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Sunday Herald (UK)
Glasgow, Scotland, newspaper
June 19, 2005


Tori Amos, musician

"I've chosen 'All The Girls Love Alice,' 1973. I knew her, Alice . . . or at least a girl that believed she was Alice.

"She had a strange life, one that would have been something you could only believe would be in a paperback novel you pick up in an airport on your way to somewhere sunny. The reason you would read a book like this is because it made you almost thankful for all of your own troubles because, really, they paled next to Alice's.

"She was beautiful, there is no question about that, but what people overlooked was her keen sense of observation. She could recite conversations that she had had with people, almost word for word. Sometimes I would wonder if she did that to escape her own set ofcircumstances. She knew that for good or for ill she was a desired object, not a subject unfortunately, but a desired object for people who put beauty on an altar.

"Whenever I hear this song I have a picture in my mind of this young girl who may still be alive, who may be a grandmother by now.

"This vision of her makes me smile because finally, after all these years, when originally I thought that I was being subtle watching her from behind my books, she all the while was drinking me in."

Elton John will play Easter Road, Edinburgh, on Saturday, June 25 and Rugby Park, Kilmarnock, on Sunday, June 26.

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