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Tori Amos photos
Abnormally Attracted to Sin (2009)

album photography by Karen Collins

Creative Director: Sandy Brummels
Art Direction and Design: Christopher Kornmann for spit and image
The Glam Squad: Stylist: Karen Binns; Make Up: Jenni Clark; Hair: Barry Lee Moe

"I really enjoyed working with Karen Collins. The way she sees women is why I wanted to work with her. When I saw how she shot women, it was very different than a lot of the other photographers that had been suggested to do the shoot. One of my managers and I went through all the suggestions and, frankly, started finding our own photographers -- and we found Karen -- because we felt that what we were looking at was just making women look like vulgar, trashy objects, even though these photographers, some of them, are 'celebrity photographers.' I just felt, no I don't want to do that, I want a narrative or an artistic approach, and I was just really drawn to the way she sees women." - Tori Amos *

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Sinful Attraction Tour 2009

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