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Rolling Stone (US)
November 22, 2001



BORDEAUX WINE I have a lot of respect for the cultivating of the grapes and what it signifies. People who make wine, what's happening in their lives in that year gets put into the grapes, whether they know it or not. I love that Jesus saying, "I'm the vine, you are the branches." There's something really biblical and at the same time Dionysian about the whole thing. In another life, I know I was one of those fat ladies who was stomping in the grapes.

LIP GLOSS I have to have the right lip gloss for the right moment. If you're not feeling well, Kiehl's is good. In the morning, a lip gloss with a little flavor is nice . . . unless you've got a hangover, then it's gross. On a date, you don't want sticky stuff. Christian Dior and Estee Lauder both have good lines. I've got Fresh in my pocket right now. It works. This is my thing.

MOTHERHOOD Natashya is thirteen months old, so we're still at that stage where she cuddles.

ROBERT A. JOHNSON He's a Jungian mystic and psychologist. His new book, Balancing Heaven and Earth, is about his travels. He lived in India, trying to bridge Eastern and Western philosophy, learning about what works and what doesn't and why. You cannot take on another culture's philosophy in the same way unless you deal with your own. That's what he says. You have to find your shadow by looking at your own culture's myths.

AMERICAN GODS BY NEIL GAIMAN He's an insipring writer and friend. This is a novel about gods that came to America when the Europeans and Africans were settling here. When the people stopped believing in their gods, some of them took jobs as undertakers or gas-station attendants. It's about a storm brewing and the gods gathering.


Tori Amos' new album is "Strange Little Girls." She is currently on tour in the U.S.

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