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Boyz (UK)
October 12, 2002

My First Time: Tori Amos

My first kiss

"I was 12, standing on a street corner, and he was a couple of years older. It was sweet, it was OK, but I thought I'd get a tingle, and I didn't. And the next one was really gross and sloppy. There should be kissing school."

My first celebrity crush

"It was definately between Jim Morrison, Robert Plant and John Lennon: I liked a man with a mind, but it's not as if they're abhorrent to look at. I think Robert's passion made him, Jim Morrison had an aura about him, and you had to be in love with John lennon's mind. I thought they were all equally sexy."

My first pet

"I had some fish, and I loved them. Once, me and my friend transported the fish in the back of his car, and they fell onto the car floor. We got them back in the little bowl, and they survived for a while after that, so that was a big moment. But they didn't survive my apartment."

My first record

"Maybe Mary Poppins when I was very little. I still like it: how could you not like that?"

My first love

"I guess it was somebody that never really paid me any mind, and I carried a torch for him quietly. I was nine."

My first heartbreak

"That was it, they're one and the same. He wanted to get tickets to one of my shows last year and couldn't. I heard this on the grapevine afterwards, and of course I would have got him tickets, I'd have been cool about that. But isn't it odd how life works out?"

My first job

"Playing weddings and funerals, working for my dad. The funerals were better than the weddings, you had more of a song selection ,and i didn't have to play We've Only Just Begun - I got tired of playing that and the wedding song at every wedding. You couldn't play Killing Me Softly at the funerals either."

My first porn movie

"I don't know what it's called, but it's with this gal called Ashlin Gere, and I watched it with a boyfriend who felt like I needed to expose myself. I did like the movie: it was well shot, great lighting and the shoes were good. Shoes are so important."

My first illegal substance

"When I was 11, we smoked pot by a bridge. It was good until my father showed up to take me out for dinner. That was really a difficult one: the salad bar started floating above my eyes, I was just having a hard time making up my salad, and I had the munchies. The only thing that kept me sane was a Carly Simon song on the radio, because it seemed like hours had passed, and yet I understood that a song can only be X amount of minutes."

My first contact with celebrity

"I was sharing a little dressing room at the Brits [big UK music award ceremony] with Paula Yates [INXS star Michael Hutchence's ex, a british TV celebrity who overdosed a few years back]. She was really sweet. She had all sorts of activity on her side with God knows what going on, and I thought, 'Wow, who would have thought I would be in a Winnebago with this firefly?' You're getting dressed, and you don't realise all the things you could do in a Winnebago at the Brits!"

My first time

"Nice. I was almost 19, it was with somebody about eight years older, and it was really nice. It was a crush thing, and definitely a warm-hearted thing, it was really sweet. Some people talk like either you see fireworks or it was crap, and it wasn't either one, it was just good."

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