC, Los Angeles

February 11, 1996 - London Observer Service (UK)
Too many kooks? by Neil Spencer

February 17, 1996 - Veronica (the Netherlands)
Tori Amos Was So Tired! by Kim Veldema

February 19, 1996 - Newsweek (US)
Tori the Subversive by Jeff Giles with Katharine Chubbuck

February 21, 1996 - Aquarian Weekly (US)
Tori Amos: Finding Her Own Fire by Lydia Carole DeFretos

February 21, 1996 - BBC radio (UK, radio)
Tori Amos interview

February 23, 1996 - Triple J (Australia, radio)
Tori Amos interview

February 25, 1996 - Chicago Tribune (US)
Cool Keys by Richard Rothschild

March 1996 - Amica (Germany)
Provocative pop slogans by Stefanie Wilke

March 1996 - Cosmopolitan (US)
cosmo tells all: PEOPLE

March 1996 - Details (US)
Magical Mystery Tori by Gavin Edwards

March 1996 - Elle (US)
famous Amos: The thinking fan's Madonna by J.H.P.

March 1996 - Q (UK)
Questionnaire by Tori Amos

March 1996 - Seventeen (US)
A few of Tori's favorite things by Amy Talkington

March 1996 - Spin (US)
Hammer of the Goddess by Francesca Lia Block

March 1996 - Us (US)
loose talk by Tori Amos

March 1996 - George (US)
Where the Girls Are by Joy Press

March 1, 1996 - World Café (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview & live performance

March 6, 1996 - Fanzine (France, TV)
Tori Amos interview

April 1996 - Keyboard Review (UK)
Flaky Pastry by Beck Laxton

April 1996 - Musikexpress (Germany)
Tori Amos: Du musst ein Schwein sein

April 1996 - Shift (US)
Under the Volcano by Evan Solomon

April 9, 1996 - MTV.com (US, www)
live online chat by Matt Pinfield

April 12, 1996 - Atlanta Journal Constitution (US)
A pop muse who mixes the earthy and ethereal by Steve Dollar

April 12, 1996 - Ft Lauderdale Herald (US)
What is Tori Amos Talking About? by Howard Cohen

April 16, 1996 - WHHF, Nashville (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview

April 16, 1996 - WRLT, Nashville (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview

April 19, 1996 - Asheville Citizen-Times (US)
A talk with pop singer Tori Amos, not-so-fresh from Italy by Rebecca Thomas

May 1996 - Addicted to Noise (US, www)
Tori Amos Meets The Press by Chris Nelson

May 1996 - B-Side (US)
A Bottle of Red by Sandra A. Garcia

May 1996 - Musician (US)
Voices In The Air by Robert L. Doerschuk

May 1996 - Q (UK)
Absorbed by Steve Malins

May 1996 - The Music Paper (US)
Facing The Challenge And Feeling The Fire by Rex Rutkoski

May 1996 - Vox (UK)
Song Of The Month: Talula by Stuart Bailie

May 6, 1996 - People (US)
50 Most Beautiful People

May 8, 1996 - Time Out: New York (US)
Who's Tori Now? by Cathay Che

May 19, 1996 - MusiquePlus (Canada)
Passion according to Tori by Catherine Veilleux

May 30, 1996 - Scene (US)
A Conversation with Tori Amos by Rex Rutkolski

May 31, 1996 - Everybody's News (US)
Tori Amos Opens Up by Alan Sculley

June 4, 1996 - The Plain Dealer (US)
Amos Adds Harpsichord to Her Skills

June 6, 1996 - Shepherd Express (US)
The Uncircumcised Goddess by Paul Gargano

June 12, 1996 - KPNT, St. Louis (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview

June 14, 1996 - Dallas Morning News (US)
"Rebel, well..." by Thor Christensen

June 21, 1996 - Performance (US)
The Unforgettable Performance by Tiffany Buchanan

June 25, 1996 - Chicago Tribune (US)
What's the Story, Tori? by Brooks Whitney

June 29, 1996 - Billboard (US)
Tori Amos' Igloo Houses A Pet by Paul Verna

July 1996 - Details (US)
The Details Inkblot Test by Dr. Michael Ingall

July 1996 - InStyle (US)
tori amos's hope hotline by Marianne Schnall

July 5, 1996 - San Jose Mercury News (US)
Infamous Amos by Michael D. Clark

July 12, 1996 - Entertainment Weekly (US)
Tori Adored by Jeanne Marie Laskas

July 12, 1996 - KITS, San Francisco (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview

July 18, 1996 - Georgia Straight (Canada)
Tori Amos: Even when she's looking, she still steps in it by Ken Eisner

July 19, 1996 - The Oregonian (US)
The Many Sides of Tori's Story by Robin Roth

July 24, 1996 - Brigitte (Germany)
Portrait: Tori Amos by Silke Lambeck

August 1, 1996 - Ticketmaster (US, www)
live online chat

August 11, 1996 - Raleigh News and Observer (US)
The Tori Story

August 14, 1996 - Break (US)
Tori Amos On Stage: Unguarded And Riveting by Lindsay Planer

August 16, 1996 - News and Record (US)
Tori Amos: North Carolina is her muse by Ethan Pines

August 21, 1996 - News & Record (US)
Tori Amos by Allison B. King

August 21, 1996 - Primetime Live (US, TV)
Tori Amos interview

August 29, 1996 - Democrat and Chronicle (US)
Not of This World

September 1996 - Curve (US)
Tori Story by Rebecca Alber

September 1996 - New City (US)
What do Tori Amos and Bette Midler have in common?

September 1, 1996 - Record (US)
A Fervor Over Tori, One Way or Another by Andy Smith

September 12, 1996 - Akron Beacon Journal (US)
Healing through song by Kevin C. Johnson

September 18, 1996 - Ball State Daily News (US)
Amos Suggests To Bring 'Cuddly' To Concert by Ann Votaw

September 18, 1996 - The Star Press (US)
Like An Open Book: Singer Tori Amos Has Little To Hide by Michelle Kinsey

September 26, 1996 - Baltimore Sun (US)
Touring with Tori by J.D. Considine

September 27, 1996 - Acoustic Café (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview & live performance

September 27, 1996 - The Home News and Tribune (US)
Passionate singer/songwriter/performer is the volcanic goddess of pop by Jennifer Salvato

September 28, 1996 - Chicago Sun-Times (US)
'Challenging' Tori Amos at Arie Crown tonight by Rex Rutkoski

October 1996 - The Face (UK)
Tori Amos and Brian "BT" Transeau
Loving you more by Emma Warren

October 8, 1996 - Roanoke Times Online (US)
When Tori Amos wants to escape the music business, she comes to her family's farm in the New River Valley by Richard Foster

October 8, 1996 - Roanoke Times Online (US)
A haunting story that helps those who listen to the words by Richard Foster

October 27, 1996 - The Big Question (UK, TV)
Tori Amos talking with Mark Lawson on BBC One

October 30, 1996 - phone interview (US)
transcript by K. Horowitz

November 1996 - Mix (US)
Tori Amos: In The Studio And On The Road by Blair Jackson

November 1, 1996 - Tulsa World News (US)
Tori Amos Compares Rock to Classical in the Context of Jimi Hendrix, Ripples in a River... and Stinky Cheese by Thomas Conner

November 14, 1996 - Indiana Daily Student (US)
Songwriter and her manager form their own label by Alisa Blackwood

November 23, 1996 - The Daily Journal (US)
Amos Explores Other Side of Microphone

December 1996 - Cosmopolitan (US)
Tori Amos: Torch Singer by Jen Salvato

December 1996 - Raygun (US)
Tori Amos

December 1996 - Us (US)
Tori Amos by Lorraine Ali

December 10, 1996 - Kevin & Bean Show (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview on KROQ, Los Angeles

1997 - Star Profile (UK)
documentary CD

January 17, 1997 - New York Post (US)
Amos Lets Voice Be Heard by Lisa Robinson

January 24, 1997 - The Rosie O'Donnell Show (US, TV)
Tori Amos interview & live performance

January 26, 1997 - Modern Rock Live (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview with Tom Calderone

February 1997 - Real (US)
free at last: Tori Amos faced her demons, now she's helping others by Lindsay Planer

March 17, 1997 - Music Central (US, www)
Travels With Tori by Ken Barnes

March 21, 1997 - Maryland Public Television (US, TV)
When Tori Comes Marching Home by Scott Hileman

March 29, 1997 - Billboard (US)
Atlantic's Amos Rerelease May Add Volume To Cut That's Been 'Silent All These Years' by Chuck Taylor

April 17, 1997 - Word for Word (Canada, TV)
Tori Amos interview on MuchMusic

July 1997 - Q (UK)
Where Are You Now?

August 14, 1997 - The Morning X (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview on WNNX, Atlanta

September 1997 - Spin (US)
Soundbites: On the Download

October 1997 - Mademoiselle (US)
How to Turn Compassion into Action by Tori Amos

November 13, 1997 - Rolling Stone (US)
Tori Amos by Susan Cheever

December 1997 - Offbeat (US)
George Porter, Jr. interview
BackTalk with George Porter, Jr. by Alex Oliver


from the choirgirl hotel (1998)

[143 entries]

January 1998 - Alternative Press (US)
Most anticipated albums of 1998: Tori Amos by Randee Dawn

February 28, 1998 - Midweek (UK)
US rock star marries in Wycombe

March 7, 1998 - Hello! (UK)
Tori Amos, American Singer Gets Married

March 13, 1998 - Rumba (Finland)
Southern upbringing - Tori Amos by Sylvie Simmons

March 24, 1998 - JAM (US)
Tori Amos talks about her miscarriage by John Sakamoto

April 1998 - Musikexpress (Germany)
My Record Closet by Tori Amos

April 1998 - Q (UK)
Amos Copies Herself

April 1998 - Wall of Sound (US)
Features: Tori Amos by Gary Graff

April 3, 1998 - Kevin & Bean Show (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview on KROQ, Los Angeles

April 4, 1998 - Billboard (US)
Tori Amos isn't alone in her 'hotel' by Paul Verna

April 6, 1998 - Red Dragon Radio (UK, radio)
phone interview by Chris Bloomer

April 8, 1998 - Nieuwe Revu (the Netherlands)
Tori Amos - Out of her Mind by Bambi Bogert

April 10, 1998 - WHFS, Baltimore (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview with Johnny Riggs

April 11, 1998 - Music Week (UK)
Tori Amos by Catherine Eade

April 11, 1998 - The Times: Metro (UK)
The big interview - No pain, no gain by James Bennett

April 13, 1998 - Yahoo (US, www)
live online chat

April 17, 1998 - Atlanta Journal-Constitution (US)
Amos hides to hear the earth

April 17, 1998 - New York Post (US)
Tori Amos Preaches to Girls in the Choir by Lisa Robinson

April 18, 1998 - Oor (the Netherlands)
Tori Amos by Edwin Ammerlaan

April 23, 1998 - The New York Times (US)
At Lunch with Tori Amos by Jon Pareles

April 24, 1998 - MTV Live (US)
TV interview by Carson Daly

April 28, 1998 - Boston Globe (US)
Once Again, Tori Amos Finds Healing Through Music by Steve Morse

April 28, 1998 - CFNY, Toronto (Canada, radio)
Tori Amos interview

April 28, 1998 - Detroit Free Press (US)
This time Tori Amos is bringing a band to Detroit by Brian McCollum

May 1998 - Attitude (UK)
Tori Amos by Adam Mattera

May 1998 - Deluxe (UK)
The Tori Party

May 1998 - High Life (UK)
A lioness in the confessional by Mark Edwards

May 1998 - Mojo (UK)
Nice! by Sylvie Simmons

May 1998 - New Musical Express (UK)
On The Couch: Tori Amos by April Long

May 1998 - Q (UK)
Ready, Steady... Kook! by Tom Doyle

May 1998 - Q (UK)
"Got Up, Emoted..." by Tori Amos

May 1998 - She (US)
Tori Amos by Francesca Ryan

May 1998 - Spin (US)
The Cornflake Girl grows up by Kim France

May 1998 - Velocity (US, TV)
A very special evening with... TORI AMOS

May 1998 - Visions (Germany)
Tori Amos: A big, unsolved mystery

May 1998 - World of Music (Germany)
Happy panting from Cornwall

May 3, 1998 - Philadelphia Inquirer (US)
A gift of song by Tom Moon

May 3, 1998 - Philadelphia Inquirer (US)
'Tori-philes': An ultra-candid camaraderie by Daniel Rubin

May 4, 1998 - San Francisco Chronicle (US)
Tori Amos' Got a Ticket To Writhe at Fillmore 'Sneak preview' show as new CD is released by James Sullivan

May 11, 1998 - Time (US)
Tori, Tori, Tori! by Christopher John Farley

May 15, 1998 - Daily Record (UK)
I lost my baby... but she changed my life forever by John Dingwall

May 17, 1998 - Chicago Tribune (US)
On a musical limb by Greg Kot

May 17, 1998 - Washington Post (US)
Tori Amos, Local Legend by Richard Harrington

May 18, 1998 - Rock et cetera (Germany, radio)
Tori Amos interview

May 22, 1998 - Later... with Jools Holland (UK, TV)
Tori Amos interview & live performance

May 23, 1998 - Veronica (the Netherlands)
Festival Fever

May 24, 1998 - Baltimore Sun (US)
A "Choirgirl" with charisma by J.D. Considine

May 24, 1998 - The Observer - The Review (US)
Tori Amos interview by Barbara Ellen

May 24, 1998 - The Sunday Times Magazine (US)
Relative values by Nigel Williamson

May 29, 1998 - Entertainment Weekly (US)
Really Big Shoe by Rob Brunner

May 29, 1998 - Salt Lake Tribune (US)
With a new sound, Amos appears poised for solid-gold stardom. by J.D. Considine

June 1998 - Inside Connection (US)
Tori Amos: Up Close and Personal by Gabriella

June 1998 - Request (US)
Heart-Shaped Box - Tori Amos surrenders to love and spirit of a child. by Sylvie Simmons

June 1998 - tdb (UK)
Cool to be kooky

June 1998 - Uncut (US)
We Have Ways Of Making You Talk by Nigel Williamson

June 1998 - Vox (UK)
"Tough Kooky" by Dave Stubbs

June 1, 1998 - VPRO (the Netherlands, TV)
Tori Amos interview & live concert clips

June 11, 1998 - Rolling Stone (US)
Random Notes

June 20, 1998 - CNN WorldBeat (US, TV)
Tori Amos interview

June 22, 1998 - People (US)
Weddings of the Year

June 25, 1998 - Rolling Stone (US)
Tori Amos: Her Secret Garden by Steven Daly

June 25, 1998 - San Diego Union Tribune (US)
A bold taste of Tori would complement the Lilith fare by Karla Peterson

June 26, 1998 - Entertainment Weekly (US)
Tori Amos: "The Siren"

June 26, 1998 - Politiken (Denmark)
Loads of Meaning by Flemming Christiansen

June 27, 1998 - The Guardian (UK)
Hard to avoid... Tori Amos

July 1998 - Alternative Press (US)
Tori Amos: Magic & Loss by David Daley

July 1998 - Guitar Player (US)
Steve Caton interview
Side Orders by Adam Levy

July 1998 - Launch (US, CD-Rom)
Tori Amos

July 1998 - Musician (US)
Roadbound with Tori Amos: How She Built Her First Touring Band by Maureen Herman

July 1998 - Sound On Sound (US)
Mark Hawley and Marcel van Limbeek interview
Checking in with the Choirgirl by Hugh Robjohns

July 1998 - Us (US)
Tori Amos by Chris Smith

July 1, 1998 - Plankenkoorts (Belgium, TV)
Tori Amos interview

July 9, 1998 - Herald Sun (Australia)
Shock and bull TORI by Cameron Adams

July 12, 1998 - Sunday Magazine (Australia)
Hope and Tori by Chris Smith

July 14, 1998 - Star Tribune (US)
There's a certain detachment between Amos, fans by Jon Bream

July 15, 1998 - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (US)
Tori Amos' tour, latest album display singer's new sound by Rob Elder

July 16, 1998 - Iowa State Daily (US)
Cornflake Girl Tori Amos overcomes the odds by Greg Jerrett

July 16, 1998 - Scene (US)
Basket Case No More by Rex Rutkoski

July 16, 1998 - Triple J (Australia, radio)
Tori Amos interview

July 17, 1998 - Cincinnati Enquirer (US)
Tori Amos, drum sound in tow, set to fly 'Choirgirl Hotel' by J.D. Considine

July 17, 1998 - Chicago Sun-Times (US)
Tori Wings Out by Jim DeRogatis

July 17, 1998 - Daily_Herald (US)
Tales of life's struggles strike a powerful nerve with Tori Amos fans by Mark Guarino

July 21, 1998 - The Edge (US, radio)
telephone interview by Kelly Walker

July 23, 1998 - Now (Canada)
Tori Amos Baring Her Soul In The Name Of Art by Susan G. Cole

July 27, 1998 - Newsweek (US)
Dave Matthews & Tori Amos by Veronica Chambers

August 1998 - Details (US)
Earth Angel by William Shaw

August 1998 - Link (US)
From the Choirgirl Arena

August 5, 1998 - TV Guide Online (US, www)
live online chat

August 5, 1998 - TVGEN/Yahoo (US, www)
live online chat

August 8, 1998 - Rolling Stone Online (AOL) (US, www)
One-Woman Choir by Matt Ashare

August 11, 1998 - Richmond Times-Dispatch (US)
Into the deep with Tori Amos' confessional tales by Melissa Ruggieri

August 14, 1998 - JAM (US)
The Choirgirl is finally good enough by Rex Rutkoski

August 14, 1998 - Knoxville News-Sentinel (US)
Tori Amos remains true to herself by Wayne Bledsoe

August 20, 1998 - Between the Lines (US)
Tori Amos: Creme Puff with a Machete by Jeffrey L. Newman

August 23, 1998 - The Tennessean (US)
Tori Amos fills Choirgirl Hotel with mythic metaphors by Rick de Yampert

August 27, 1998 - CNN.com (US, www)
Tori Amos: Clearly in the right band by Donna Freydkin

August 27, 1998 - Westword (US)
Are You There, God? It's Me, Tori by Amy Kiser

September 1998 - Illinois Entertainer (US)
Still Going Down... Honestly by John Everson

September 1998 - The Music Monitor (US)
The Choirgirl Chorus by Carrie Colliton

September 1998 - Performing Songwriter (US)
Tori Amos: The Loudest Voice in the Choir by Christopher Smith

September 1998 - Seventeen (US)
Famous Amos by Lauren Oliver

September 3, 1998 - Calgary Straight (US)
Tori Finds Her Inner Berserker by Alexander Varty

September 9, 1998 - San Jose Mercury News (US)
Famous Amos by Michael D. Clark

September 9, 1998 - Willamette Week (US)
Voices In Her Head by Richard Martin

September 10, 1998 - Seattle Times (US)
Tori Amos: Notes from a life by Carla A. DeSantis

September 11, 1998 - The End Sessions (US, radio)
Tori Amos on KNDD, Seattle

September 11, 1998 - Oregonian (US)
Tori's magical music tour by Marty Hughley

September 12, 1998 - KNRK, Portland (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview & live performance

September 15, 1998 - KLLC, San Francisco (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview & live performance

September 17, 1998 - LA Weekly (US)
Tori Quest: Inside Myth Amos by Lawrence Ferber

September 18, 1998 - Chicago Tribune (US)

September 24, 1998 - Chicago Sun Times (US)
Tori Amos: Soul Music by Paul Freeman

September 24, 1998 - Phoenix New Times (US)
Mystic Pieces by Liz Montalbano

September 25, 1998 - Montgomery Journal (US)
Soul Music by Paul Freeman

September 30, 1998 - The Aquarian Weekly (US)
Creating Song Life Out Of Personal Loss by Lydia Carole DeFretos

October 1998 - Pitch (US)
Tori Amos by Nancy Tarr

October 1, 1998 - The Roseanne Show (US, TV)
Tori Amos interview & live performance

October 3, 1998 - The Commercial Appeal (US)
Trading Heart To Hearts For Butt? Amos Explains. by Jody Callahan

October 4, 1998 - Dallas Morning News (US)
Arena-size venues, a band--what's next for Tori Amos? by Tom Stone

October 4, 1998 - Tulsa World (US)
Amos behavin' Grab the piano stool. Tori strikes up the band. by Thomas Conner

October 8, 1998 - Arkansas Democrat-Gazette (US)
Faerie godmother by Jennifer Christman

October 9, 1998 - The Times-Picayune (US)
Tori Amos brings her "Plugged" tour to the UNO Lakefront Arena on Saturday by Keith Spera

October 21, 1998 - Leo (US)
Tori's Strength by Elizabeth Shaw

October 23, 1998 - HX (US)
The Choirgirl Sings by Austin Downey

October 30, 1998 - CNN.com (US, www)
Tori Amos singing from her spiritual roots by Rona Elliot

November 1998 - Music Revue (US)
Tori Amos: This Time With Feeling! by Alan Sculley

November 1998 - Performing Arts (US)
Meet the Artist

November 1998 - Rockrgrl (US)
tori amos: the crispy cornflake girl by Carla A. DeSantis

November 4, 1998 - KDGE, Dallas (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview & live performance

November 4, 1998 - MTV Revue (US, TV)
Tori Amos tells stories on MTV

November 4, 1998 - WHFS, Baltimore (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview

November 8, 1998 - Lowell Sun (US)
Heeding Her Own Voice by David Perry

November 12, 1998 - Rolling Stone (US)
Random Notes

November 14, 1998 - Sessions at West 54th (US, TV)
Concert and interview by David Byrne

November 16, 1998 - WEND, Charlotte (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview

November 17, 1998 - Wall of Sound (US)
Tori Amos Considers B-Sides Album by Bob Gulla

November 17, 1998 - WBCN, Boston (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview & live performance

November 20, 1998 - The Star-Ledger (US)

November 24, 1998 - New Jersey Home News and Tribune (US)
Tori Amos

November 26, 1998 - Rolling Stone (US)
On the Road

December 1998 - INsite (US)
Coming Down by Brendan McNamara

December 13, 1998 - WFNX, Boston (US, radio)
What the Hell is this?

December 13, 1998 - WRRV, New York (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview

Winter 1998 - Student Advantage Magazine (US)
Pop Quiz: The College Daze of Tori Amos

January 1999 - Lighting Dimensions (US)
Simon Sidi and Dan Boland interview
Plugging In: On Her Latest Tour, Tori Amos Brings Along A Rock Band - And A More Amplified Look by Catherine McHugh


to venus and back (1999 - 2000)

[102 entries]

January 1999 - Magical Blend (US)
It's A Free Will Planet by John Patrick Gatta

January 1999 - Wine X (US)
a true "red" head - Tori Amos: Her unrequited passion for wine by Bob Blumer

January 20, 1999 - AOL (US, www)
live online chat with Tori Amos

January 23, 1999 - Nick News (US, TV)
Tori Amos interview on Nickelodeon

Spring 1999 - Columbia House Magazine (US)
Music Interview: Tori Amos by

April 2, 1999 - Next (US)
Tori Makes Waves

May 1999 - Keyboard (US)
Five questions with... Tori Amos by Bryan Reesman

May 7, 1999 - Goldmine (US)
Tori Amos and the Evolving Lives of Her Songs by Bryan Reesman

May 13, 1999 - Kevin & Bean Show (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview on KROQ, Los Angeles

May 13, 1999 - Rolling Stone (US)
Amos to Release Three-CD Set by Matt Hendrickson

Summer 1999 - Stero Type (US)
Tori's Strength

July 8, 1999 - Rolling Stone (US)
Tori Amos / Alanis Morissette

July 14, 1999 - Yahoo (US, www)
live online chat with Tori Amos & Steve Madden

July 17, 1999 - Billboard (US)
Tori Amos Unveils "Venus" by Chuck Taylor

July 19, 1999 - Kevin & Bean Show (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview on KROQ, Los Angeles

July 26, 1999 - 100 Greatest Women of Rock (US, TV)
VH1 5-part series

August 17, 1999 - SonicNet/MTV.com (US, www)
live online chat with Tori Amos and Alanis Morissette

August 20, 1999 - MTV 1515 (US, TV)
Tori Amos news report/interview

August 21, 1999 - Live X (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview & live performance on WNNX, Atlanta

August 21, 1999 - St. Petersburg Times (US)
SideBern's tantalizes Tori Amos' taste buds

August 25, 1999 - Baltimore Sun (US)
Amos' magic shines through by J.D. Considine

August 25, 1999 - Just Passin' Through (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview & live performance on WHFS, Baltimore

August 27, 1999 - Boston Globe (US)
'Venus' of the road by Steve Morse

August 29, 1999 - Buffalo News (US)
Famous Amos; Tori on Myths, Music and Alanis Morissette by Nicole Peradotto

September 1999 - Wall of Sound (US, www)
Sound Off by Gary Graff

September 6, 1999 - Toronto Star (Canada)
Maverick Web site supports Morissette/Amos tour by Betsy Powell

September 15, 1999 - The Mancow Show (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview & live performance on WKQX, Chicago

September 15, 1999 - WTMX, Chicago (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview & secret live performance

September 16, 1999 - WXPT, Minneapolis (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview & live performance

September 17, 1999 - Charlotte Observer (US)
Death in Mexican desert haunted, inspired Tori Amos by Lindsey Henry

September 18, 1999 - Oor (the Netherlands)
Sane or insane? The beast in Tori Amos by Herman van der Horst

September 20, 1999 - MP3.com (US, www)
live online chat with Tori Amos & Alanis Morissette

September 21, 1999 - The Times of London (UK)
A bride stripped bare by Nigel Williamson

September 22, 1999 - Dallas Observer (US)
Still orbiting by Zac Crain

September 23, 1999 - Los Angeles Times (US)
For Amos, Passion Fuels 'Venus' Voyage by Natalie Nichols

September 25, 1999 - The Daily News of Los Angeles (US)
Amos Puts Herself in 'Venus' Frane of Mind by Phillip Zonkel

September 29, 1999 - AOL (US, www)
live online chat with Tori Amos

September 29, 1999 - CNN Online (US, www)
Tori Amos' gods and monsters by Donna Freydkin

September 30, 1999 - Rolling Stone (US)
Q ...A by Jancee Dunn

October 1999 - All Music zine (US, www)
Take a dance through childhood and the mysteries of Venus with one of the most elusive and inspired artists in modern music. by Robert L. Doerschuk

October 1999 - Alternative Press (US)
Venus Envy by Randee Dawn

October 1999 - Best (France)
If a piano could cry, Tori Amos would be its tears by Daniel Oliveira

October 1999 - Best (France)
Steve Caton interview
The Man In The Shadow

October 1999 - Esquire (UK)
A Date with Tori Amos by Bill Dunn

October 1999 - Jane (US)
Some of you believe that Tori Amos is a tormented prophet from Elysium. Others think she is nuts

October 1999 - Mojo (UK)
Lizard Queen by Sylvie Simmons

October 1999 - Us (US)
Pop's Perennial Pixie Celebrates Marriage, 'Venus' and the Muse by James Ireland Baker

October 1999 - Virtual Guitar (US)
Steve Caton interview
Silent All These Years by Cosette Trombino

October 1, 1999 - USA Today (US)
Tori Amos' personal sphere by Elysa Gardner

October 2, 1999 - Gay.com (US, www)
live online chat with Tori Amos

October 8, 1999 - KFOG, Berkeley (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview & live performance

October 10, 1999 - Independent (UK)
How We Met Tori Amos & Neil Gaiman

October 13, 1999 - Artist of the Month (Canada, TV)
Tori Amos interview & live performance on MusiquePlus

October 14, 1999 - Rolling Stone (US)
Random Notes

October 19, 1999 - AOL (US, www)
live online chat with Tori Amos & Steve Madden

October 19, 1999 - Charlie Rose (US, TV)
Tori Amos interview on PBS

October 20, 1999 - Ana Voog's Tori Chat (US, www)
Tori Amos interview

October 28, 1999 - Music365 (US, www)
live online chat with Tori Amos

October 28, 1999 - This Morning with Richard and Judy (UK, TV)
Tori Amos interview & live performance

October 30, 1999 - Billy Bragg Show (UK, radio)
Tori Amos interview & live performance

November 1999 - Aloha (the Netherlands)
From Venus to Tori and back by Sylvie Simmons

November 1999 - Attitude (UK)
Tori's Glory by Matthew Tood

November 1999 - Cosmopolitan (US)
Tori's Story by Matt Hendrickson

November 1999 - Mojo (UK)
Her Indoors: Tori's lesson in marital harmony by James McNair

November 1999 - Pulse (US)
With a new double album up her sleeve, Tori Amos confesses all by Ken Micallef

November 1999 - Record Collector. (US)
Tea with the Waitress by James Blandford

November 1999 - Seventeen (US)
Tori Adore by Heidi Sherman

November 1999 - Spin (US)
The Enchanted Forest by Maureen Callahan

November 1999 - VH1.com (US, www)
Stars, Planets, Wine and Song by Michael Hill

November 3, 1999 - Studio Brussels (Belgium, radio)
Tori Amos interview & live performance

November 3, 1999 - Triple J (Australia, radio)
Tori Amos interview

November 6, 1999 - Boyz (UK)
Venus Envy: The Parallel Universe of Tori Amos by Eric James

November 11, 1999 - Die_Zeit (Germany)
I have a dream by Tori Amos

November 14, 1999 - 120 Minutes (US, TV)
Tori Amos interview

November 24, 1999 - Time-Off (Australia)
Tori Amos: Interplanetary, most extraordinary

November 25, 1999 - Videotech (UK, TV)
Tori Amos interview & live performance

December 1999 - Q (UK)
Primitive Instinct by Peter Kane

December 1999 - Rolling Stone (US)
Jagged Little Earthquakes by Michael Dwyer

December 1999 - The Inside Connection (US)
The Creative Travels of Tori Amos

December 1999 - Top (UK)
Tori Amos by Sylvie Simmons

December 3, 1999 - Courier Mail (US)
Chatting with God by Alison White

December 3, 1999 - WFNX, Boston (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview

December 9, 1999 - Allstar Daily Music News (US, www)
Miss Truth by Marianne Meyer

December 17, 1999 - Studio C (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview & live performance on 103.1, Los Angeles

December 29, 1999 - Village Voice (US)
article about Tori, Trent Reznor, Courtney Love and Marilyn Manson
Sugar High by Jane Dark

December 30, 1999 - Rolling Stone (US)
special millennium issue

January 2000 - Aftonbladet (Sweden)
Tori Amos' way back by

January 2000 - Juice (Australia)
The Hard Word by Simon Wooldridge

January 2000 - Samsonic (the Netherlands)
Love according to Tori Amos

January 2000 - Us (US)
Long Live Frock by Ray Rogers

January 1, 2000 - Veronica (the Netherlands)
Back up interview: Tori Amos Point blank

January 5, 2000 - Speakeasy (Canada, TV)
Tori Amos interview on MuchMoreMusic

January 16, 2000 - (Spain)
Tori Amos: Pieces of reality by

February 2000 - (US)
Tori Untamed by Matt Hendrickson

March 2000 - One (US)
Reviews - Interview with Tori Amos

March 21, 2000 - Behind the Music 2 (US, TV)
Tori Amos interview/documentary on VH1

Spring 2000 - Revolver (US)
Revolver Asks Tori Amos "Whatcha Drinkin'?" by J.D. Considine

Spring 2000 - Shuz (US)
Sole Aid: Tori Amos talks about Shoes by Dan Williford

April 12, 2000 - Launch (US, www)
Tori Amos by Stephen Peters

June 22, 2000 - Washington Post (US, www)
Bill Reckert interview
The Reliable Source

August 2000 - Cosmopolitan (the Netherlands)
In search of spirituality

November 2000 - Vanity Fair (US)
The Tempest: Tori Amos


Strange Little Girls (2001 - 2002)

[81 entries]

April 13, 2001 - Rolling Stone (US)
Amos Talks Music, Motherhood by Lindsay Goldenberg

May 18, 2001 - Spin.com (US, www)
Tori Amos on Maynard James Keenan

May 24, 2001 - Rolling Stone (US)
Tori Amos Finishes New Disc

July 1, 2001 - Los Angeles Times (US)
Tori Amos Offers a Woman's-Eye View of Songs by Men by Steve Hochman

July 9, 2001 - Time (US)
Is This the Real Slim Shady?

August 2001 - Blender (US)
In the piano room with Tori Amos by David Quantick

August 14, 2001 - Billboard.com (US, www)
Amos Taking 'Strange Little Girls' On The Road by Barry A. Jeckell

September 2001 - Attitude (UK)
anyqueries? Where you get to ask the questions

September 2001 - Elle (US)
It's a Man's World - Until Tori amos Gets Through With It by Matt Diehl

September 2001 - Ice (US)
Tori Amos Covers All The Bases

September 2001 - KulturSPIEGEL (Germany)
Words are weapons - and men know that very well

September 2001 - Red Direct (UK)
There's Something about Tori by Sarah Stone

September 2001 - Samsonic (the Netherlands)
Tori Amos by Serge Simonart

September 2001 - Tylko Rock (Poland)
The music is you. And don't forget about it. by Piotr K.

September 2001 - Visions (Germany)
On men and women by Patrick Grossmann

September 2001 - Vogue (Germany)
Tori Amos by Alain de Botton

September 2, 2001 - Sunday Express (UK)
24 Hours in the Life of Tori Amos

September 2, 2001 - Sunday Herald (UK)
Strange Little Girl by Peter Ross

September 5, 2001 - Daily Telegraph (UK)
"I needed a child in my life more than I knew" by Julia Llewellyn Smith

September 7, 2001 - Next (US)
Cover Girl by Gregg Shapiro

September 8, 2001 - Oor (the Netherlands)
Tori Amos by Britt Stubbe

September 11, 2001 - Virgin.net (UK, www)
World of the Strange by Justin Stoneman

September 14, 2001 - The Independent (UK)
Tori Amos: In the company of me by Glyn Brown

September 15, 2001 - Boyz (UK)
Strange Little Girl: The Return of Tori Amos

September 16, 2001 - The Boston Globe (US)
Tori Amos play-acts pop's images of women by Steve Morse

September 17, 2001 - Big Issue (UK)
The Hitmen and Her by Imogen Wall

September 22, 2001 - Ground Zero (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview & live performance on KCRW, Santa Monica

September 22, 2001 - Saturday Magazine (UK)
Ray of Light by Alan Jackson

September 25, 2001 - Launch.com (US, www)
Tori Amos

September 26, 2001 - Real Detroit Weekly (US)
Tori Amos: Undercover by Suzan Alteri

Fall 2001 - Irish Independent (Ireland)
Hymns to the violence by Joe Jackson

October 2001 - Aloha (the Netherlands)
Ten Questions to... Tori Amos

October 2001 - Alternative Press (US)
Is Tori Amos bullshit? by Randee Dawn

October 2001 - CosmoGirl (US)
CosmoGIRL! Grooves With... Tori Amos by Deborah Baer

October 2001 - Get Rhythm (UK)
Listen With Mother by Chris Merriman

October 2001 - Glamour (UK)
Shopping with Tori Amos by Deborah Joseph

October 2001 - Mojo (UK)
Tori Amos talks to James McNair

October 2001 - Mojo (UK)
'Last Night A Record Changed My Life' by Tori Amos

October 2001 - Spin (US)
Don't Mess with Mother Nature by Will Hermes

October 2001 - The Inside Connection (US)
Men, Women, and Tori Amos by Lydia DeFretos

October 3, 2001 - Creative Loafing (US)
Strange Little Girl by Tim C. Davis

October 4, 2001 - RollingStone.com (US)
Strange Little Tori by Adam Falik

October 5, 2001 - MTV.com (US, www)
Personality Crisis by Steffie Nelson

October 5, 2001 - The Record (US)
Her stamp on men's words by Ed Condran

October 5, 2001 - The Washington Post (US)
Tori Amos Flips the Perspective by Richard Harrington

October 7, 2001 - Newsday (US)
He Said, She Said by Glenn Gamboa

October 11, 2001 - The Hartford Courant (US)
Tori In Her Glory by Roger Catlin

October 17, 2001 - Cleveland Free Times (US)
Cult of Personalities by Jason Bracelin

October 23, 2001 - The Big Show (US, TV)
Tori Amos interview on WGN

October 26, 2001 - The Harvard Crimson (US)
The True Confessions of a Toriphile by Irin Carmon

October 30, 2001 - The Times-Picayune (US)
Tori, Tori, Tori by Keith Spera

October 31, 2001 - Slamm (US)
People Are Strange... by Troy Johnson

November 2001 - Action (Austria)
Strange Little Girl by Thomas Zeidler

November 2001 - Diva (UK)
New love songs by Lucy O'brien

November 2001 - High Life (US)
Tori and the hardest words by Chrissey Iley

November 2001 - Request (US)
Mission To Mars by Erin Anderson

November 2001 - Vox online (UK, www)
What's Old Is New Again

November 2001 - Woman's Journal (UK)
Travel Journal: Songs of Praise by Tori Amos

November 2, 2001 - Dallas Morning News (US)
Tori Amos dresses up to personify the women men sing about by Thor Christensen

November 2, 2001 - Denver Post (US)
Amos her own man by G. Brown

November 2, 2001 - Star-Telegram (US)
Eating their words by Mark Lowry

November 5, 2001 - Rocky Mountain News (US)
'Men's songs' get the Tori Amos treatment by Mark Brown

November 6, 2001 - The News Tribune (US)
Singer features shift in perspective as she presents songs by male writers by Roger Catlin

November 8, 2001 - Vancouver Sun (Canada)
Tori Amos faces off with men by Jennifer Van Evra

November 9, 2001 - Entertainment Today (US)
This Strange Little Girl Explores the songs of a varied cast of men with her new album by Adam McKibbin

November 13, 2001 - Orange County Register (US)
She seeks the woman within by Ben Wener

November 14, 2001 - Loveline (US, radio)
Special Guest: Tori Amos

November 18, 2001 - Daily Mail (UK)
That's Your Funeral by Tori Amos

November 22, 2001 - Rolling Stone (US)
Raves by Lindsay Goldenberg

November 24, 2001 - Billboard (US)
Arthur Spivak interview
Waves at Atlantic

November 24, 2001 - MTV2 Links (US, TV)
Tori Amos interview by Chris Booker

November 29, 2001 - Hot Tickets (UK)
Tori Amos: Rock Goddess and Warrior Mom by Colin Irwin

December 2001 - Music Monthly (US)
Meeting the muse: Tori Amos by Tommy Mullins

December 2001 - YM (US)
15 minutes with Tori Amos

December 2, 2001 - At Play (Scotland on Sunday) (UK)
Under the Covers by Vicky Allan

December 2, 2001 - The Sunday Times (UK)
How Tori Amos went weirdly normal by Sophia Coudenhove

December 8, 2001 - Jonathan Ross Radio Show (UK, radio)
Tori Amos interview on BBC Radio 2

December 10, 2001 - Midweek (UK)
Tori's Message by Justin Stoneman

December 16, 2001 - Sunday Express (UK)
Tori Amos by Chris Goodman

December 18, 2001 - The Times (UK)
On the road with the Tori party by Glyn Brown

January/February 2002 - Performing Songwriter (US)
Mother of Invention: Tori Amos by Bill DeMain

January 2002 - YM (US)
15 Minutes with... Tori Amos by Patty Adams

January 12, 2002 - New York Times Critics Choice Event (US)
Tori Amos: A Conversation with Ann Powers

February 2002 - Blender (US)
Tori Amos: "I'm not warm and fuzzy"

March 2002 - Elle (the Netherlands)
Tori Amos by Ben Min

March 2002 - Mojo (UK)
Respect by Tori Amos


Scarlet's Walk (2002 - 2003)

[144 entries]

August 19, 2002 - Kevin & Bean Show (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview on KROQ, Los Angeles

August 19, 2002 - Star 98.7, Los Angeles (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview

August 30, 2002 - CFNY, Toronto (Canada, radio)
Tori Amos interview

Fall 2002 - Women Who Rock (US)
A Walk on the Wild Side by Bob Gulla

September 20, 2002 - Entertainment Weekly (US)
Fall Music Preview Tori Amos: Scarlet's Walk

September 23, 2002 - MTV.com (US, www)
Tori Amos Writes Scarlet Letters, Draws Tour Map by Joe D'Angelo

October 2002 - Alternative Press (US)
Fall Preview Tori Amos: Scarlet's Walk

October 2002 - InStyle (UK)
24 hours with Tori Amos

October 2002 - Music Monitor (US)
Q & A with Tori Amos by Gary Graff

October 2002 - Rolling Stone (Germany)
Q & A: Tori Amos by Birgit Fuss

October 1, 2002 - Radio FM4, Vienna (Austria, radio)
Tori Amos interview & live performance

October 2, 2002 - (France, TV)
Tori Amos interview

October 4, 2002 - Radio RTL (France, radio)
Tori Amos interview & live performance

October 9, 2002 - Tom Robinson show (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview on BBC Radio 6

October 12, 2002 - Boyz (UK)
My First Time: Tori Amos

October 14, 2002 - Lynn Parsons Show (UK, radio)
Tori Amos interview on BBC Radio 2

October 15, 2002 - GMTV (UK, TV)
Tori Amos interview on ITV1

October 16, 2002 - Radio Uno (Italy, radio)
Tori Amos interview & live performance

October 18, 2002 - New York Daily News (US)
An American Odyssey by Isaac Guzman

October 18, 2002 - Next (US)
Tori Amos

October 19, 2002 - Play (US)
My cultural life: Tori Amos - Child's Play by Amber Cowan

October 19, 2002 - The Independent (UK)
How Do I Look? by Tori Amos

October 20, 2002 - Heaven and Earth (UK, TV)
Tori Amos interview on BBC One

October 23, 2002 - Green Bay Press-Gazette (US)
Debbie Ellison interview
Local woman adds charm to Tori Amos' new CD by Jim Kneiszel

October 25, 2002 - MSN.com (US, www)
live online chat with Tori Amos

October 26, 2002 - M (UK)
Star Challenge: Hanging On the Telephone With... Tori Amos by Nina Myskow

October 28, 2002 - Fox News in the Morning (US, TV)
Tori Amos interview

October 28, 2002 - VH1.com (US, www)
Tori Amos: Wish You Were Here by Brian Ives

October 31, 2002 - Music Biz (UK, radio)
Tori Amos interview on BBC World Service

October 31, 2002 - Rolling Stone (US)
Tori Amos: On how she arrived at her musical combination of Mary Poppins and Sylvia Plath by Jancee Dunn

October 31, 2002 - USA Today (US)
Amos' 'Walk' goes in search of America's soul by Elysa Gardner

November 2002 - Alternative Press (US)
Self-Analysis: With the wacky diva herself by Annie Zaleski

November 2002 - Blender (US)
33 Things You Should Know About Tori Amos by Dorian Lynskey

November 2002 - Elle (Canada)
Tori Amos Goes Political by Christine Fortier

November 2002 - Oor (the Netherlands)
Tori Amos by Britt Stubbe

November 2002 - Out (US)
Scarlet Fever by Ronni Radner

November 2002 - Pulse (US)
Tori Amos charts the landscape of America's dreams and nightmares by Chris Chandar

November 2002 - Seventeen (US)
When I Was 17 by Tori Amos

November 2002 - Spin (US)
My Life In Music This Month: Tori Amos by Will Hermes

November 2002 - Vogue (UK)
What inspired Tori Amos

November 1, 2002 - KAMX, Austin (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview

November 2, 2002 - The Irish Times (Ireland)
Soul searching by Brian Boyd

November 5, 2002 - The Gateway (US)
Tori Amos asks questions in Scarlet's Walk by Kristin Zagurski

November 6, 2002 - Creative Loafing (US)
Behind the Mask by Elizabeth Elkins

November 7, 2002 - Neumu (US, www)
Tori Amos' New American Journey by Brian Orloff

November 8, 2002 - Atlanta Journal-Constitution (US)
As alter ego Scarlet, singer holds mirror to America on tour by Nick Tate

November 8, 2002 - Florida Today (US)
Amos takes listeners on aural American odyssey by Alan Sculley

November 10, 2002 - The Sunday Times (UK)
Interiors: Music box by Lucas Hollweg

November 12, 2002 - McDonald's Morning Drive with Dylan and Erin (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview on Z104, Washington, D.C.

November 13, 2002 - Entertainment Weekly (US)
'Scarlet' Woman by Liane Bonin

November 14, 2002 - Associated Press (US)
Tori Amos Traces a Journey

November 14, 2002 - The Boston Phoenix (US)
Journey Woman by Annie Zaleski

November 14, 2002 - The Providence Journal (US)
Scarlet's Walk: Songs as road signs for America by Vaughn Watson

November 15, 2002 - The Hartford Courant (US)
Amos Sees Americans Awakening by Eric R. Danton

November 17, 2002 - Sound Station Seven (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview & live performance

November 20, 2002 - Hot Press (Ireland)
"Red Letter Day" with Tori by Stephen Robinson

November 20, 2002 - In NewsWeekly (US, www)
"Scarlet" fever by Lawrence Ferber

November 21, 2002 - The Berkeley Beacon (US)
Amos Is Still Going Strong by Eileen Magan

November 23, 2002 - CD101 Big Room (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview on WWCD, Columbus

November 27, 2002 - Canada AM (Canada, TV)
Tori Amos interview & live performance

November 27, 2002 - NPR Morning Edition (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview

December 1, 2002 - Top of the Pops (the Netherlands, radio)
Tori Amos interview

December 3, 2002 - The River Lounge (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview & live performance on WVRV, St. Louis

December 4, 2002 - Denver Post (US)
Tori Amos' great American journey by G. Brown

December 4, 2002 - Rocky Mountain News (US)
America at her gait by Mark Brown

December 5, 2002 - Studio C (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview & live performance on KBCO, Boulder

December 6, 2002 - WGN Morning News (US, TV)
Tori Amos interview

December 7, 2002 - The End Zone (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview & live performance on KENX, Salt Lake City

December 10, 2002 - Mountain Music Lounge (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview & live performance on KMTT, Seattle

December 14, 2002 - Mix Underground Lounge (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview & live performance on KMXB, Las Vegas

December 15, 2002 - San Francisco Chronicle (US)
Amos treks the U.S. by Dan Ouellette

December 15, 2002 - The Arizona Republic (US)
Amos casts critical eye on America by Larry Rodgers

December 17, 2002 - Morning Becomes Eclectic (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview on KCRW, Santa Monica

December 19, 2002 - Glasgow Evening Times (UK)
American Odyssey by Fraser Middleton

January 2003 - Pulp (the Philippines)
The Scarlet Letter by Pearlsha Abubakar

January 5, 2003 - The Observer (US)
My Husband and I by Harriet Lane

January 11, 2003 - Times Online (US)
Pop profile: Tori Amos by Mark Sutherland

February/March 2003 - MetroSource (US)
Tori's Turn by Eric Andersson

February 2, 2003 - FM4 Guest Room (Austria, radio)
Tori Amos: Some of my favorite songs that inspired me as a songwriter

February 8, 2003 - The Ottawa Citizen (Canada)
A mystical and mighty artist by Kerry Gold

February 12, 2003 - Boca Raton Times (US)
Tori Amos to perform at Mizner by Raquel Muhar

February 13, 2003 - CNN.com (US, www)
Tori Amos' musical journey across America

February 17, 2003 - Associated Press (US)
Tori Amos Adjusts to Life As a Mother

February 21, 2003 - Charlotte Observer (US)
Scarlet's Walk Leads to NC by Jamie Sheats-Johnson

February 21, 2003 - The Florida Times-Union (US)
Watching, Weighing Her Words; Tori Amos Observes but Is Careful Sharing What She Sees by Nick Marino

February 27, 2003 - The Citizen (US)
On the road to healing by Tracey Rauh Solomon

February 28, 2003 - New University (US)
Singer Tori Amos Finds Solace in Her 'Sorta Fairytale Life' by Cynthia Louie and Taraneh Arhamsadr

February 28, 2003 - The Post-Standard (US)
"America Is A Character In This" by Mark Bialczak

February 29, 2003 - The Record (US)
Trip across America by Ed Condran

March 5, 2003 - Scott and Todd in the Morning (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview & live performance on WPLJ, New York

March 6, 2003 - The Buffalo News (US)
On the road again by Jeff Miers

March 6, 2003 - The Journal News (US)
Searching for 'Scarlet' through letters by Ian D'Giff

March 9, 2003 - The Toledo Blade (US)
'Scarlet's Walk' leads Tori Amos to Toledo

March 14, 2003 - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (US)
Tori Amos takes a 'Walk' through America by Scott Mervis

March 14, 2003 - The Buffalo News (US)
On the road again by Jeff Miers

March 16, 2003 - WYEP, Pittsburgh (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview & live performance

March 20, 2003 - Green Bay Press-Gazette (US)
Getting inside Tori's head by Kendra Meinert

March 20, 2003 - New Times (US)
Scarlet Fever by Marli Guzzetta

March 20, 2003 - Omaha World Herald (US)
Finding that uncomfort zone by Christine Laue

March 20, 2003 - The Duquesne Duke (US)
Tori Amos, a voice for women by Pat Varine

March 20, 2003 - The Pitch (US)
Scarlet Fever by Marli Guzzetta

March 25, 2003 - Daily Nebraskan (US)
Soft-spoken singer radiates power on stage by Andrea Heisinger

March 27, 2003 - Wisconsin State Journal (US)
Tori Amos Takes New Road by Rob Thomas

March 28, 2003 - Duluth News Tribune (US)
Tori Amos takes a metaphorical walk across America, keeping in step with her introspective style by V. Paul Virtucio

March 28, 2003 - Sioux City Journal (US)
Brave Chick or chicken? by Bruce R. Miller

March 28, 2003 - The Gateway (US)
Tori Amos comes 'with a warning' by Kristin Zagurski

April 2003 - Keyboard (France)
Tori Amos: Inner walk!

April 2003 - Spin (US)
Real Life Rock Tales by Victoria DeSilverio and Takeshi Miyazawa

April 4, 2003 - Rapid City Journal (US)
Amos' daughter stands in for mom at Bear Country by Kevin Woster

April 3, 2003 - The Mercury News (US)
Books I Like: Tori Amos by Bob Frost

April 4, 2003 - The Spokesman-Review (US)
Shared journey by Isamu Jordan

April 10, 2003 - The Wave (US)
Cornflake Girl: Tori Amos tells us how to balance music and motherhood by Scott Devaney

April 11, 2003 - The Alameda Times-Star (US)
Tori's body map by Alan Sculley

April 11, 2003 - The Mercury News (US)
Tori Amos echoes voices of America by Jaan Uhelszki

April 11, 2003 - The Sacramento Bee (US)
One for the road by Chris Macias

April 11, 2003 - The Tribune (US)
Tori Amos combines childhood memories and research to tell the American Indian experience on her latest CD, 'Scarlet's Walk' by Jessica Yadegaran

April 16, 2003 - Launch/Yahoo (US, www)
Tori Amos Says America Is Greater Than Its Administration

April 18, 2003 - Dallas Morning News (US)
Travels With Tori by Rob Clark

April 18, 2003 - Dallas Voice (US)
Scarlet Fever by Lawrence Ferber

April 25, 2003 - San Antonio Express-News (US)
Amos' latest 'Walk' more of a meander by Jim Beal Jr.

April 25, 2003 - The Austin Chronicle (US)
Scarlet Fever by John Gray

April 25, 2003 - The Times-Picayune (US)
Tori Amos casts out her demons with a song by Keith Spera

June 2003 - Self (US)
What Tori Amos eats for dinner by Dimitri Ehrlich

July 23, 2003 - MSN (US, www)
live online chat with Tori Amos

July 24, 2003 - Tacoma News Tribune (US)
Piano-toting Tori Amos plans break after tour by Ernest A. Jasmin

July 25, 2003 - The Register-Guard (US)
Tori Amos goes in search of America by Lewis Taylor

July 27, 2003 - Las Vegas Sun (US)
Amos True by Spencer Patterson

July 27, 2003 - San Francisco Chronicle (US)
Piano diva still driven by love and passion by Aidin Vaziri

July 29, 2003 - Foodporn.com (US, www)
Duncan Pickford interview
The Food is Warming, My Chef is Sautéing

August 13, 2003 - Cleveland Free Times (US)
Soundcheck: Tori Amos by Ed Condran

August 13, 2003 - Finger Lakes Times (US)
Tori Amos offers safe haven for fans at shows by Chris DeChick

August 13, 2003 - The Improper Bostonian (US)
Scarlet's Web by Paul Robicheau

August 14, 2003 - Biloxi Sun Herald (US)
Ben-Tori tour has Lottapianos by Rod Harmon

August 14, 2003 - Democrat and Chronicle (US)
Individual Spirit by Jeff Spevak

August 14, 2003 - The Other Newspaper (US)
Columbus Is Spider Town by Chad Painter

August 16, 2003 - The Plain Dealer (US)
The thoughtful world of Tori Amos by Gary Graff

August 21, 2003 - Baltimore Sun (US)
Some singers write their music; Amos researches hers: 'Scarlet's Walk' is about America after 9/11 by Rashod D. Ollison

August 22, 2003 - Asbury Park Press (US)
A Darker Shade of 'Pink' by Ed Condran

August 28, 2003 - Atlanta Journal-Constitution (US)
Amos Ablaze with Inspiration by Jamie Gumbrecht

August 29, 2003 - Stuart News (US)
Tori Amos: 'An angry 40-year-old is a scary thing' by Bill DeYoung

September 2, 2003 - Sun-Sentinel (US)
Folds and Amos, an unlikely duo, hit right chords by Joshua Klein


Tales of a Librarian (2003 - 2004)

[52 entries]

September 5, 2003 - Rolling Stone (US, www)
Tori Amos Bears New Fruit

September 21, 2003 - Los Angeles Times (US)
Tori Amos' 'autobiography'

Fall 2003 - Insights (US)
Tori Amos: A Musical Journey by Richard Richina

October 2003 - Audio Media (US)
Tales from the Studio by Jonathan Miller

October 9, 2003 - Billboard (US, www)
New Amos Venture To Help Artists by Barry A. Jeckell

October 18, 2003 - Reuters-Billboard (US, www)
Singer-Songwriter Amos Builds a Bridge for Artists by Melinda Newman

October 25, 2003 - The Telegraph (UK)
Class act: The teacher who inspired... Tori Amos

November 2003 - Attitude (UK)
Toritelling by Nick Taylor

November 2003 - More (US)
Rock of Ages by Mark J. Miller

November 2003 - unknown magazine (US)
The Story of Tori by Erika Berg

November 4, 2003 - The Times (UK)
Tori the librarian and other odd tales by Andrew Billen

November 9, 2003 - You Magazine (UK)
Tori's Family Values by Stuart Husband

November 10, 2003 - The Press Association (UK)

November 13, 2003 - Contact Music (www)

November 13, 2003 - METROlife (UK)
60 second interview by Amelia Pinsent

November 13, 2003 - Tech Live (US, TV)
Tori Amos interview on Tech TV

November 15, 2003 - Boyz (UK)
Tori Off Tour by Jack Hanley

November 15, 2003 - New Musical Express (UK)
Burn It: Tori Amos

November 15, 2003 - The Times Magazine (UK)
Wisdom by Alan Jackson

November 16, 2003 - Independent on Sunday (UK)
Q THE INTERVIEW: TORI AMOS by Jonathan Thompson

November 16, 2003 - Spectrum Magazine (UK)
TORI AMOS by Adrian Turpin

November 19, 2003 - Hot Press (Ireland)
The Tori Details

November 21, 2003 - HX (US)
Clock of the Heart by Gregory T. Angelo

November 21, 2003 - The Independent (UK)
Tori Amos: Fairy-tale endings by James McNair

November 23, 2003 - Sunday Express (UK)
Tori Amos: Culture Vulture

November 23, 2003 - Sunday Star Times (New Zealand)
Welcome to the Tori party by Grant Smithies

November 28, 2003 - Netscape (US, www)
Tori Amos Looking Forward to Breather by Marilyn Beck and Stacy Jenel Smith

November 29, 2003 - The Advertiser (Australia)
Tori's tale by Alexandra Economou

November 30, 2003 - The Observer (UK)
Books of the Year by Tori Amos

December 2003 - Bang (UK)
The Last Page: Tori Amos by Dan Silver

December 2003 - Gay Times (UK)
American Beauty by Joe Heaney

December 2003 - Keyboard (US)
Lottapianos! by Tom Brislin

December 2003 - La Musik (Sweden)
Tori Amos summarizes with a collection by James McNair

December 2003 - She (UK)
Tori's Joy After Her Miscarriage Heartbreak

December 2003 - The Face (UK)
Top Ten: Tori Amos's Elixirs

December 2, 2003 - Star Lounge Session (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview & live performance

December 5, 2003 - The Guardian (UK)
A few of my favourite things: Tori Amos by Will Hodgkinson

December 19, 2003 - The Independent (UK)
Favourite Christmas songs by Tori Amos

January 2004 - Q (UK)
Tori Amos

January 2004 - Women Who Rock (US)
Tori Amos: Brilliant All These Years by Dianne Spoto Shattuck

January 2004 - Word (UK)
Why does TORI AMOS want to penetrate the patriarchy? by Sylvia Patterson

January 1, 2004 - The Canberra Times (Australia)
Tori Amos tells the Tales Of A Librarian on her new album by Mike Gee

February 2004 - Diva (UK)
Listen to the Librarian

February 2004 - Tracks (US)
Tori Amos and Her Favorite Red by Christian L. Wright

February 29, 2004 - Faith and Music (UK, TV)
Tori Amos interview on ITV1

March 2004 - Blender (US)
Who Does Tori Amos Think She Is? by Rob Tannenbaum

March 19, 2004 - The Independent (UK)
Story of the Song: 'Cornflake Girl' by Robert Webb

May 2004 - Blender (US)
Ask Blender

May 2004 - InStyle (Australia)
My Stylish Life: Tori Amos, brilliantly eccentric American singer-songwriter by Kelly Gilbert

June 11, 2004 - MSNBC.com (US, www)
Tori Amos: Sharing some of her hidden treasures by Will Femia

October 12, 2004 - The Stuart News (US)
Edison Amos interview
Storm-tossed boat aground in yard of singer Tori Amos' Indian River home by Bill DeYoung

Winter 2004 - People Extra (US)
Holiday memories and recipes... Tori Amos's Glazed Turnips


The Beekeeper (2005)

[113 entries]

January 20, 2005 - Billboard.com (US)
Buzz Begins For Amos' 'Beekeeper' by Barry A. Jeckell

January 31, 2005 - Us (US)
Loose Talk

February 2005 - Bust (US)
Famous Amos by Tracie Egan

February 2005 - ExBerliner (Germany)
Tori Amos

February 2005 - More (US)
Tori Amos

February 2005 - Paste (US)
tori amos: Scattered Shots by Tom Lanham

February 2005 - ThePop.de (Germany, www)
biografie: Tori Amos by

February 2005 - Uncut.net (US, www)
Tori Amos: On life as a worker bee, gay rights, the Bible and the making of her new album, 'The Beekeeper' by Sarah Jane

February 2005 - Word (UK)
The Sense Impressionist - Tori Amos

February 6, 2005 - DN (Sweden)
Female myth is Tori Amos' music

February 11, 2005 - Billboard (US)
Amos Expresses Herself with New Album, Book by Barry A. Jeckell

February 11, 2005 - The Guardian (UK)
Reasons to be tearful by Dorian Lynskey

February 12, 2005 - nine msn (US, www)
Amos takes leaders to task with album by

February 14, 2005 - Time (US)
Q & A: Tori Amos by Rebecca Winters

February 15, 2005 - Billboard.com (US, www)
Amos Expresses Herself With New Album, Book by Barry A. Jeckell

February 17, 2005 - Billboard.com (US, www)
Amos Embarking On Solo Piano Tour by Barry A. Jeckell

February 19, 2005 - Billboard (US)
Amos Expresses Herself With New Album, Book by Barry A. Jeckell

February 20, 2005 - contactmusic.com (www)
Amos Dreaded One-On-One Contact

February 20, 2005 - Scotland On Sunday (UK)
A new Tori policy by Aidan Smith

February 20, 2005 - The New York Post (US)
Tori's Story by Liza Ghorbani

February 20, 2005 - The Sunday Times (UK)
Everything in her garden's rosy by Dan Cairns

February 21, 2005 - RollingStone.com (US, www)
Tori Makes Sweet Honey by Brian Orloff

February 21, 2005 - The Toronto Star (Canada)
Changes, or, who's Tori now by Vit Wagner

February 22, 2005 - MSN (US, www)
live online chat with Tori Amos

February 22, 2005 - The Philadelphia Inquirer (US)
Counting the pieces of Tori Amos' world by David Hiltbrand

February 22, 2005 - The Winnipeg Sun (Canada)
Tori's Stories by Vit Wagner

February 23, 2005 - Revu (the Netherlands)
Amos still focuses on misery. A conversation with Her Eccentricity. Is she just trying to be interesting or is she really interesting? by Roger Teeling

February 24, 2005 - The Plain Dealer (US)
Writing book inspires Tori Amos' new album by Gary Graff

February 24, 2005 - Voir (Canada)
Tori Amos: The faerie is thirsty by Helene Poitras

February 26, 2005 - Daily Express (US)
Tori Amos by Rachel Corcoran

February 26, 2005 - Toronto Globe and Mail (Canada)
What is she talking about? by Sarah Hampson

March 2005 - Diva (UK)
Has the kooky queen of alt pop chilled out? by Sarah Jane

March 2005 - Illinois Entertainer (US)
Tori Amos: The Gospel According To Tori by Althea Legaspi

March 2005 - Oor (the Netherlands)
Tori Amos interview by Annemarie Van Looij

March 2005 - Q (UK)
Tori Amos: Quirk In Progress

March 2005 - Recording Musicien (France)
Tori Amos: Around Time by J.-S. G.

March 2005 - Uncut (UK)
Consuming Passions by Sarah-Jane

March 1, 2005 - The Advocate (US)
Big Gay Following by Richard Andreoli

March 5, 2005 - New Musical Express (UK)
Peter Robinson Versus Tori Amos

March 6, 2005 - Chicago Tribune (US)
In the Cornwall home of Tori, Husband and Tash by Nina Metz

March 9, 2005 - The Wave (US)
Ramble On by Tom Lanham

March 10, 2005 - Behind the Beekeeper (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview & live performance on Sirius Satellite Radio

March 13, 2005 - The Observer (UK)
Tori Amos sings for her supper by Amy Raphael

March 14, 2005 - Aftenposten (Norway)
History Seen with Other Eyes by

March 21, 2005 - Gala (Poland)
Tori Amos: I spoke music in the first place by Grzegorz Czyz

March 23, 2005 - Associated Press (US)
Tori Amos Tries to Explain Writing Process

March 27, 2005 - Tut Sulk Tut (US, www)
Scary Tori Amos by Nadine O'Regan

March 31, 2005 - Fairfield County Weekly (US)
Pieces of Her by Mike Sembos

March 31, 2005 - Hartford Advocate (US)
Back to the Garden by Christopher John Treacy

March 31, 2005 - St Petersburg Times (US)
Musings of a Musical Maverick by Brian Orloff

April 2005 - Chicago Innerview (US)
Enigmatic Piano Prodigy Tangles With a Dangerous Insect Story by Gine Pantone

April 2005 - Elle (UK)
Closet Confidential

April 2005 - Hot Press (Ireland)
The Hostess With The Gnosis by Peter Murphy

April/May 2005 - Relix (US)
In the Garden of Amos by Robert L. Doerschuk

April 2005 - Spin (US)
Larger Earthquakes by Laura Sinagra

April 2005 - Word (UK)
Word of Mouth: The people we like and the things they like

April 1, 2005 - Herald Tribune (US)
Sting like a butterfly by Kevin O'Horan

April 1, 2005 - Orlando Sentinel (US)
In her memoir and album, Amos reveals a bit of herself by Ed Condran

April 1, 2005 - Ticket (US)
Sting like a butterfly by Kevin O'Horan

April 4, 2005 - New York (US)
The Tori of My Life by Boris Kachka

April 7, 2005 - New Haven Register (US)
Tori! Tori! Tori! by Patrick Ferrucci

April 7, 2005 - Philadelphia City Paper (US)
Cross-Pollination: Tori Amos gets organized by M.J. Fine

April 8, 2005 - The Boston Phoenix (US)
Conversation pieces: Tori Amos in song and otherwise by Matt Ashare

April 9, 2005 - The Independent (UK)
Tori Party by Glyn Brown

April 12, 2005 - phillyBurbs.com (US, www)
Tori Amos: Return of the Cornflake Girl by Ed Condran

April 13, 2005 - Chicago Tribune (US)
Tori Am ... oh ... oh ... YES! by Ari Bendersky

April 26, 2005 - The Tavis Smiley Show (US, TV)
Tori Amos interview

April 17, 2005 - The Sunday Telegraph (Australia)
Tori thinks we're the bee's knees by Jonathon Moran

April 22, 2005 - San Jose Mercury News (US)
Tori Amos takes business, art, life seriously by Marian Liu

April 22, 2005 - The News Tribune (US)
Mystic figures inspire Amos by Ernest A. Jasmin

April 25, 2005 - Orange County Register (US)
Tori Amos still inspires devotion in her fans by Greg Hardesty

May 2005 - Rip It Up (Australia)
Tori Amos: Roses and Thorns by Scott McLennan

May 2005 - InStyle (US)
Tori Amos: Sweet Harmony by Polly Williams

May 2005 - Rag (US)
Tori Amos

May 2005 - Vogue (US)
Muse Worthy by Sarah Mower

May 6, 2005 - Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)
What's the delay here? by Katrina Lobley

May 8, 2005 - The Age (Australia)
The whole Tori by Guy Blackman

May 9, 2005 - FBi Radio Sydney (Australia, radio)
Tori Amos interview

May 12, 2005 - The Advertiser (Australia)
Wild Honey by Stephen Downie

May 12, 2005 - Xpress (Australia)
West Side Tori by Sarah Thillagaratnam

May 15, 2005 - The Sunday Mail (Australia)
Tori's own land of Oz by Sally Browne

May 29, 2005 - contactmusic.com (www)
Amos; 'My Daughter Helped Me Overcome My Rape Ordeal'

May 31, 2005 - contactmusic.com (www)
Tori Amos Is Ruled By The English Weather

June/July 2005 - Cream (Australia)
Ungovernable: Tori Amos by Antonella Gambotto-Burke

June 2005 - Glamour (US)
I believe... by Tori Amos

June 2005 - Oprah (US)
What's Playing In Tori Amos's Ear? by Justine van der Leun

June 2005 - Q (UK)
Compilations: The Mix Sessions by Tori Amos

June 2005 - The Big Issue (UK)
The Honey Trap by Stephen Russell

June 2005 - Yen (Australia)
Neverending Tori by Barry Divola

June 4, 2005 - The Herald (UK)
The third degree: Tori Amos by Susan Swarbrick

June 8, 2005 - Metro (UK)
Q & A - Tori Amos by Claire Sawers

June 8, 2005 - Windy City Times (US)
Tori Amos: No Ordinary Girl by Arjan Timmermans

June 19, 2005 - Sunday Herald (UK)
What's Your Favourite Elton John Song? by Tori Amos

July 2005 - Keyboard (US)
Metaphysics and Music by Michael Gallant

August 2005 - Now (UK)
Tori's Favourite Things

August 3, 2005 - In NewsWeekly (US, www)
Tori Amos' Boston marriage by William Henderson

August 7, 2005 - Palm Beach Post (US)
Tori Amos is on a natural high from her home near Stuart by Leslie Gray Streeter

August 10, 2005 - Miami Herald (US)
Tori Amos' lyrical, emotional appeal by Leslie Gray Streeter

August 10, 2005 - Tampa Bay Times (US)
Amos Still Sinfully Delicious by Aaron Alper

August 11, 2005 - New Haven Advocate (US)
Aimless Amos by Christopher Amott

August 11, 2005 - The Virginian-Pilot (US)
Music, bees and the Bible by Malcolm Venable

August 12, 2005 - The News and Observer (US)
Tori's Story by David Menconi

August 16, 2005 - The Village Voice (US)
Riff Raff Interviews Tori Amos: Y'all Been Warned

August 24, 2005 - Montreal Gazette (Canada)
Tori's weird world by T'Cha Dunlevy

August 25, 2005 - Montreal Mirror (Canada)
Minding her beeswax by Lateef Martin

August 26, 2005 - The Plain Dealer (US)
Staying creative by Gary Graff

August 31, 2005 - Live Daily (US, www)
liveDaily Interview: Tori Amos by Don Zulaica

September 2005 - Music Monthly (US)
Tori Amos by Alan Sculley

September 2005 - Salt Lake Metro (US)
Tori's Sacred Journey by Eric J. Tierney

September 1, 2005 - Houston Chronicle (US)
Tori Amos says 'don't expect me to stop making music' by Michael D. Clark

September 1, 2005 - Rocky Mountain Bullhorn (US)
Marrying the Marys

September 9, 2005 - The Columbian (US)
An enticing buzz by Alan Sculley

September 19, 2005 - Wire Tap (US, www)
The Music and the Message by Rebecca Ruiz


Fade to Red and A Piano (2006)

[17 entries]

March 2006 - Out (US)
Red Alert by Matthew Breen

2006 - Rolling Stone (US, www)
Tori Amos Talks in Tongues by Jessica Robertson

September 2006 - Clash (UK)
Tori Amos

September 11, 2006 - AOL Music News (US, www)
Tori Amos Seizes Her 'Piano' With Both Hands by Jessica Robertson

September 17, 2006 - Simon Mayo Show (UK, radio)
Tori Amos interview on BBC Radio 2

September 17 2006 - The Music Week (UK, radio)
Tori Amos interview on BBC Radio 6 Music

September 18, 2006 - AOL Music News (US, www)
Tori Amos Straps on Her High Heels by Jessica Robertson

September 25, 2006 - Daily Mail (UK)
Tori Amos reveals her style secrets

September 29, 2006 - The Sun (UK)
Tori Amos

October 2006 - Mojo (UK)
Tori Amos: The Piano-playing Kookstress. By Her Own Hand And In Her Own Words.

October 27, 2006 - The Independent (UK)
Tori Amos: 'Now I can open my eyes' by Fiona Sturges

October 31, 2006 - AOL Music News (US, www)
Tori Amos Gets Spooked by Jessica Robertson

November 2006 - Performing Songwriter (UK)
Tori Amos by Chris Neal

November 2006 - Record Collector (UK)
Tales of the Bee Mistress by James R. Blandford

November 2006 - Music Week (UK)
PREMIUM PACKAGING: Tori Amos release hits right notes

November 12, 2006 - Private Passions (UK, radio)
Tori Amos interview on BBC Radio 3

December 2006 - Q (UK)
Last Requests: Mourning Glories. With the High Priestess of Kook Tori Amos.


American Doll Posse (2007 - 2008)

[88 entries]

February 2007 - Sound On Sound (US)
Tori Amos: Inside her Martian Engineering Studio by Paul Tingen

February 8, 2007 - MSN Music (US, www)
Tori Amos: 'The Piano' by Alan Light

March 2007 - Cream (Australia)
Doll Parts by Antonino Tati

April 2007 - g3 (UK)
American Doll by Lea Andrews

April 2007 - KataWeb (Italy, www)
Tori Amos by Luca Trambusti

April 2007 - Women's Wear Daily (US)
Living Dolls by Tara Bonet-Black

April 2, 2007 - Us (US)
Tori's Disguises by Eric Andersson

April 12, 2007 - Rockol (Italy, www)
Tori Amos, American Doll Posse: The Many 'Selves' Of One Woman

April 21, 2007 - The Independent (UK)
The 5-Minute Interview: Tori Amos by Adam Benzine

April 24, 2007 - New York Post (US)
Crucifix-in' for Trouble by Dan Aquilante

April 26, 2007 - Kevin & Bean Show (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview on KROQ, Los Angeles

April 27, 2007 - Suddeutschen Zeitung (Germany)
"Next time, I'll bring a gun" by Von Willi Winkler

April 27, 2007 - Synthesis (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview by James Barone

April 29, 2007 - Same Same (Australia, www)
Tori Amos - Living Doll by Christian Taylor

April 29, 2007 - Sunday Herald Magazine (UK)
One Tori worth listening to by Paul Dalgarno

May 2007 - Attitude (UK)
Welcome to the Doll House by Marcelo Dos Santos

May 2007 - HX (US)
American Beauty by Joey Hood

May 2007 - Mojo (UK)
Rock'n'roll Confidential: Tori Amos by Lucy O'Brien

May 2007 - Rolling Stone (US)
Tori Amos' Exclusive Song Picks

May 1, 2007 - Metro (UK)
The all-American Doll by Arwa Haider

May 8, 2007 - The Advocate (US)
Tori Amos: Unplugged by Paul Florez

May 10, 2007 - Boyz (UK)
Tori Amos: 'Maybe I'm a dirty girl!'

May 10, 2007 - VH1.com (US, www)
Tori Amos: User's Guide by Lauren Harris

May 11, 2007 - Financial Times (US)
Telling it like it is by Ludovic Hunter-Tilney

May 14, 2007 - The Independent (UK)
The Five Sides of Tori Amos by James McNair

May 17, 2007 - Words and Music from Studio A (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview & live performance on WFUV, New York

May 19, 2007 - Billboard (US)
6 Questions with Tori Amos by Christa Titus

June 2007 - The Word (UK)
Mavericks: How to survive in the music industry without losing your soul by Sylvia Patterson

June 1, 2007 - Venuszine (US)
Tori Amos by Gina Pantone

June 6, 2007 - David Atlanta Magazine (US)
"American" Beauty by Joey Hood

June 28, 2007 - KBCO, Boulder (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview

July 2007 - American Songwriter (US)
Tori Amos: Q&A with Five Faces by Evan Schlansky

July 8, 2007 - 7 Magazine (Greece)
Tori, Just As Persephone by Dimitris Kanellopoulos

July 8, 2007 - Kathimerini (Greece)
My whole life conspired so that I'd become an artist by Sandy Tsantaki

July 20, 2007 - The Jerusalem Post (Israel)
The Book of Amos by Dan Aquilante

July 26, 2007 - Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)
Tori Amos by Brett Winterford

August 2007 - Go (US)
Red-Headed by Juliet Macey

August 2007 - Harp (US)
Sexual Healing by Brian Orloff

August 9, 2007 - Fly (Australia)
Power of Personality: The Many Faces of Tori Amos by Dave Curry

August 27, 2007 - PopMatters (US, www)
In a Posse's Strength: An Interview with Tori Amos by Matt Mazur

September 3, 2007 - The Guardian (UK)
Pieces of me by Anita Sethi

September 6, 2007 - Star Observer (Australia)
Tori's Got Five Lives by Cara Davis

September 7, 2007 - BMA (Australia)
What a Doll by Sasha Perera

September 8, 2007 - The Herald (Australia)
I am women by Ben Quinn

September 13, 2007 - Rip It Up (Australia)
Tori Amos: A Sorta Fairytale Ending by Scott McLennan

September 15, 2007 - Daily Telegraph (Australia)
Britney's act fires up Tori by Bronwyn Thompson

September 15, 2007 - Daily Telegraph online (Australia, www)
Ode to Britney by Bronwyn Thompson

September 20, 2007 - Live Daily (www)
liveDaily Interview: Tori Amos by Christina Fuoco-Karasinski

September 25, 2007 - AllHipHop.com (US, www)
Tori Amos is Hip-Hop by

October 2007 - Bent (Australia)
The Posse of One by Lex Lindsay

October 2007 - Illinois Entertainer (US)
Five Times A Lady by Tom Lanham

October 10, 2007 - The Record (US)
Portrait of today's woman by Christa Titus

October 11, 2007 - Syracuse Post-Standard (US)
Tori Amos concert to showcase her alter egos by Mark Bialczak

October 29, 2007 - Ohio News-Herald (US)
Power of the "Posse" by John Benson

October 29, 2007 - Spinner (US, www)
Tori Amos Talks Lesbians, Love and Lucifer by Jessica Robertson

October 30, 2007 - Scene (US)
Piano Girl: Before she plays Cleveland, Tori Amos talks with C-Notes by D.X. Ferris

October 31, 2007 - Cleveland Free Times (US)
Tori Amos: Singer-songwriter/rock Goddess by Ed Condran

November 2007 - SOMA (US)
Hand Signals: Tori Amos by Jaan Uhelszki

November 1, 2007 - MKE (US)
In your ear: Tori Amos by Lilledeshan Bose

November 1, 2007 - Time Out Chicago (US)
Tori Amos by Marc Geelhoed

November 8, 2007 - Charlotte Observer (US)
5 Questions for Tori Amos by Courtney Devores

November 15, 2007 - SunPost (US)
In Character: Tori Amos tour explores rock, female archetypes by Alan Sculley

November 16, 2007 - The News-Press (US)
A new Tori every night by Charles Runnells

November 19, 2007 - The Palm Beach Post (US)
Which Tori Is Coming To Town? by Leslie Gray Streeter

November 21, 2007 - Colorado Springs Independent (US)
Doing a body good by John Benson

November 21, 2007 - San Antonio Express-News (US)
Amos and her alter egos coming to S.A. by Jim Beal Jr.

November 24, 2007 - Rocky Mountain News (US)
Singer Amos shows character by Mark Brown

November 24, 2007 - Salt Lake Tribune (US)
Amos brings politically-charged message to the E Center by David Burger

November 30, 2007 - Idaho Statesman (US)
For 'American Doll Posse,' Tori Amos took cues from performance art and classic rock by Chad Dryden

Autumn/Winter 2007 - AnOther (UK)
Musician Explores her Alter Egos by Hannah Lack

December 1, 2007 - Arizona Republic (US)
12/11: Tori Amos by Larry Rodgers

December 5, 2007 - The Examiner (US)
Tori Amos plays with her 'Doll Posse' by Tom Lanham

December 13, 2007 - Santa Barbara Independent (US)
On the Road Again: Tori Amos on Touring, Writing, and Surviving the Music Industry by Aly Comingore

December 23, 2007 - PR3 MiniMax (Poland, radio)
Tori Amos interview

January 2008 - Instinct (US)
SOAPBOX: TORI AMOS gets the last word

March 2, 2008 - Geek Monthly (US)
Geek Love by David Michael Conner

March 19, 2008 - HHB (Canada)
Mark Hawley interview
Recording and front-of-house engineer Mark Hawley on Tori Amos world tour by Howard Jones

May 18, 2008 - The New York Times Magazine (US)
The Originals: Tori Amos - Songbird by Alex Hawgood

May 30, 2008 - Billboard (US)
Tori Amos Gets Graphic by Keith Caulfield

June 3, 2008 - The Guardian (UK)
Tori Amos leaves major label by Sean Michaels

June 26, 2008 - Spinner (US, www)
Rare Tori Amos Performances Coming to DVD by Jessica Robertson

July 8, 2008 - Comic Shop News (US)
Image Wants to Tattoo You by Cliff Biggers

July 14, 2008 - Publishers Weekly (US)
Image Comics and Tori Amos Ink Comic Book Tattoo by Trevor Soponis

July 15, 2008 - Out (US)
Taken By The Throat by Noah Michelson

July 21, 2008 - PopMatters (US, www)
The Lioness and the Wildebeests: Tori Amos on Going Independent by Erin Lyndal Martin

July 23, 2008 - Ustream/Meebo (US, www)
Tori Amos live webchat

October 12, 2008 - The Observer (UK)
'I really can't do anything besides music' by Tori Amos

October 13, 2008 - The Independent (UK)
Tori Girl: How Tori Amos is spreading her wings by James McNair

December 4, 2008 - Spinner (US, www)
Tori Amos Inks New Deal, Eyes Spring/Summer Release by Jessica Robertson

Winter 2008 - Karen (Australia)
Notorious by Luke Malone


Abnormally Attracted to Sin and
Midwinter Graces (2009 - 2010)

[89 entries]

January 2009 - Keyboard Player (UK)
Key People: Tori Amos by Douglas McPherson

March 20, 2009 - KGSR Music Lounge (US, radio)
Tori Amos interview & live performance

April 2, 2009 - Nylon (US)
THE INSIDER: TORI AMOS by Rebecca Willa Davis

April 2, 2009 - Rolling Stone (US)
Tori Amos on New "Sin," Old Songs: "I Don't Agree that Music Is Disposable" by Robert Maril

April 25, 2009 - Billboard (US)
Tori Amos: She's Got the Power by Christa Titus

May 2009 - Attitude (UK)
So Notorious by Colin Craummy

May 2009 - Wiener (Austria)
"My body is my own, and so is my soul." by Sandra Keplinger

May 5, 2009 - Out (US)
Songs In The Key Of Sin by Noah Michelson

May 7, 2009 - Osterreich (Austria)
Uniting the Erotic and Spiritual (text in German)

May 8, 2009 - BBC_News (UK)
Tori Amos feels fans' earthquakes by Ian Youngs

May 8, 2009 - Reuters (US)
Financial crisis inspires Tori Amos' latest album by Michelle Nichols

May 8, 2009 - The Hollywood Reporter (US)
Tori Amos' latest album inspired by recession by Reuters and AP

May 9, 2009 - MusicOMH (UK)
Interview: Tori Amos by Darren Harvey

May 9, 2009 - Polari (UK)
From the Fringes of the Milky Way: An interview with Tori Amos by Christopher Bryant

May 9, 2009 - Pressetext (Austria)
Tori Amos: Stealing music is disrespectful by Martin Jan Stepanek

May 12, 2009 - Babble (US, www)
Tori Amos Talks Blueberry Girl and Abnormally Attracted to Sin by Amy Reiter

May 14, 2009 - The Herald (Ireland)
The Tori Details by Eamon Carr

May 15, 2009 - American Songwriter (US)
Girls on Film: An Interview with Tori Amos by Jonathan Curtiss

May 15, 2009 - BlackBook (www)
Our Favorite New 'Sin': Tori Amos Talks Trouble Of All Stripes by Eiseley Tauginas

May 15, 2009 - Irish Independent (Ireland)
Q&A: Tori Amos by Ed Power

May 17, 2009 - New York Post (US)
Tori Amos Sings of Suicidal Strangers by Larry Getlen

May 18, 2009 - LondonPaper (UK)
A kooky quickie with Tori Amos by Malcolm Mackenzie

May 19, 2009 - Billboard (US)
Tori Amos To Mix New And Old On Summer Tour by Gary Graff

May 20, 2009 - Drowned in Sound (US)
Artist 'n' Artist: Catherine AD meets Tori Amos

May 20, 2009 - Holy Moly (US)
Tori Amos Talks Sex, Jesus and Swine Flu by TimC

May 21, 2009 - Associated Press (US)
Contrary upbringing shaped Tori Amos by John Carucci

May 21, 2009 - Daily Mail (UK)
Tori reform by Adrian Thrills

May 21, 2009 - PopMatters (US, www)
Tori Amos Talks with PopMatters by Matt Mazur

May 26, 2009 - Venuszine (US)
Tori Amos on Blood, Sin, and Taxes by Erin Lyndal Martin

May 27, 2009 - ChordStrike (US, www)
Tori Amos Interview by Tammy La Gorce

May 27, 2009 - E! Online (US, www)
Tori Amos: Why I Can't Watch American Idol by Marc Malkin

May 28, 2009 - Time Out New York (US)
Tori Amos: Redheaded songstress, shoe deity by Allison Williams

June 2009 - Gay & Night (the Netherlands)

June 14, 2009 - The Sunday Times (UK)
Tori Amos: Queen of the fairies by Hanna Hanra

June 25, 2009 - Spin (US)
15 Quick Questions for Tori Amos by John Sellers

June 26, 2009 - Q Radio (UK, www)
Tori Amos interview

July 2009 - Buzzine (US)
Tori Amos Interview by Lauren Elfman

July 1, 2009 - The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (US)
Preacher's daughter Tori Amos bringing ‘Sinful Attraction Tour' to Atlanta by Jonathan Williams

July 5, 2009 - The_Observer (UK)
What I know about men by Tori Amos

July 9, 2009 - San Francisco Examiner (US)
Tori Amos finds spirit in 'Sin' by Tom Lanham

July 9, 2009 - San Jose Mercury News (US)
Tori Amos does things her way by Shay Quillen

July 9, 2009 - Seattle Weekly (US)
Q&A with Tori Amos by Malia Makowicki

July 10, 2009 - The News Tribune (US)
Time for some piano interludes by Ernest A. Jasmin

July 14, 2009 - Arizona Republic (US)
Q&A: Tori Amos by Ed Masley

July 15, 2009 - Popdose (www)
The Popdose Interview: Tori Amos by Katherine Hoffert

July 17, 2009 - Deseret News (US)
Amos takes 'Sin' album on tour by Pat Reavy

July 21, 2009 - Miami New Times (US)
Tori! Tori! Tori! by John Hood

August 2009 - Diva (UK)
ROCK STAR AND... THERAPIST - the other side of Tori Amos by Deborah Finding

August 5, 2009 - The Fashion Spot (www)
Tori Amos Talks About Her Style by Andrea Grant

August 6, 2009 - Between the Lines (US)
Sins & solstice

August 12, 2009 - The Aquarian Weekly (US)
Impeccable Peccadilloes by James Campion

August 25, 2009 - JamBase (US, www)
Tori Amos: Welcome to Her World by Nancy Dunham

August 26, 2009 - The Sun (UK)
'Lady GaGa won't be around for long' by Tim Nixon

August 28, 2009 - Birmingham Mail (UK)
Variety is the spice of Tori Amos' setlist by Adrian Caffery

August 30, 2009 - 7 Nights (UK)
Life's No Fairy Tori by Avril Cadden

August 30, 2009 - The Skinny (UK)
Tori Amos: Reclaiming Sin by Paul Mitchell

September 5, 2009 - Veronica (the Netherlands)
Tori Amos

September 10, 2009 - The Quietus (UK, www)
Song, Slayer & Staying True To Her Vision by Mark Eglinton

September 20, 2009 - Sunday Mail (Australia)
Tori's world by Paul Nassari

October 2009 - Between the Lines (US)
Tori Amos talks 'Midwinter Graces' by Chris Azzopardi

October 9, 2009 - The West Australian (Australia)
The many sides of Amos by Steph Kretowicz

October 23, 2009 - The Daily Telegraph (Australia)
Tori Amos still battling sin and the church by Noel Mengel

October 30, 2009 - Virgin Music (www)
Tori Amos: 'Music is my passion, it really is magical' by Greg Rose

October 31, 2009 - The Scotsman Magazine (UK)
Power of One

November 2009 - Midas Press Release (US)
Mark and Marcel interview
Tori Amos takes studio on the road with dual Midas PRO6 systems

November 4, 2009 - Southern Star (Australia)
Abnormally attracted to Amos by Andie Noonan

November 5, 2009 - Between the Lines (US)
Merry . . . 'Midwinter'? by Chris Azzopardi

November 10, 2009 - Advocate (US)
Tori Amos Holiday Album Part I by Matthew Breen

November 11, 2009 - Vulture (US)
Tori Amos on How and Why She Made a Christmas Album by Michael D. Ayers

November 13, 2009 - The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)
Sins and sensibility by Dan Kaufman

November 17, 2009 - Same Same (Australia, www)
Tori Amos interview by Christian Taylor

November 19, 2009 - Innerviews (www)
Tori Amos: Inclusive variations by Anil Prasad

November 24, 2009 - Advocate (US)
Tori Amos Loves All of You Monogamously by

5, November 2009 - Flavorwire (US)
Tori Amos on Midwinter Graces, Family Connections, and the Birth of Light by Doug Levy

December 2009 - Bizarre (UK)
Tori Amos by Eleanor Goodman

December 2009 - Keyboard (US)
Tori Amos: Reinventing Holiday Classics by Michael Gallant

December 7, 2009 - Polari (UK, www)
The Sound of Wonder: An Interview with Tori Amos by Christopher Bryant

December 8, 2009 - Music Radar (UK, www)
Tori Amos on her new holiday album Midwinter Graces by Joe Bosso

December 14, 2009 - New York Post (US, www)
Tori Amos: I don't write 'just tunes' by Ryan Brockington

December 14, 2009 - Pepsi Music Blog (US, www)
A Very Tori Christmas: Amos' Highly Inclusive Holiday by Chris Willman

December 16, 2009 - QRO (www)
TORI AMOS by Dese'Rae L. Stage

December 18, 2009 - Lemondrop (US, www)
Tori Amos Shares Her Own Brand of Holiday Cheer With 'Midwinter Graces' by Lauren Brown

December 18, 2009 - Rolling Stone (US)
Tori Amos' Track-by-Track Guide to "Little Earthquakes" by Robert Maril

December 18, 2009 - Undercover (Australia, www)
Tori Amos interview

December 21, 2009 - Metro (UK)
Tori Amos: I'll run for president if Sarah Palin does

January 2010 - The Guardian (UK)
Portrait of the artist: Tori Amos, musician by Nosheen Iqbal

Spring 2010 - What? (UK)
Attracts Tori by Karen Binns

June 27, 2010 - Sunday Independent (Ireland)
My spirit walk with Tori Amos by Joe Jackson

July 5, 2010 - The New York Times (US)
"Artists Den" on PBS Showcases the Setting, Too by Joseph Plambeck


Night of Hunters (2011)

[40 entries]

August 10, 2011 - Out (US)
Catching Up With Tori Amos by Noah Michelson

August 25, 2011 - Times_of_Oman (Oman)
She talks to the flowers... by Judson Bennett

September 2011 - OpenMag (France)
The Night of Tori Amos by Joss Danjean

September 2011 - Sanat (Turkey)
Quieter, More "Classic"

September 6, 2011 - Gramophone (UK)
Tori Amos goes classical with a 21st-century song-cycle by Sarah Kirkup

September 14, 2011 - Limelight (Australia)
Tori Amos: classical music huntress by Melissa Lesnie

September 15, 2011 - Brigitte (Germany)
Tori Amos: We have the world premiere of her new video

September 16, 2011 - Le Matin (Switzerland)
Tori Amos: "I was angry" by Miguel Cid

September 16, 2011 - Metro (UK)
Tori Amos: My daughter does a great impression of Cheryl Cole by Simon Gage

September 16, 2011 - New Musical Express (UK)
Tori Amos: "I knew more about shoes than classical music" by Adam Bychawski

September 17, 2011 - Billboard (US)
Tori Amos Talks New Album & Little Earthquakes at 20 by Kerri Mason

September 17, 2011 - De Standaard (Belgium)
The circle is finally complete by Cathérine De Cock

September 18, 2011 - La Vanguardia (Spain)
Tori Amos: "It's hard to write about the beauty of violence"

September 18, 2011 - PopMatters (US, www)
Tori Amos Goes Hunting by Matt Mazur

September 19, 2011 - Wired (US, www)
Tori Amos Goes Centuries-Old-School on New Album, Night of Hunters by Angela Watercutter

September 20, 2011 - Salon (US, www)
Tori Amos lightens up by Annie Zaleski

September 20, 2011 - Spinner (US, www)
Tori Amos Challenges the 'Hardest Fucking' Metal Bands to Musical Throwdown, Praises Mick Foley's Work With RAINN by Dan Reilly

September 21, 2011 - Digital Spy (UK, www)
Tori Amos interview: 'It's magical when people embrace your work' by Mayer Nissim

September 22, 2011 - Planet Notion (UK, www)
Interview: Tori Amos by Doron Davidson-Vidavski

September 22, 2011 - Rip It Up (Australia)
Tori Amos: The Keys Girl by Scott McLennan

September 22, 2011 - Vanity Fair (US)
Q&A: Tori Amos on Going Goethe on Her New Album, Night of Hunters by Marc Spitz

September 23, 2011 - The Independent (UK)
Tori Amos: A strange little girl grows up by James McNair

September 24, 2011 - Billboard (US)
6 Questions with Tori Amos by Kerri Mason

October 2011 - Opera News (US)
Tori Amos Variations by Oussama Zahr

October 2011 - Pandora Radio (US, www)
Moms Who Rock

October 3, 2011 - Broadway World (US)
Tori Amos' Night of Hunters Makes Billboard History

October 10, 2011 - Swide (www)
Interview: Tori Amos - 'the next great poets, stand up' by Ben Taylor

October 15, 2011 - The Guardian (UK)
Tori Amos: Life on a Plate by John Hind

October 16, 2011 - The Sunday Times (UK)
My Hols: Tori Amos by Sue Fox

November 2011 - M Music and Musicians (US)
TORI AMOS: Turning ancient sounds into a modern soundtrack for "cataclysmic change" by Eric R. Danton

November 17, 2011 - The New Age (South Africa)
A sorta fairytale by Clayton Swanepoel

December 1, 2011 - Vulture (US, www)
A Feminist-As-Ever Tori Amos on Her Latest Album and 'Penetrating' Classical Male Composers by Gwynne Watkins

December 1, 2011 - Weekend Pass (US)

December 4, 2011 - The Globe and Mail (Canada)
Tori Amos takes an old-school turn by J.D. Considine

December 7, 2011 - The Vancouver Sun (Canada)
Amos gets cosy with the classics by Erika Thorkelson

December 13 & 15, 2011 - Glide Magazine (US, www)
John Philip Shenale interview
John Philip Shenale: In Conversation by Peter Zimmerman

December 22, 2011 - Paul Pearson's Blog (US, www)
Tori Amos - The Interview by Paul Pearson


Gold Dust (2012 - 2013)

[21 entries]

January 12, 2012 - The Guardian (UK)
Tori Amos: The first time I was paid to play live by Nige Tassell

August 2012 - Songza (www)
Tori's Gold Summer Playlist

September 24, 2012 - The Huffington Post (US, www)
Tori Amos On Her New Album, 'Gold Dust,' Drugs, Ghosts Writing Her Songs, Ageism And More by Noah Michelson

October 2012 - GayLife (US)
Tori Amos Turns 20 Years of Music Into Gold Dust by Daniel McEvily

October 2, 2012 - PopMatters (US, www)
'Gold Dust': The Tori Amos Interview by Matt Mazur and Joe Vallese

October 5, 2012 - PopMatters (US, www)
The Most Wanted Unreleased Tori Amos Music by Matt Mazur and Joe Vallese

October 10, 2012 - Die Welt (Germany)
Tori Amos does not want to submit to the obsession with youth

October 12, 2012 - Rage (US)
Little Earthquakes Can Produce Gold Dust by Joel Martens

October 13, 2012 - The Independent (UK)
My Secret Life: Tori Amos, 49, singer-songwriter by Holly Williams

October 24, 2012 - Same Same (Australia, www)
Tori Amos talks Gold Dust by Heidi Maier

November 11, 2012 - Civilian (UK, www)
Tori Amos on tour by Civilian London

December 2012 - Frankie (Australia)
tori amos: NEVER WAS A CORNFLAKE GIRL by Georgia Frances King

December 2012 - V Magazine (US)
Going Dutch by T. Cole Rachel

December 9, 2012 - Brisbane Times (Australia)
What I know about men by Jane Rocca

January 2013 - Lufthansa (Germany)
Tori Amos: "I'm like an aromatic spice" by Annette Utermark

March 10, 2013 - Sunday Express (UK)
My Favourite Photograph by Tori Amos

April 19, 2013 - Sinfini (UK, www)
Interview: Tori Amos by Adam Sweeting

June 5, 2013 - The Wild (US)
All The White Horses by Serena Qiu

July 21, 2013 - Sunday Express (UK)
Who'd have thought it... by Rachel Corcoran

September 14, 2013 - The Observer (UK)
Tori Amos: 'Anything is easier to talk about in music than in conversation' by Tim Teeman

October 2013 - Vogue (UK)
See the Light: Tori Amos's magical debut opens this month by JE


Unrepentant Geraldines (2014)

[84 entries]

2014 - Spotify (US, www)
Unrepentant Geraldines commentary by Tori Amos

January 4, 2014 - Daily Mail (UK)
'My favourite words? Numpty, muppet and plonker. I do like a British insult': Inside the head of... Tori Amos by Andrew Preston

January 7, 2014 - The 405 (www)
Monty Whitebloom interview
Happy Birthday: The 405 celebrates the 20th anniversary of Tori Amos' 'Cornflake Girl' by Doron Davidson-Vidavski

January 8, 2014 - Boycotting Trends (UK)
Samuel Adamson interview
What Comes of Light: A Final Conversation with Samuel Adamson About The Light Princess by Alex Ramon

February 19, 2014 - Rolling Stone (US)
Tori Amos to Get 'Unrepentant' on New Album by Stacey Anderson

March 26, 2014 - IOL (South Africa)
Tori Amos on 'secret songs' and South Africa

March 28, 2014 - Girlie Action (www)
Tori Amos Reveals "Trouble's Lament" w/ VICE's Noisey, Album Out May 13

March 28, 2014 - Rolling Stone (US)
Tori Amos Confronts Satan in New Single 'Trouble's Lament' by Ryan Reed

April 2014 - Spotify (US, www)
Tori Amos: Unrepentant Playlist

April 7, 2014 - Sixx Sense (US, www)
Matt Sorum interview
Deeper: Matt Sorum by Nikki Sixx

April 10, 2014 - Radio Eins (Germany, radio)
Tori Amos interview by Anja Caspary

April 24, 2014 - Rolling Stone (US)
Armand van Helden interview
Tori Amos - "Professional Widow"

April 25, 2014 - A Heart is a Spade (www)
Interview: Tori Amos by Matt

April 26, 2014 - The Age (Australia)
Body and soul by Jane Wheatley

April 26, 2014 - The Independent: Radar (UK)
Tori Amos interview: The cornflake girl grows up disgracefully by Craig McLean

April 28, 2014 - Metro Life & Style (UK)
Let's celebrate the unrepentant by John Lewis

May 2, 2014 - London Evening Standard (UK)
Tori Amos's My London by Samuel Fishwick

May 3, 2014 - The Sunday Post (UK)
Tori Amos has no plans to slow down

May 4, 2014 - Gaydio (UK, www)
Tori Amos interview by Phil Marriot

May 5, 2014 - Radio.com (US, www)
Tori Amos Recording Soundtrack to 'The Light Princess' Musical, Eyes Broadway Production by Brian Ives

May 5, 2014 - The Huffington Post (US, www)
Tori Amos On Taylor Swift, Fame And Embracing Menopause by Noah Michelson

May 7, 2014 - Irish Independent (Ireland)
How Tori Amos followed her heart and fell in love with us by Ed Power

May 7, 2014 - The Irish Times (Ireland)
Tori Amos: 'I wasn't prepared for it. I was staring 50 straight in the eye' by Lauren Murphy

May 8, 2014 - The Fader (US)
Tori Amos Interview: "We had to have a few rules: no sliding on giant tongues." by Jessica Robertson

May 9, 2014 - Birmingham Post (UK)
Cornwall girl puts accent on pop again by Adrian Caffery

May 9, 2014 - Next (US)
Selfie Reflection by John Russell

May 11, 2014 - NPR (US, radio)
Tori Amos On Where Art And Aging Intersect

May 12, 2014 - In These Times (US)
Tori Amos Returns, Unrepentant by Sady Doyle

May 12, 2014 - Noisey (US)
Tori Amos is Super Normal for Being Super Famous by Leonie Cooper

May 12, 2014 - Nothing But Hope And Passion (www)
Interview: Tori Amos -- 'Do not submit to the projection' by Friederike Bloch

May 12, 2014 - PopMatters (US, www)
Tori Amos on Her Elegant 'Unrepentant Geraldines' by Matt Mazur

May 12, 2014 - The Grammys (US, www)
Tori Amos Is Unrepentant On New Album by Bryan Reesman

May 13, 2014 - NPR (US)
Why Tori Amos Connects by Ann Powers

May 13, 2014 - Paper (US)
Tori Amos On Her New Album, Feminist Fairytales and Kurt Cobain by Marissa Muller

May 13, 2014 - Time (US)
Tori Amos Makes Grown-Up Fairytales on Unrepentant Geraldines: Q&A by Melissa Locker

May 19, 2014 - Bitch (US)
Tori Amos Talks About Feminism and Her New Album by Katie Presley

May 19, 2014 - Boxx (US)
For Tori Amos, Timing Is Everything by Jessica Nikolich

May 20, 2014 - Frontiers (US)
Tori Amos Redefines What it Means to Be 'Age-Appropriate' on New Album by Dan Loughry

May 21, 2014 - Chicago Tribune (US)
One woman and her piano by David Cheal

May 22, 2014 - Elle (US, www)
Tori Amos Is Back and Talking Miley, Turning 50, and Fighting the Patriarchy by Leah Chernikoff

May 23, 2014 - Drowned in Sound (UK, www)
DiS meets Tori Amos: "You have to be able to sing about anything" by Giuseppe Zevolli

May 26, 2014 - Us (US)
Tori Amos: What's In My Bag?

May 30, 2014 - Salon (US)
Tori Amos: 'I don't know what you're taking, but please can I have some, too?' by Stephen Deusner

June 2014 - MetroSource (US)
Interview: Tori Amos

June 1, 2014 - NDR.de (Germany, radio)
Tori Amos interview

June 2, 2014 - Irish Examiner (Ireland)
Singer Tori Amos finding refuge and inspiration in Cork by Ed Power

June 5, 2014 - The National Student (UK)
Interview: Tori Amos by James Thornhill

June 6, 2014 - Radio.com (US, www)
Interview: Tori Amos: 'I'm Not 30, and I'm Not Going to Pretend I Am' by Brian Ives

June 19, 2014 - The Quietus (www)
The Strange World Of... Tori Amos by Alex Macpherson

June 30, 2014 - City Buzz (South Africa)
Tori Amos returns to rock Jozi by Graeme Shackleford

June 30, 2014 - Primedia Broadcasting (South Africa, radio)
Face to face with Tori Amos by Pippa Hudson

July 2, 2014 - Nylon (US)
grrrl talk: tori amos by Jade Taylor

July 2, 2014 - PrideSource (US)
Q&A: Tori Amos On Inspiring 'Frozen' Hit & Why Gay Fans Relate To Her by Chris Azzopardi

July 10, 2014 - 774 ABC Melbourne (Australia, radio)
Tori Amos interview by Libbi Gore

July 10, 2014 - News.com.au (Australia, www)
Tori Amos announces Australian tour: talks music, motherhood and Miley Cyrus by Nick Bond

July 10, 2014 - Renowned for Sound (US)
Interview: Tori Amos by Brendon Veevers

July 14, 2014 - The Huffington Post (US, www)
Tori Amos Goes Under The Covers With Miley Cyrus, Madonna And Metallica by Noah Michelson

July 16, 2014 - Condé Nast Traveler (US)
The Worst Hotel Experience Tori Amos Ever Had by Elyse Pasquale

July 16, 2014 - Girlie Action (www)
Tori Amos: North American Leg of 80-Date International Tour Launches Today

July 16, 2014 - The Stranger (US)
Hypothetical Bong Rips with Tori Amos by Adrian Ryan

July 21, 2014 - Press Enterprise (US)
Tori Amos will light up two Southern California stages by Stephanie Schulte

July 23, 2014 - Phoenix New Times (US)
Tori Amos Emerges from Career Doldrums with Plenty to Say in Her Songs by Jason Keil

July 24, 2014 - The Austin Chronicle (US)
Tori Amos at 50 by Abby Johnston

July 26, 2014 - Seven Days (Australia)
AMOS makes her stand by Harvey Raw

July 30, 2014 - Jezebel (US, www)
Exclusive: Tori Amos Premieres New Video And Answers All My Questions by Mark Shrayber

August 2014 - Food and Wine (US)
How Tori Amos Learned to Love Wine by M. Elizabeth Sheldon

August 1, 2014 - Origin (US)
Tori Amos: Strength In Vulnerability. by Maranda Pleasant

August 3, 2014 - CBS News (US, www)
Tori Amos on her latest feminist summons by Elizabeth Palmer

August 4, 2014 - Chicago Sun-Times (US)
Tori Amos embracing milestones on- and off-stage by Tina Sfondeles

August 5, 2014 - Detroit Free Press (US)
Tori Amos takes up daughter's challenge to hit the road alone by Brian McCollum

August 6, 2014 - Canoe (Canada)
Tori Amos embraces getting older with 'Unrepentant Geraldines' by Jane Stevenson

August 10, 2014 - New York Post (US)
Tori Amos' daughter inspired her to rock again by Hardeep Phull

August 11, 2014 - New York (US)
Tori Amos on Life at 50, Spiritual Eroticism, and Her Latest Album Unrepentant Geraldines by Lizzy Goodman

August 11, 2014 - WNYC Soundcheck (US, www)
Tori Amos Shares Three Songs That Helped Shape Her Life

August 13, 2014 - New York Observer (US)
She's Still Got It: Tori Amos Goes Back to Basics at the Beacon Theatre by Meredith Carey

August 14, 2014 - Daily Mail (UK)
'It was a very challenging time for me': Tori Amos reveals her 13-year-old daughter Tash helped her face turning 50 by Cassie Carpenter

August 14, 2014 - The Boston Globe (US)
Tori Amos, up close and very personal by Sarah Rodman

August 14, 2014 - Huffington Post Live (US, www)
Tori Amos interview by Caitlyn Becker

August 14, 2014 - The Village Voice (US)
Scott Berkowitz interview
Tori Amos to Celebrate Two Decades of RAINN by Chaz Kangas

August 15, 2014 - The Huffington Post (US, www)
Musician Tori Amos: Women ‘Don't Have To Apologize' So Much by Rahel Gebreyes

August 21, 2014 - Daily Xtra (Canada)
Power principle by Ryan English

October 30, 2014 - BizCommunity (South Africa, www)
From Amos with Love by Eugene Yiga

November 14, 2014 - ABC Radio National (Australia, radio)
Talking music with Tori Amos by Patricia Karvelas


The Light Princess & other stuff (2015 - 2016)

[33 entries]

March 19, 2015 - AV Club (US)
Tori Amos on Lauren Bacall, religion, and cleaning latrines by Marah Eakin

March 19, 2015 - Billboard (US)
Tori Amos Reflects on Her Seminal '90s Album 'Little Earthquakes': 'I Was Doing Songs to Survive' by Christa Titus

April 7, 2015 - Frankie (Australia)

April 11, 2015 - Salon (US)
Tori Amos hears "Little Earthquakes" differently now: "Having a teenage daughter forces me to be honest" by Elizabeth Isadora Gold

April 14, 2015 - Refinery29 (US)
Tori Amos Gets Nostalgic With Re-Release Of Little Earthquakes by Anne T. Donahue

April 16, 2015 - Rolling Stone (US)
Tori Amos on the Battles Behind Her Breakthrough Albums by Simon Vozick-Levinson

April 23, 2015 - The Guardian (UK)
30 Minutes With... Tori Amos by Caroline Sullivan

May 2015 - Q (UK)

June 2, 2015 - Rolling Stone (Australia)
Tori Amos Opens Nineties Treasure Chest by Dan Stapleton

June 9, 2015 - Kurier (Germany)
Tori Amos: "I sound like a fairy on crack" by Martin Stepanek

September 25, 2015 - Under the Radar (US)
Tori Amos on Little Earthquakes, Under the Pink, and The Light Princess by Frank Valish

October 1, 2015 - Noisey (US, www)
PREMIERE: Listen to "Amphibiava" from Tori Amos's Musical 'The Light Princess' by Alex Macpherson

October 2, 2015 - The Huffington Post (US)
Tori Amos's Feminist Fairytale Musical by David Michael Conner

October 6, 2015 - Broadway World (US, www)
BWW Exclusive Interview: THE LIGHT PRINCESS: Tori Amos & Samuel Adamson Reinvent the Fairytale by Tory Gates

October 7, 2015 - Asbury Park Press (US)
Tori Amos on 'The Light Princess' album by Alex Biese

October 7, 2015 - Playbill (US)
"I Feel Her In My Bones," Says Tori Amos of Writing a New Rebellious Heroine in a Violently Contemporary World by Carey Purcell

October 8, 2015 - Tidal (US)
Tori Amos: 5 Albums That Changed My Life by Tori Amos & Samuel Adamson

October 10, 2015 - Dujour (US)
Tori Amos' Unexpected Musical by Adam Rathe

October 12, 2015 - Billboard (US)
Tori Amos Is Intent on Bringing Her Musical 'The Light Princess' to Broadway

October 29, 2015 - Nylon (US)
Tori Amos Updated A 19th-Century Fairytale Into A Dark Musical For Today's Youth by Ilana Kaplan

October 30, 2015 - Billboard (US, www)
Tori Amos Talks 'The Light Princess' Musical; Plus Adele, Grimes & More on Must-Hear Music Podcast

November 9, 2015 - Interview (US)
Tori Amos's Musical Memories by T. Cole Rachel

August 29, 2016 - Broadway World (US, www)
Tori Amos Contributes Original Song 'Flicker' to Netflix's Upcoming Documentary Audrie & Daisy

September 9, 2016 - The Kansas City Star (US, www)
Singer Tori Amos says Maryville sexual assault case 'left me in shock' by David Frese

September 19, 2016 - The Guardian (UK)
Audrie and Daisy: an unflinching account of high-school sexual assault by Nosheen Iqbal

September 20, 2016 - Billboard (US, www)
Q&A on Facebook Live!

September 27, 2016 - MTV News (US, www)
Tori Amos Offers A Rape-Culture Reality Check by Meredith Graves

September 27, 2016 - Billboard (US, www)
Soul Sisters Podcast: Tori Amos on the Scary Prospect of Donald Trump as President by Jessie Katz

September 28, 2016 - Gold Derby (US, www)
Tori Amos dishes original song from Netflix doc "Audrie & Daisy" by Zach Laws

September 29, 2016 - KTLA Morning News (US, TV)
Tori Amos Discusses Creating A Song for "Audrie and Daisy" by Sam Rubin

September 29, 2016 - Los Angeles Times (US, www)
First Person: Tori Amos on how her experience with sexual violence shaped her song for 'Audrie & Daisy'

October 6, 2016 - Billboard (US, www)
Tori Amos on Writing 'Flicker' for Netflix Doc 'Audrie & Daisy' & 20th Anniversary of 'Boys for Pele' by Melinda Newman

October 11, 2016 - Stereogum (US, www)
Q&A: Tori Amos Reflects On Boys For Pele 20 Years On And Premieres B-Side "Amazing Grace/Til The Chicken" by Michael Tedder


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