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Night of Hunters intro by tori

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Tori's twelfth solo album, Night of Hunters, was released on September 19, 2011 (UK) and September 20, 2011 (US). There is a regular CD version plus a Deluxe Edition that includes a DVD with a 13-minute documentary and two music videos/performances ("Carry" and "Nautical Twilight").

Tori Amos was approached by the classical music label, Deutsche Grammophon, to compose this project. Tori said, "The idea was revealed to me by a Doctor of Musicology, Dr. Alexander Buhr. He said, 'Surely you're ready to do a song cycle based on classical themes for Deutsche Grammophon.' So that was the beginning."

Long-time collaborator John Philip Shenale worked closely with Tori on the string and woodwind arrangements for the entire project. Shenale said, "I think the thing that just astounds me about Tori is that she can take a bit of something like a melody or harmonic sequence for some of these pieces that were the inspiration and create something truly her own, showing how truly powerful her own creative stamp is. I think of Night of Hunters as a 70-minute song with 30 pieces of music held together by 13 sets of interlocking lyrics. Now that's composing!" *

The Apollon Musagète Quartett worked with Tori Amos in Cornwall from June 20-23, 2011, for Night of Hunters. They also peformed live with her on the 2011 tour. interviewed the Quartett before the tour and again after the tour.

Piotr Skweres - cello
Piotr Szumiel - viola
Bartosz Zachlod - violin
Pawel Zalejski - violin

Other musicians on Night of Hunters:

Andreas Ottensamer - clarinet
Nigel Shore - oboe
Peter Whelan - bassoon
Luke Whitehead - contrabassoon
Laura Lucas - flute

[full credits]

Tori talks about Night of Hunters

"There's a dark force gathering. And some hunt for power, others to invade childrens' dreams... Anabelle has come to awaken other forces... to remind [the woman] of her own life force. But Anabelle has to go out into the night even though there are hunters out there. And those, they are hunting for childrens' dreams..."

"I think Night of Hunters is a compilation of experiences that Mark and I have had for over 16 years... We're still together, knock on wood. And we work together and we play together. And we're trying to be parents together. And it's difficult sometimes when you have to be the grown-ups. ... So the song cycle in a way, I would say, I understand the man and woman very well in it. It's not exactly a play by play of me and Husband, but there is a bit of us in there here and there."

"I have to believe that in dark times the public yearns for Avant-Garde creativity... and needs something that nourishes the soul. I do believe that. The question is, one must be diligent and not sleep... and they have to find ways of getting the message out there. And sometimes that just takes tenacity and help from the fairies."

"Tori goes to see the fire muse, [her] spiritual mother force... The fire muse explains that instead of reacting to these [dark] forces with revenge and destruction... you must find love instead of their blood by your thorn. And this is a process of learning how to use her force. And instead of being destructive with it, [the mission] is to out-create destructive forces. And that's part of her journey."

Night of Hunters online ad
July 2011

Night of Hunters magazine ad
from Muzyka21 magazine (Poland), October 2011

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