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The Kevin & Bean Show (US, radio)
KROQ, Los Angeles (106.7 FM)
April 26, 2007

Tori Amos interview


Tori (voiceover): "Hi, this is Tori Amos..." (song snippets play) "This is Tori Amos with the wonderful Kevin and Bean."

Kevin: "Yeah, hold that, uh, hold that assessment, um..."


Kevin: "So I walked outside and I saw Tori Amos, and she said, 'Hey, Kevin, how you doing?' and, and then she said, 'Look at what I have. I have the artwork for my new CD.' And I said, 'Oh, cool.' And she said, 'Look, there's five of them.' And I said, 'Uh, what do you mean, five of them? I thought there were four of them,' because she has other people living in her?

Lisa: "Right."

Bean: "Of course she does, 'cause Tori crazy. What do I keep telling you, Kevin, year after year -- what do I tell you? I love her, but she crazy."


Kevin: "So then I said, 'Well, I thought there were only four of them.' She said, 'No, Tori's there, too.' And I said, 'You know you are Tori, right?' "


Kevin: "She said, 'Yeah, but I just, that's the way I look at it.' Tori?"

Tori: "Yes. Good morning, good morning."

Kevin: "What are you doing? First of all, welcome, we love you."

Tori: "Thank you. I love you guys back."

Kevin: "But second of all, what are you doing?"

Bean: "You're getting nuttier by the day."


Tori: "I, I'm giving husband hours of fun, you realize, you see."

Lisa: "Oh, yes."

Bean: "Sure, he's got four different women."

Tori: "That's right."

Lisa: "Five."

Tori: "Well, five."

Kevin: "Five."

Tori: "See, she understands."

Kevin (?): "If you count Tori."

Lisa: "Yes."

Tori: "But you see, guys..."

Lisa: "Tori's just a character, too."

Tori: "Yeah, but, you know, all the women..."

Kevin (?): (impersonating Madonna's accent) "Do you know?"

Tori: "Do you know? Don't you dare (laughing), don't you dare compare me to Madonna."

Kevin (?): (impersonating Madonna) "I live in England."

Tori: "No..."

Kevin: "All right, go ahead."

Tori: "No, baby, all the women..."

Kevin: "I'm from Maryland but I talk like this."

Tori: "No, no, stop. All the women in the world understand that they have different women inside them."

Kevin: "Okay."

Tori: "So your wives, if I could could have ten minutes with your women, I'm sure they would look at me and say, 'I would love to put on some rubber, if I could,' or 'I would love a glamorous dress,' like Santa."

Kevin (?): "I think they would say 'Get us out!'"


Tori: "I don't think so, no..."

Bean (?): "Now, uh, Tori, you have four women inside you, and you said that, uh, over the years the, the voice on your CDs comes basically from you, but this time you had to let these four women come out and play.

Tori: "Okay, yes..."

Bean (?): "Okay. Is that accurate?"

Tori: "Close."

Bean (?): "Okay."

Tori: "But you have..."

Kevin (?) impersonating Madonna: "Close! It's close, but not quite accurate!"

Tori: "Close! But you have to make yourself..."

Kevin (?) impersonating Madonna: "Pip pip!"

Tori: "...a canvas."

Bean (?): "A canvas?"

Tori: "Yeah."

Bean (?): "Okay."

Tori: "So you have to be able to -- the person that you wake up with every morning is not the person you take stage with. Ask Ziggy Stardust."

Kevin: "Yeah, well...sure."

Bean: "Well, yeah, of course, but he's only one."

Tori: "Yeah, but I'm a woman."

Kevin (?): "Oh, that's true. All right, tell us about the four that are living inside of you. Tell us about Isabel, first."

Tori: "Isabel is neutral. I think she bats for both teams."


Kevin (?): "Really..."

Tori: "Yeah, I do."

Kevin (?): "Oh, okay..."

Tori: "Well, she's historical."

Kevin (?): "Okay."

Tori: "So she would. She has lots of experience, and that would make you think that she has lots of experience."

Bean: "So she's a Swiss lesbian, basically, is what you're saying."


Tori: "No, I don't know. I'd say..."

Bean: "Neutral, and bats for both teams: Swiss lesbian."

Tori: "No, I'd say more Swedish."

Kevin: "Swedish."

Bean: "Swedish. Swedish lesbian. Okay. Nothing wrong with that."

Tori: "Well, not a Swedish lesbian, no, no, no. She's...bats..."

Kevin (?): "Both."

Tori: "...for both teams, I think."

Bean (?): "Okay, gotcha."

Tori: "I think she's more into men these days but she's had other experiences."

Bean (?): "Now tell us the background of Isabel, if you could summarize that."

Tori: "Well, I based..."

Bean: "The Greek god and all that."

Tori: "Yes. I based all the women, I've structured them around the Greek pantheon, um, and I chose specifically five. I didn't choose Hera. I chose Artemis, who Isabel is based on."

Kevin (?): "Okay."

Tori: "Athena -- Pip, who wears the rubber; she's the warrior."

Kevin (?): "Pip pip!"

Tori: (laughs) "Tori, who holds Demeter, but slash, Dionysius, because she's the musician of the group. And then there's Clyde, whose name, um, originally was Clitorides, and she holds Persephone."

Bean (?): "Okay."

Tori: "And last but not least is Santa, who holds Aphrodite."

Bean: "We're letting her talk as if it's making sense to any of us..."


Bean: "...and that's what I love about this conversation: it's we're pretending we're following..."

Tori: "Yeah, but I know you know..."

Bean: "...that we're tracking with what Tori is saying."

Tori: "I know you know your Greek mythology, Bean, because you're a clever man, even though you don't always let people think you are, you're very smart."

Kevin: "But I'm not."


Bean: "So..."

Tori: "I'm getting to you!"

Kevin: "And I don't recognize half of the words in that last paragraph."

Tori: "I'm getting to you."

Kevin: "Okay."

Bean: "Okay, Tori, hold on. Let me, let me... (sighs) Okay, 'American Doll Posse' is the new CD, it comes out next week..."

Tori: "Yes."

Bean: "May 1st..."

Tori: "Yes."

Bean: "...which is Tuesday, okay."

Tori: "Yes."

Bean: "Now, there are twenty new songs on here, and..."

Tori: "Twenty-three!"

Bean: "Twenty-three total, okay, twenty-three. And, uh, each character that you've described sings some of the songs on the new disc?"

Tori: "Yes."

Bean: "Is that what's happening here?"

Tori: "It's almost equally divided, correct, but it's a double, um -- you know, it comes in vinyl, which..."

Bean: "Yes, I hear."

Tori: "...which I love that."

Bean: "Yes, I hear you hate digital. I hear you're all..."

Tori: "No!"

Bean: "...all about the analog."

Tori: "Oh, no, no, no, no, no.

Bean: "Not true?"

Tori: "I, I don't hate, no -- I'm into audio pornography on every level, Bean."

Kevin (?): "Fantastic."

Lisa: (laughs)

Bean: "Okay..."

Tori: "Yes."

Kevin (?): "Fantastic."

(sound effect of applause)

Bean: "So it comes out on vinyl, which is, uh, tremendous, uh, tremendous news for so many of ours listeners..."

Tori: "Yes."

Bean: "...who really are, are looking forward to getting it for their record players."

Tori: "Yeah, exactly. No, I know that but my niece, who is fifteen, looked at me and said, 'Auntie, this looks like a Frisbee.'"


Lisa: "Oh, funny."

Bean: "Sure."

Tori: "'Cause she's young. I did this so that she could feel the lacquers, so that she could understand the tradition."

Kevin (?): "Am I the only who doesn't, uh...I don't really get the difference. I've never heard the difference between vinyl and CD."

Bean (?): "I think you can hear it."

Kevin (?): "That bad?"

Bean (?): "I think you can hear the difference. And I think it's true when you hear that analog is warmer; I believe that it's true, 'cause it's not, 'cause they lose something in the digital transformation, right, Tori"

Tori: "No, but now we can..."

Bean (?): "Would you agree with that?"

Tori: "No, but now if you have the good engineers you can assimilate it. I mean, if you have the Massive Passives and if you have the correct gear, then you can really apply it, if you have the guys that know what they're doing. You have to have guys that understand what to do with all those little knobs."

Bean: "Now you produce yourself now, right?"

Tori: "Yes, but I work with a team, so..."

Bean: "Right."

Tori: "I'm never alone. Yes, I'm in the captain's char so I can say, 'Okay -- bang bang -- forget it.' Not like a Phil Spector..."

Kevin: "No, no -- god, no."

Bean: "Not that kind of 'bang bang'!"


Tori: "Sorry. No, not like that. But I can say, 'That's a great idea, let's apply that.' I delegate a lot. So if..."

Kevin (?): "Okay."

Tori: "...the drummer has the best idea, we go with that."

Kevin (?): "Do you ever have problems with Tori -- does she get uppity during your recording sessions?"

Tori: "That's see? Now we see the real Kevin..."

Kevin: "I'm starting to understand."

Tori: "You are coming to the table."

Kevin: "I'm empathetic to all of your people."

Tori: "It's..."

Lisa: (laughing)

Tori: "Honestly..."

Kevin: "I'm saying!"

Tori: "'s, it can be difficult, because when you sit in that chair -- and the reason that you choose to be the producer is because, guess why?"

Kevin: "Uh..."

Tori: "The record company..."

Kevin: "You're good at it?"

Tori: "...the record company has to deal with the producer, and if they're having problems with the artist, then they have to go to the producer."

Lisa: "Ah..."

Tori: "And the producer holds the money."

Kevin: "I see."

Bean: "Of course, yeah."

Kevin: "So they call the producer and say, 'What are we going to do about Tori?'"

Tori: "That's right."

Kevin: "And you say, 'I'll deal with her.'"

Tori: "I'll deal with her."

Bean: "You say, 'Hold on, I'll get Clyde on the phone to tell you what Isabel said.'"


Tori: "Exactly."

Bean: "To screw with them."


Bean: "Just keep them on the phone all day long, never talk to them."

Tori: "Yeah, I can do that all day long, Bean."

Bean: "Tori, um, you've been famous with, uh, what is this, your ninth, uh, studio album, is that what we're up to now?"

Tori: "Studio album, yes, my ninth."

Bean: "That's like a career! That's a lot of, that's a, that's a life work right there."

Tori: "Yeah."

Bean: "That's, that's impressive and tremendous, but you've been famous for writing about, uh, what's weighing heavily on your mind, whether it's a personal thing or a worldwide thing. Is there anything, anything that drove you, anything, uh, any unifying theme that all these characters have something that they're all trying to express on this new disc?"

Kevin: "I think on that note, we have to take a break..."


Bean: "Oh! You're a bad man!"

Kevin: "...and then we'll come right back..."

Bean: "You're a very bad man!"

Kevin: "We have Tori here..."

Bean: "I'm talking to Santa here!"


Kevin: "I don't think Santa's in the room."

Bean: "It's Pip, or whoever's here."

Tori: "She's not in the room, no."

Kevin: "It's Pip! Pip's in the other room, getting ready to perform, too, so we'll have a live performance coming up..."


Kevin: "Lisa, don't sit too close to Tori 'cause some of the crazy will rub off on you."

Lisa: (laughing) "I like her crazy."

Kevin: "Seriously, seriously, she's gonna leave and then you're going to be effed up for life, you don't want that."

Tori: "She's going to come in tomorrow, in rubber, and it's going to be hot."

Lisa: "And you're going to be happy."

Bean: "Well, there's nothing wrong with that! If that's the direction we're going, I'm fine with that!"

Kevin: "Then listen to her."

Bean: "All right, we will play something new brand-new from Tori's forthcoming CD called 'American Doll Posse' right away, in just a moment. First, Lisa's got..."

(a song is played from the CD)

Kevin: "Thank you, Lisa."

Kevin: "Tell us about 'Teenage Hustling.'"

Tori: "Well..."

Kevin: "Is this Pip?"

Tori: "This is Pip."

Kevin: "And is this Pip, the one I'm looking at here?"

Tori: "Uh-huh. Why don't you describe her?"

Kevin: "Pip's good times."

Kevin: "She's got dark hair, and it's kind of covering her eyes, and she looks like she needs to have sex right now."


Kevin: "She's a goer! I mean, that's..."

Bean: "That Pip is a goer."

Kevin: "...that's the only way I can describe it."

Tori: "Well...

Kevin: "Would you describe it differently?"

Tori: "I think it's really good to hear how men describe the girls. It..."

Kevin: "Okay."

Tori: "...fascinates me."

Kevin: "Okay. I wrong?"

Tori: "Well, I don't know..."

Kevin: "Okay, so she's..."

Tori: "I'm not in rubber right now. I have to think about that."

Kevin: "Oh, for god's...can you talk to her and let us know?"


Bean: "She's pretending she doesn't even know Pip."

Kevin: "Tell us..."

Bean: "She doesn't hang out with that quality of person."

Kevin: "We're going to play 'Teenage Hustling.' Tell us about that song."

Tori: "Well, um... sexy recording it 'cause it's different from the singer/songwriter composition that I usually come up with."

Kevin: "Mmhmm."

Tori: "And, um, lots of guitars... had to bring in somebody who was in punk bands in the eighties in England, and..."

Kevin: "Who's that?"

Tori: "Mac Aladdin..."

Kevin: "Okay."

Tori: "...and..."

Kevin: "Don't know Mac."

Tori: "...this is it."

("Teenage Hustling" is played from the CD)

Kevin: "Well, that was not a good ending."

Bean: "That... ended abruptly. What happened there, Pip?"

Tori: "Hey, what the hell happened?"

Bean: "Is that on the CD like that, Pip?"

Tori: "No!..."

Kevin: "Oh."

Tori: "...something odd just happened."

Kevin: "Well, that was strange."

Bean: "Oh, I thought you just got bored."

Tori: "No..."

Kevin: "I was watching the, I was watching the counter, and it was counting down: four, three, two, one...and it was like, 'How is she going to end this so quickly?'"


Tori: "No, well..."

Kevin: "And then it just stopped. And then it goes on and there's some more good stuff."


Tori: "Yeah, but that's the crazy thing..."

Kevin: "I'm sorry, Pip."

Tori: "No, I'm Tori."

Kevin: "Oh, Tori! I'm sorry."

Bean: "Forgive us."

Kevin: "You should do more CDs, by the way."

Tori: "No, no, no, no. That's not the CD..."

Kevin: "Oh."

Tori: "...that's my private copy, so..."

Kevin: "Okay. So they didn't want, the producer didn't want you to hear the end of that song for some reason."

Tori: "That -- exactly, Kevin."

Kevin: "Okay."

Tori: "That's right."

Bean: "Let me tell, uh, people what we're doing here. That's the lovely Tori Amos -- or is it? -- in the studio, the world-famous KROQ this morning. We're talking about the new CD 'American Doll Posse' that comes out on Tuesday. It is a very rich listening experience: twenty-three tracks, lots of different sounds on this because there's lots of different personalities involved. And I, uh, asked you before if there's any kind of, uh, uh, through-line or message of this album. Sometimes, you know, you've got something weighing kind of heavy on your mind like that. Remember the crazy time you walked across America? Remember that? That was funny."


Bean: "Is there anything like that going on, like right now, that's, uh, like a message you're burning to get out?"

Tori: "Well, yeah. Well, I think that I'm curious about the women in this country. And two years ago, how I thought that there was going to be a change in the administration. And as we as know, the women have the power to unite, and address that."

Bean: "Right."

Tori: "And as we know that, um, power is really energized by the Christian right-wing, and if you are a woman who is interested in equal rights for yourself, one would think that you wouldn't, um, make a politically suicidal choice to support that. Therefore, I started to study American women and I decided that there was something not quite right with us being so competitive with each other and not looking at the real issues. So yes, there's a driving force behind this."

Bean: "All right, let me see if I can translate, because I speak a little Tori; I studied it in high school. Um, you're, you're saying that women could do better for themselves than voting for people who try to take away their rights?"

Tori: "Correct."

Bean: "Is that what you're suggesting?"

Tori: "Well, obviously, yes. Yes, I am."

Bean: "Okay, that's what I thought I got out of that."

Tori: "That's what I'm saying."

Bean: "Now, are you worried about any kind of a, uh, of a backlash of saying things like that as an American who now moved and lives on foreign soil. Does it seem a little bit like you're setting yourself up to be, a, a Dixie Chick-like target when you start talking like that, or no?"

Tori: "Well, I've never been America's sweetheart, so..."


Kevin: "Well, that's true."

Tori: "I am a minister's daughter, and I am Tori, so that would be a little bit, you know, anti-inflammatory, so I'm ready for it. Really."

Bean: "I know. Believe me, I know that you are."

Kevin: "Bring it on."

Bean: "What, what about this, uh -- tell people about the album cover, that maybe they haven't seen that, because that was kind of the, that's the first people's exposure, uh, to the, the new stuff, and already, that's controversial."

Tori: " mean the picture inside, with Tori bleeding?"

Bean: "Yes, that's the one."

Tori: "Yeah. Well, again, I think because I'm really surprised how strong the right-wing Christian movement has picked up momentum. And my parents are very committed to their faith. They are not right-wing Christians, however, they have chosen, I think, a less liberal stance over the last ten years."

Bean: "Mmhmm."

Tori: "And if you had talked to me in 1994, I would not have foreseen, as a woman, where certain things were going: civil liberty questions, et cetera. So I feel that as a preacher's daughter, how religion hides behind Jesus's message -- love your neighbor as yourself -- and that is really not their ideology. If you don't agree with them then you are an opponent. So, how do you fight a force like this? Well, I say you fight ideology with ideology, and the one thing they hate more than anything, since they support a monotheistic, authoritative male god, is what? Bring on the women."

Lisa: "Yeah."

Tori: "Bring on the mother gods. So I constructed the characters around the Greek pantheon."

Kevin: "Now, who's holding the chicken on the front cover."

Tori: "That's Tori."

Kevin: "That's Tori. Okay."

Tori: "But it was supposed to be a cock."


Tori: "Because..."

Bean: "A, a rooster -- rooster, rooster! Right."

Tori: "Cockerel, Bean, yes?"

Bean: "Right, sure, yes."

Tori: "You, you're, you have a piggy?"

Bean: "Mmhmm."

Tori: "Cockerel would be correct?"

Bean: "That's right. But I'm just saying, for the benefit of those who are writing the FCC right now, Tori meant 'rooster.'"

Tori: "Well for, for -- no, for the benefit of the FCC, look in your dictionary. 'Cockerel' is a word."

Kevin: "Okay."

Bean: "Yes, it is. I like to hear you say it."


Bean: "Now you, uh, mentioned as you came in -- and by the way, uh, we have the benefit of being able to see, uh, Ms. Amos in person. She looks better than I think she's ever looked. She looks fantastic as she walked through the door here this morning..."

Tori: "Thank you, thank you."

Bean: " she walked through the door this morning. And you said that's because you have a very busy 2007 planned. You're going to be hitting the road big time, it sounds like."

Tori: "Big time. And I'm going to be forty-four and I had to honestly look at my energy level as I was writing this work a year and a half ago, and when songs such as 'Teenage Hustling' were coming in, I thought, 'I have to have the energy to do this.' So I hit the rowing machine, and I work out two hours a day..."

Lisa: "Wow."

Kevin: "Wow."

Tori: "...and then I play. I practice four hours a day at the piano."

Kevin: "Would people be surprised how much work goes behind the scenes of, any of their, you know, musicians that they love?"

Tori: "Well, that's why I'm not in Tarzana shaving my head."

Kevin: "Well, there is that, yeah."


Tori: "No, I'm not being brutal. I have empathy for her plight but I'm saying to you, if you're a real musician, your life is different than the celebrity life. It is about dedication and it takes..."

Lisa: "There's real work, yeah."

Tori: "Yeah, there's real work to be good."

Bean: "But, but you have four other people to split up the work, so really, how much work is it?"


Kevin: "That's a really good point."

Bean: "Right?"

Tori: "Yeah, that's it Bean, yeah..."

Bean: "You, you sleep while Clyde writes. I mean, you got that going on."


Tori: "Yeah..."

Bean: "So, do you, have you put together in your, in your mind's eye what this show is going to look like? Are you going to be able to incorporate all these various different characters on stage in each show?"

Tori: "That's a very good question. See, I love that. Now, what happens is, for the over a hundred shows that we're going to do, starting May 28th in Rome -- "

Kevin: "Okay."

Tori: ", and we hit the States early October -- there will be a different woman that, that performs Act One every night."

Kevin: "Oh, you mean one of these characters?"

Tori: "Yes, but one of the four."

Kevin: "Okay."

Tori: "So Tori, then, will be Act Two because she has that big back catalog."

Bean: "Does Tori get introduced by the other women?"

Tori: "No, nobody gets introduced."

Kevin: "No, okay."

Tori: "They just take stage."

Bean: "Okay."

Kevin: "Okay. Will it be a different person that takes the stage each night?"

Tori: "It has to be. You have to -- it's precision. You can't just play dress up or it's not going to work. I mean, it is..."

Bean: "Come on, Kevin, pay attention."

Kevin: "I'm sorry, I just..."

Bean: "Try to keep up."

Kevin: "...thought it was a good question."

Tori: "'s performing arts. However, Bean, if, if I'm in Seattle and I'm having a rough night, uh, we could, you could always rehearse and see if you could be one of the girls for me."

Bean: "Uh, yeah... I don't..."

Kevin: "Bean's, Bean's more of a backup dancer kind of guy."

Bean: "...Right. By the way, I would pay a lot of money to hear Tori Amos and Bj rk talk on a road trip somewhere for six hours."

Tori: "You'd be quite surprised."

Bean: "Oh, that would be so much fun 'cause you really are, you're two of the craziest women in the whole wide world that I love the most, so I'd love to see you guys..."

Tori: "Well, thank you, Bean. I really love her."

Bean: "I do, too."

Tori: "She's wonderful."

Bean: "I love her, too. I'm a little surprised, Tori -- not that you're not doing enough, but I'm a little bit surprised with the timing of your album coming out that you're not, uh, playing Coachella this weekend. Is that something you thought about doing?"

Tori: "Yeah, but I had to choose Coachella or you, and I chose you."

Kevin: "Oh, well, that's a bad choice, first of all, but we're glad. We're happy about it."

Bean: "Now we, we bring you up as a, uh, the gold standard, Tori, because we have a lot of, uh, performers that come in on this show and it takes them like four hours to set up, and they've got like thirty people and nine hundred, you know, pounds of equipment to come in, to try to get their songs that just sound okay, and we always say, 'Why can't more people be like Tori that just come in with a little keyboard and plug it in and go?' Because that's some of the best live music we've ever had on our show, is the stuff that you've done, and you, uh, you brought your keyboard with you here this morning."

Tori: "Yes. Well, maybe it's 'cause I'm a road dog. I've been touring for so long, and I think it's strange, when it's part of your life -- it's just like you guys, you get up every morning, you do the show -- we tour so much, we do six shows a week, that it's just kind of second-nature."

Kevin: "Wow! That's, uh, gotta be tiring: six shows a week."

Tori: "It is, Kevin, but at the same time, it's incredibly exhilarating. There's no drug that I've ever had that can compete with the endorphin rush that you get when you're having this conversation with thousands of people. It's a, it's a love affair but it's not, there isn't perversion involved with all these five thousand people, it's really..."

Kevin: "Hmm."

Tori: "...kind of, I don't know...spiritual."

Kevin: "Very sweet."

Bean: "Fantastic. All right, well, we'll take a quick break, get you set up in the other room with your keyboard and you're going to do a couple of numbers from the new CD called 'American Doll Posse', which is, uh, you know, not to slight any of your other albums, but I think it's the strongest thing in a long, long time from you, Tori. It's, it's obvious you put a lot of work into this; it's a terrific record."

Tori: "Thank you, Bean."

Bean: "It really is."

Kevin: "It comes out, it comes out Tuesday, right?"

Tori: "Yes, it comes out Tuesday."

Bean: "May first. So we'll take a break. Tori Amos plays live for us right after this..."

Tori: "Okay, guys."

Bean: "...on the world-famous KROQ."

(commercial break)

Kevin: "Tori Amos on the world-famous KROQ."

Tori: "Thank you, guys."

Kevin: "106.7, KROQ. I don't know how to say this correctly. I don't mean it negatively, but there are so many people out there who are fake crazy? You are the real deal..."

Lisa: (laughing)

Tori: "Oh, thank you, Kevin."

Kevin: " a genius kind of way, out there..."

Tori: "Well, thank you."

Kevin: "...and I wish more people were. It's like, all of music is over here and everybody's kind of trying to sound each other, and there's the Tori Amos world, and she just keeps going on in her world. It's fantastic."

Tori: "Well, I feel the same about you two. I love you both. You know, I miss you sometimes. I'll be there in Cornwall thinking 'I miss my buddies Kevin and Bean.'"

Kevin: "You're very sweet, Tori. You're very sweet. Thank you for coming in this morning."

Bean: "But you don't have to lie. We already like you." (laughing)

Kevin: "This coming Tuesday, the new CD is ou

Tori: 'American Doll Posse.' Tori, thanks for coming in."

Tori: "Okay, guys."

Kevin: "Thank you."

[transcribed by Michael Morrison]

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