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to venus and back (1999)

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disc 1: venus. orbiting.

1. Bliss
2. Juarez
3. Concertina
4. Glory of the 80s
5. Lust
6. Suede
7. Josephine
8. Riot Poof
9. Datura
10. Spring Haze
11. 1000 Oceans

disc 2: venus. live. still orbiting.

live from the Plugged '98 tour

1. Precious Things
2. Cruel
3. Cornflake Girl
4. Bells for Her
5. Girl
6. Cooling
7. Mr. Zebra
8. Cloud on My Tongue
9. Sugar
10. Little Earthquakes
11. Space Dog
12. Waitress
13. Purple People


live from the Plugged '98 tour

Hey Jupiter
Upside Down
Baker Baker
Famous Blue Raincoat

Tori's fifth solo album, to venus and back, was released on September 21, 1999. The first disc was recorded at her home studio, Martian Engineering, in Cornwall, England. The second disc is a live album of songs from her 1998 "Plugged" tour. The B-Sides were all recorded during "secret time" (when Tori would play a couple songs without the band) on the 1998 "Plugged" tour.

Tori talks about to venus and back

"At the start, the idea was one cd live and one cd of rare and unreleased tracks. In the end, it's a new album that goes with the live. Artistically, this began to make sense because the live disc is a collection of songs throughout the years. These are the best performances of the last tour. There are bootlegs circulating, but they don't give a faithful image of my music. Then I wanted to add B-sides, for all those who had troubles trying to find rare tracks, but new songs came. I added them and the engineers told me: 'These songs have a particular sound; if you mix them with b-sides, it's like mixing characters from two different movies.' It was quite hazardous." [Best - October 1999]

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from Billboard magazine (US), August 28, 1999

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