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October 18, 2017

Tori Amos
Ask Me Anything LIVE

Amos's 15th album Native Invader is an intense feast of melody, protest, tenderness and pain. Tori will be taking The Native Invader Tour across the US when the North American fall concert schedule kicks off next week as part of a larger world tour which began in September in Europe.

CHOCOLATEJ3SU5: Who's your favourite member of the Wu Tang Clan?

Tori Amos: I like them all and I'd like to be a Killa B in the Wu Tang Killa Bs and I volunteer to be a Killa.

dmusic1234: What inspired the song Wings?

Tori Amos: I had been listening to Midge Ure because he was on tv at the gym, and I was trying to make it look like I was really working out, but all I was doing was listening to the song, listening to the structure. but what I was doing was crawling inside the structure of "Vienna", which put me in an 80s frame of mind. And I thought about being a safe place for the men in my life, letting them cry if they need to cry. A writer I know said to me, that she was sad to say she wasn't always a safe place when men she looked up to would cry because she was taught it was a sign of weakness. Especially today, we certainly need to think of safe place for men to be able to cry when they need to cry.

davidjaix: Hi Tori! You're known as being a bit of a road dog and are one of the most prolific touring artists in the world. What are you favourite & least favourite things about being out on tour. xx David A also your show in Manchester this tour was out of this world

Tori Amos: Hi David! I like being on the bus. Because, if you are a good bus traveller and I am fist pump but unfortunately, not everybody is, and sometimes you don't know that until you are out on the road. I have known artists who have been oil spotted, that means the bus pulls into a Petrol station, the artist goes in to use the restroom because there are bus rules... bus rules means, bus rules. So if a bus driver hasn't done a count that everyone is back on the bus, because sometimes it's the middle of the night... these days, David, we have phones, but take yourself back 15-20 years when there was no phone, no money in your pocket, no way to prove you are who you are. Who do you call? How far does the bus get down the road, before the driver wonders, where did she go? So this would mean consider, David, what you eat before you get on the bus! Suffice it to say, no Texas chili for the ginga ninja when we're in Austin [*laughing smiley with tears*]

lilpinkhouse4nobody: Have you studied Jungian Psychology? You have always mentioned archetypes and mythology as influences in your life and music. Have you ever met Marion Woodman, as you have mentioned studying her work?

Tori Amos: I've read a lot of books by those who have studied Jungian Psychology. And I've read a lot of books about archetypes and that inspired the record American Doll Posse. The concept was to investigate the idea that you are not just one archetype from a pantheon of myths. I read a book suggesting that each person was drawn to a certain archetype and I wanted to investigate all of the prominent archetypes in the Greek system, not just 'pick one'. This pushes you out of your comfort zone, so a lot of women that I know that would say identify with Athena, might be pushed to explore a different archetype, such as Aphrodite. This book was written, I believe by psychologists. I would love to meet Marion Woodman, but have not had the opportunity yet.

toritattoo: Do you ever wear flats?

Tori Amos: Well, sometimes yes, but its not good for pivoting at the pedals. Although, they won't get caught on the pedals like some of the high heels do.

digitalclassics: What's the first album you remember listening to? And what album has resonated with you the most?

Tori Amos: There were so many albums I was listening to as a young child. The mid to late 60s was such an explosive time for different types of music. It's impossible for me to pick one because there was a record being played every day in the house. More than one because my mother had her collection, which was very different than my brother's, who was 10 years older than I. That type of exposure got into my brain as a child, and if I didn't have these very different styles than I don't believe I would hear structure the same way, and the different possibilities for potential structures.

Eleventhousand: Who has been your most impactful role-model in life?

Tori Amos: You never know who your role-model is going to be from day to day. that's the beauty of it. whether you're walking down a busy city street and you see acts of humanity, then you realize, that's my Buddha for today!

dmusic1234: I love Native Invader! Where did the name of the album come from?

Tori Amos: Dropped out of the sky and into my arms.

Deliriummmm Hello Tori, the new album is really great. I love the samples on Russia, where did that come from?

Tori Amos: Oh, hi Deliriummm! For Deliriummm you are very watchful and awake aren't you. But I always thought she was as well. So what you're hearing are number stations. Adam Spry, one of our team members at Martian Engineering Studios, has been talking to me for a while about number stations. He played me different examples of number stations and its only when the numbers stations vary their pattern that you realize that there might be a secret message hidden for a potential spy... something like that! I encourage everyone to google it, or reach out to Adam and get him to explain it!

Bob_Dragonfly: Hi Tori. You've always been so gracious and generous to us, so what can we do to cheer you up in these troubles times ? What will bring you comfort/ joy ? Tx

Tori Amos: Bob Dragonfly, you just brought me a lot of joy. Are you friends with Luna Lovegood? Because she has such a groovy Ravenclaw outlook on life. Bob Dragonfly, have you been sorted into your house? I'm in Ravenclaw. But I hang out with a lot of Slytherins, although husband is in (yawn) Gryffindor.

dmusic1234: So excited to see you in New York! Which Native Invader songs can I expect to hear on your tour?

Tori Amos: That's a surprise to both of us, as I'm sitting in an office in New York. It's something I really need to work out in rehearsals. Because the album is produced in such a way, we have to work out what songs can be re-arranged live. What different dresses to give them, or kick ass boots! But I'm working on it, I promise! And I still have all those requests from Europe I have to fulfill!

Tori Amos: Closing update is, Slytherins watch out for the outfit at the album signing Friday night! Might be paying you all some well deserved homage!

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