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Hollywood Report (UK, TV)
Richard Jobson & Katie Wagner on ITV
September 22, 1992 (also broadcast September 24)

Tori Amos profile/interview

Katie Wagner: It's 8:30 in the morning and boy, does it feel like it and do I look like it. And I got up real early this morning to come to KROQ radio to meet singer-songwriter Tori Amos. She's had a lot of success in the UK and now she's back here and America is hungry for her music. Well, she is on breakfast radio.

A clip of Tori's interview with Kevin and Bean on KROQ, Los Angeles:


Tori Amos is in the studio here on the world famous KROQ. Tori, again, good morning. We appreciate you coming in so early.

A clip from Crucify:

" more victim
why do we crucify ourselves
every day, I crucify myself...

Katie Wagner: Musical maverick Tori Amos has been singing and playing the piano ever since she was three. She was enrolled and expelled from music school and has been playing to whoever would listen ever since. But she had to go to the UK to get a record deal.

A clip from Katie Wagner's interview with Tori:

Tori Amos: The door was really not open here [in the US] after 20-some years of playing. But the one thing that um, I really like about England is that, you know, they'll give you, they don't have categories so much for music or art, it doesn't have to be in a format. It's just, do they like it or not.

A clip from Precious Things:

" I ran faster
but it caught me here yes, my loyalties turned
like my ankle in the seventh grade
running after Billy, running after the rain...

Another clip from Katie Wagner's interview with Tori:

Tori Amos: I've been in the alternative stations because they won't play my lyrics. The whole Bible-belt banned me for "Crucify" because they thought I was being sacrilegous. They felt that it was detrimental material for their children and that it was blasphemous. So "Crucify" was banned and "Silent All These Years" with the "anti-Christ"... I'd do better using 4-letter words, I think.

A clip from Silent All These Years:

"...excuse me, but can I be you for awhile
my dog won't bite if you sit real still
I got the anti-Christ in the kitchen
yellin' at me again
yeah, I can hear that
been saved again by the garbage truck
I got something to say, you know
but nothing comes
yes, I know what you think of me
you never shut up
yeah, I can hear that
but what if I'm a mermaid...

Another clip from Katie Wagner's interview with Tori:

Tori Amos: The side of me that writes the songs and plays them does not show up for these things [interviews]. There's another girl that's been delegated to do this. She gets perks, she can go shopping every few days. And the person that's doing the writing does not get touched by this. If she did, I think she'd jump off a bridge.

Another clip from Silent All These Years:

"...but I don't care, cause sometimes
I said sometimes I hear my voice
and it's been here, silent all these years
years go by will I still be waiting
for somebody else to understand
years go by, if I'm stripped of my beauty...

Another clip from Katie Wagner's interview with Tori:

Tori Amos: The songs, you know, just because I wrote them, my name's on it, I didn't write them alone. You tap into a well, everybody has this ability. So these songs, yes, they come from my experience. But I feel like they've also been given. And I have to respect them. They're their own... they have their own individuality.

Another clip from Tori's interview with Kevin and Bean on KROQ:

Tori: Thanks for having me.

Kevin/Bean: And the next time you come through, we're gonna follow you around town until you come back in.

Tori Amos: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Well, you gotta come to a show. And you know, if you're bored, I'm always into a good Mexican food meal, if anybody wants to take me.

Kevin/Bean: Yes! Yes!

Another clip from Katie Wagner's interview with Tori:

Tori Amos: I think food is where you get to um, have pure enjoyment with no strings attached. Except the fat on your thighs, and you know, you can do something about that. But you can't cheat while you're eating, not really. You don't hurt anybody's feelings. It's your own indulgence. And I love that.

Another clip from Crucify:

...why do we crucify ourselves every day I crucify myself
nothing I do is good enough for you
crucify myself, every day
I crucify myself
and my heart is sick of being
I said, my heart of sick of being in chains...

UK Hollywood Report host, Richard Jobson: Lovely, odd, and very talented. Tori Amos is touring the states until December, but hope to return to her favorite place, the UK, sometime early next year.

[transcribed by jason/yessaid]

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