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Tori Amos: rare & unreleased

It Might Hurt (A Bit)

On November 13, 1994, Tori Amos and Michael Stipe recorded a song called "It Might Hurt (A Bit)" for the soundtrack to the film Don Juan DeMarco. However, the song was not included on the soundtrack and is still unreleased.

Tori Amos and Michael Stipe in the studio:

[Thanks to Richard Handal for providing the VHS tape.]

Interviews relating to the recording of "It Might Hurt (A Bit)"

Entertainment Weekly - December 9, 1994
Details - February 1995

Tori Amos quotes...

You recorded a duet with Michael Stipe, ďIt Might Hurt A Bit? for the Don Juan de Marco soundtrack - itís never seen the light of day, so do you have any plans to release it?

ďItís in the vaults. I donít know. I mean, I have to find out where the masters are to be honest. It got real sticky at that time. I know youíre looking at me going, "you donít know where the master is?" but off the top of my head, I donít. Because we were doing it for a film it got out of control. I havenít talked to Michael about it in a while. Itís funny, the last time I saw him, we didnít talk about it, itís not something we bring up." [Record Collector - November 1999]

What's your relationship with Michael Stipe?

ďWe wrote a song together called "It Might Hurt" but it kind of took a vacation. Maybe I'll resurrect it sometime, I don't know. We were put together by one of the film guys at Atlantic Records, and we got along like a house afire. He's very special." [iGuide - January 1996]

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