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Tales of a Librarian

All Original Recordings:

Remixed and Reconditioned by Mark Hawley and Marcel van Limbeek
Assistant Engineer - Adam Spry
Mastered by Jon Astley
Produced by Tori Amos
Reconditioned, Recorded and Remixed at Martian Engineering, Cornwall, England

All Songs Written by Tori Amos
Published by Sword and Stone (ASCAP)

Project Direction - Chelsea Laird
Martian Studio Tech - Adam Spry
Chef - Duncan Pickford
Bösendorfer Technician - Trevor Lowe
Studio Accounting - Helen Gilbert
Household Coordinator - Debbie Ward (SuperDebs)
Mary Poppins - Hayley West
Building of the Martian Empire - John Gardiner
Rob's Travel - Taxi service to the Moon and Back

Photography by Thierry le Goues
Produced by Samantha James at Blanpied Rubini
The Glam Squad:
Styling by Karen Binns
Makeup by Lesley Chilkes
Hair by Cim Mahony

Art Direction - Richard Bates and Liz Barrett
Design - Allen Hori

Project Management: John Witherspoon
Project Accounting: Phil Holthouse and Cindy Cooper
at Holthouse, Carlin and Van Tright
UK Accounting: David Ravden, Ed Grossman, Tameeza Kassam
at Martin, Green & Ravden
Legal Representation: Jamie Young, John Branca and Heather Hathwell
at Ziffren, Brittenham, Branca and Fisher
Booking Agent: Carole Kinzel at CAA
European Booking Agent: Mike Dewdney at ITB
Merchandising: Kelly McDonald and Bruce Fingeret at FEA
US Travel: Marla Wax-Ferguson at Linden Travel
European Travel: Dave Brock at Rima Travel

Reference Librarian - Nicki Maxwell, M.L.S.


Natashya Hawley for having a sense of humor being dragged across the planet in a bus. Mark Hawley alias: CALM IN CORNWALL, thanks for the opportunity to need many pairs of wellies, John Witherspoon and Chelsea Laird - my replacement for Rocket Fuel. Mom and Dad - all my love. Mike and Debbie, Wesley, Phillip and Kelly. Cody, Casey, Kit, Kelsey, Cory and Dr. Marie Dobyns. Irene Hawley - you are STILL the most patient women in Christendom. Uncle Dave and Auntie Molly and all the clan... Phil and Katie - the light that never goes out. To Matt and Jon for all the music and chats. Marcel, Thea and Simone, Uncle Duncan. Trevski - for taking care of my girls. The Martian Gang, The Glam Squad, The Touring Gang... Beenie (aka Nancy Shanks) - as always. Neil Gaiman (the word) and Ann Powers. Dr. Rita, Jim, Garrity, Barry and Kalen and all at Music Sales. Trevor West and Terry at Emily, Sian and Rhys. John and Debbie, C, Bob and Phil. Martin at Soundmoves, Elizabeth and all at Bösendorfer. Manny King at Haskell University. Rolene and your clan - Hozho Natooh. Cliff and Kelly at Bude Shellfish. Anne-Marie and Kim at Bude Health Store. John and Matthew at Bude Meat Supply. Sandra and Carol at "that big Supermarket" in Stratton.

Hands on US - Ron Shapiro as well as Val, Vicky, Andrea, Patti, Maria, Linda, Sharon, Andi, Marybeth, Richard, Liz, and all at Atlantic Records.
Hands on UK - Matthew Rankin as well as Richard, Gareth, Korda, Nicola and all at East West UK.

Additional Thanks to Arthur and Jillian Spivak.

For all the years of creativity - Lee Ellen Newman, Elyse Taylor and Cindy Palmano.

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