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Tori Amos: soundtracks & compilations


from Great Expectations (soundtrack)


and you know you're gonna lie to you
in your own way
you know you're gonna lie to you
in your own way

know too well
know the chill
know she breaks
my Siren

NEVER was one for a prissy girl
Call in for an ambulance
Reach high
doesn't mean SHE'S holy
just means
She's got a Cellular handy
almost brave
almost pregnant
almost in love

and you know you're gonna lie to you
in your own way

and you don't need the light on
to guide you through the Southern lands, go, said, go, yes...

Tori Quotes

The whole thing about "Siren" was I was asked to um, do this music to this film, Great Expectations. And um, when I saw the rough cut of the movie it was a bit of a different thing than it ended up to be. But point is, the scene that they asked me to do, um, when I first saw it, I was on the water and my concept of his character um, who was Ethan Hawke playing the part of -- they call it Finn in the movie. But it's Pip, right? That's the correct Great Expectations person. Anyway, I felt like those guys were on a boat fishing. And uh, they had had this grunge music there -- being a manly kind of thing and I'm like, screw that, that's ridiculous. If you're gonna do a manly thing on the water, go Polynesian, 800 years ago. Go into the sirens and do it correctly. I mean the Miller time and all the baited worms all this stuff from the great tackle shop -- blow that. Go and find the sirens, make your sacrifice, cut off a toe, do what you're supposed to. Be good guys. So I decided that it would make his character a bit more enriching if um, there was this mythological element of the sea creatures. [KFOG, Berkeley - October 8, 1999]

Live Versions

"Juarez" improv / "Siren"
November 29, 1998 - Columbus, Ohio
audio only

October 13, 2001 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

September 23, 2009 - Groningen, Netherlands

October 2, 2011 - Moscow, Russia

September 29, 2017 - Berlin, Germany

July 23, 2023 - San Diego, California

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