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What Perez Sez About: Divas (US, TV)
February 12, 2008

taped in 2007, broadcast on VH1

Tori Amos interview

"Catching up with Tori Amos, Perez gets behind Tori's wig fetish." -

partial transcript

Perez Hilton: Now, this album, and actually a lot of the recent albums seem to have been concept albums, thematic albums.

Tori Amos: I like a concept.

Perez: Is it easier to kind of draw from these characters now? Maybe is a different muscle that you're using or what's drawing you to more you know theme, the concept kind of projects?

Tori: Well, I like a story, and I think that through story, you can really take people to, I don't know, resorts without them leaving their chair wherever they're living, and even though it's a story though, it doesn't mean that parts of it didn't happen, or that I haven't experienced it. This record has been very much about different things I've experienced in my life, at different times. It didn't all happen in one night as it does in the record, the realization that she goes through. It took me many years to realize.

Perez: Is Tori really happy, and is it easier to channel some of these deeper emotions from characters that may not be so happy?

Tori: Well --

Perez: Can you write when you're happy like as yourself? Does that make sense?

Tori: [see video.]

Perez: Wow. You remember the day you had your first date with your husband?

Tori: Yeah, the 6th of October.

Perez: Did he ask you out or did you ask him out?

Tori: No, the truth is now wait a minute. I -- the first date was after that. I professed that I had a crush on him at a show in Madison Wisconsin.

Perez: During the show?

Tori: Before the show.

Perez: Okay.

Tori: I came out to the sound desk, and I brought a cup of tea, and I said, "Okay, so well." He said, "Yes" in his British accent. "Is there something I can do for you?" And I'm thinking oh. And I said, "Well I think it's only fair that you know that I have a crush on you." And he said, "Well." He was taken aback, and he said, "From where I come from, then I would say what about a date? That would be the next step."

Perez: But as a result of that, you've been together 17 years, and have a beautiful daughter who is on your album.

Tori: Yes, she is.

Perez: Tash sings on a couple of songs?

Tori: As, yes she does.

Perez: And she's also in the artwork, and the album?

Tori: Yes, she is.

Perez: Some photos. And does she want to be a musician herself, or an actor? Did -- you said she's done both.

Tori: She's doing both, because I think she wants to be proficient at both of them, really, really good. Not just an actor who can sing, or a singer who can act. She's said, "Well that's just not any good. You've got to be great at both." But that's about commitment, and she pushed us to get into this performing arts school called Silvia Young.

Perez: In London?

Tori: In London.

Perez: She goes to there now?

Tori: She started two weeks ago.

Perez: Oh my gosh.

Tori: She was accepted a year ago.

Perez: Wait, and she's only 12?

Tori: She's just turned 11.

Perez: She just turned 11. So are you living in London now?

Tori: No, I'm not living in London. She's at boarding school.

Perez: She's in boarding school?

Tori: She pushed us. She said, "Mom, dad, I'm going to "

Perez: That's -- I mean, a lot of -- Amy Winehouse went there, Adele went there. It's quite prestigious.

Tori: And quite a few actors have gone there that are in British television. So she Tash really wanted to do this. And I said, Mark and I talked about it with her. I mean, she wanted to go to Hogwarts. But this is like a version of Hogwarts.

Perez: How far is Cornwall from London? You live in Cornwall.

Tori: Well only part of the time. I mean, that's Mark's place. I travel a lot, and we're touring, we tour a lot. And I'm in the states, I have to, this is where I get a lot of my energy.


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