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Vanity Fair (US)
November 2000


Singer, songwriter, pianist.

Five albums and a devotional following.

With her naked, confessional lyrics, her sinuous piano lines, and the blurry intimacy of her voice, the sprite-goddess of alternative rock has earned the tremulous, quasi-religious adoration of millions of fans who have revered her as mother, minister, and muse since the 1992 release of Little Earthquakes. Too cutting edge to be New Age, too honest to be twee, Amos, 37, trades in myths and faeries without ever losing sight of planet Earth and its sticky realities -- the fraught landscapes of religion and sexuality, the primal realms of female experience, the secret corners of interior life. As she sings on her latest album, To Venus and Back, "My fear is greater than my faith but I walk."

Photographed by Sam Jones at her home in Stuart, Florida, on July 7, 2000, when Amos and her studio-engineer husband, Mark Hawley, were expecting their first child. (Natashya Lórien Hawley was born on September 5, 2000, seven pounds one ounce.)

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