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MTV Video Music Awards (US, TV)
September 9, 1992

Tori Amos pre-show interview


Interviewer: of the artists nominated this year for best new artist as well as a few others. Tori Amos, how are you doing?

Tori: Hi, John. I'm doing really well.

Interviewer: Are you dealing with this zoo here? There are several hundred photographers here behind us.

Tori: I'm a bit shy, honestly. I'm usually close to my piano. It's massive, but it's kind of comforting.

Interviewer: Silent All These Years has made quite a big impression on people this year, I think, and uh, nominated this year in four categories and uh, best female, best new artist, best cinematography, best breakthrough video, which I guess is all the categories that at least hopes to honor achievements in the video technology. Do you think that's what the video did manage to do?

Tori: Well, I think that the video was really, really special. Um, the woman, Cindy Palmano, who directed it, is such a visionary, and I haven't seen a video really like that before. She dealt with the energy of the cube and walking through spaces and it really takes you to another world, that video, I think.

Interviewer: Any other plans for the rest of the year, tours, you've already played some dates in the US.

Tori: Well, I'm on tour, and I've done about, my goodness, about 120 dates already since January. We're on a world tour, and we're on a US leg, and we finish in December. I'm gonna have some Mexican food. Interview: Alright. Good to see you and good luck.

Tori: Thank you!

[transcribed by Kristen Loftis]

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