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Cloud Riders

Lyrics by Tori Amos

standing on the edge of the cliff
didn't think it would come to this
a dead calm before the storm
not a sound from their engines
from the other side
saw a shooting star at 4:22 am

a warning shot from the rhythm demons
or from the guitar preachers
I've been touched by both
and by the holy ghost
from the other side
saw a shooting star at 4:22 am

underneath the stars above
I said, "no stop I am not
giving up on us"
and I am not going anywhere soon
Annie grab your bass guitar
help me bring in the October Moon
then you shout, "Run for cover"
I scream, "Rev the Triumph's engine"
You say, "baby we're too late
from the Cloud Riders no escape"
Darlin' what's the blanket for?
Riding out this Storm
we'll be Riding out this Storm

carved a stave against the grain
at the nine doors to gain
the secrets of Trees
once I could hear them singing
from the other side
back then the Thunder Gods
they used to cast our lots
but then I lost touch
close to when her chariot
from the other side
a chariot pulled by cats
purring, "we'll be returning"
from the other side
"Girl it's time you take back your life"

Tori Quotes

It's kind of to do with time and those emotional tsunamis I mentioned before that are happening quite frequently and I wanted to apply some Nordic mythology and imagery to that. [Boyz - September 13, 2017]

Annie Finch Quote

I wrote "October Moon" because I was moved by the power of the moon and its importance for women's spirituality at every stage of our lives. As an artist and feminist I have a huge appreciation for Tori's work. "Cloud Riders" is a gorgeous song, and I'm enchanted that our visions of the October Moon have coincided. Like Tori, I'm not giving up! [August 2017]

Reactions to "Cloud Riders"

July 30, 2017 - posted on Twitter
by Garbage (Shirley Manson)

August 10, 2017 - posted on Twitter
by St. Vincent (Annie Clark)

Tori talks about "Cloud Riders"

"Cloud Riders"
official lyric video

Live Versions

"Cloud Riders" / "Cornflake Girl"
October 5, 2017 - Manchester, England

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