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Y Kant Tori Read

1. The Big Picture (4:19)

Words and Music by: Tori and Kim Bullard

2. Cool On Your Island (4:57)

Words by: Tori
Music by: Tori and Kim Bullard

3. Fayth (4:23)

Words by: Tori
Music by: Tori and Brad Cobb

4. Fire On the Side (4:53)

Words and Music by: Tori

5. Pirates (4:16)

Words and Music by: Tori and Kim Bullard

6. Floating City (5:22)

Words and Music by: Tori

7. Heart Attack at 23 (5:16)

Words and Music by: Tori

8. On the Boundary (4:38)

Words and Music by: Tori

9. You Go to My Head (3:55)

Words and Music by: Tori

10. Etienne Trilogy (6:45)

The Highlands
Music by: Tori and Kim Bullard

Words and Music by: Tori

Skyeboat Song

All songs published by Sword And Stone Publishing, ASCAP/Emerald Street Music, BMI.

© 1988 Sword And Stone Publishing/Emerald Stone Music.


Acoustic Piano: Tori except on Fayth -- Kim Bullard

Drums: Matt Sorum, Vinny Coliauta- "That Etienne Drummer"

Bass: Tim Landers, except on Fayth, Floating City, and Pirates -- Fernando Saunders

Guitars: Steve Farris

Additional Guitars: Steve Caton, Gene Black

Acoustic Guitar: Peter White, Steve Farris

Mandolin: Eric Williams

Bouzouki: Richard Bernard

Percussion: Paulinho Da Costa (Courtesy of Pablo Records)

Programming and Keyboards: Kim Bullard

Additional Keyboards: Tori

Background Vocals: Tori, CeCe Bullard, Zobbin Rander, James House, Merry Clayton, Nancy Shanks, The Valentine Bros, and Rick Nelson [Note: "Zobbin Rander" and "Rick Nelson" are pseudonyms for Robin Zander and Rick Nielson of Cheap Trick.]

Bagpipes: Devon Dickson


Recorded by Joe Chiccarelli

Mixed by Ed Thacker

Co-Produced by Kim Bullard

Executive Producer: David Kershenbaum

Recorded at:

Hollywood Sound, Assistant Engineer- Martin Schmelze/South Combe Studios, Assistant Engineer -- Lois Oki/Ground Control Studios, Assistant Engineers -- Angus Davidson, Will Rogers, Claudio Ordenes, Chris Furman/Sound Castle Studios, Assistant Engineer -- Mike Tacci/Capitol Studios, Assistant Engineer -- Peter Doell/The Grey Room, Assistant Engineers -- Jim Dineen, Dan Marnien.

Additional Engineers: Dan Nebenzal and Caba Petcoz

Production Assistance: Linda Maxwell

Drum Technician: Jeff Chonis "Have Drums Will Travel"

Photography: Aaron Rapoport

Stylist: Lo Rae Flemming

Art Direction: Bob Defrin

Management: Larry Kruteck

Well, I'll start the thank-yous with the Reverend Pirate Ed and his devoted wife Mary Ellen (my parents) for having the foresight to get me piano lessons before I could talk back -- not knowing it would become a priority over algebra homework... what a ploy. I Love You. To Mr. Doug Morris for sharing his tuna fish sandwich with me and for letting me make the record I wanted to make.

Jason Flom, well, it was either adopting me or getting me a record deal -- you're the best, honey.

Larry Kruteck, my manager, for saying "I'll Stand Behind You" when nothing had been proven.

Al "Pop" Schlesinger, I owe you a store full of ice cream not to mention my gratitude for you being able to read -- in between the lines.

Joe "Check The Tuning" Chiccarelli -- who understood my music, my alien friends, and who became the ears of this project, my mentor and my friend.

Kim Bullard -- My Pirate Comrade, My Right Arm, You must've been Haydn in your last life... maybe I was your maid.

David Kershenbaum, for teaching me how to eat Sushi and how to look into my heart.

Van Wyckoff, WEP the Homefront support, for telling me the bestest, sickest jokes when I was the lowest.

Mike Elmer, for looking after my songs like children.

Mike, my brother, for teaching me to write them.

Marie, Sister Tigger, for teaching me strength.

Eric, my love, for mirrors, passion, and truth.

The Earth Angels who have taught me to fly: Carol Carol Jones, Cindy "Rugburns" Marble, Lo Rae "Doodie" Fleming, Ce Ce, Connie, Lexie, Jenny, Merry "The Diva" Clayton, and not leastly Nancy Shanks.

To all the musicians on this record and everyone involved in any way -- Special Thanks: Brad, Caton, and Matt; Dan Nebenzal, Steve "The Resident Guitar Hero Nebraskan Love God" Farris; Everyone at Pacific East and West -- Paul Cooper, Bob Defris, Dorothy Sicignano, Tune Baby, Nick Maria, and the rest of you Atlanteans; Steve Himelfarb -- Big Big Hugs; Michael Jaworek, All the studios and staff; Jesse Frederick; Lisa Roy; Richard Landis; Paul De Villers, Narada Michael Walden for believing; Michael Verdick; Linda Debbie, Wes and phil; Tom and Coty; Ross, Barbara, and Michael; Ron Anderson-voice; Frank Moran-swords; Lou Molino; Clay; Murray; Dale and my friends at the LAX Marriott; my pals from Maryland and D.C. that I grew up with; the coolest A.A. Michael, Merlin, and Sananda.

Thank God for music and the sword of truth.

Tori (Dink to Joe and Crew)

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