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to venus and back

Recorded and Mixed by:
Mark Hawley and Marcel Van Limbeek
Assisted by Rob Van Tuin
Published by: Sword & Stone
Recorded at Martian Engineering, Cornwall, England

Drums/Percussion: Matt the human loop Chamberlain
Bass: Jon Evans
Guitars: Steve Caton
Bosendorfer, synths, vocals: Tori Amos
Programming with additional drum programming on
Suede, Riot Poof and Datura

Written and Produced by: Tori Amos

Project Manager US: John Witherspoon
Project Manager UK: Natalie Caplan

Mastered by: Jon Astley

Management: Arthur Spivak of Spivak Entertainment

Photo credits:
Cover image and all photographs: Loren Haynes
Artwork: Richard Bates and Brenda Rotheiser
Venus image: Rob van Tuin
Glampuss assistance Hair & Make-up: Berta Camel
References of Hot: Karen Binns

Duncan Pickford: chef
Trevor Lowe: Piano tech

Space cakes - faerie
Daz - Riot Poof
Cody - Little Sister
Beene - Beene
Lee Ellen - not goodbye
Nat Nat - Studio Goddess
Neil - send the Baku not the Nephilem
Zero Point - your time is coming
John Hawley - inspiration

The Live Crew:
Tour Manager: John Witherspoon
Assistant: Natalie Caplan
Production Manager: Andy Solomon
Assistant: Geno Byrnes
F.O.H. Sound: Mark Hawley
Tori Monitors: Marcel van Limbeek
Band Monitors: Rob van Tuin
Monitor Tech: Chris Gilpin
PA Systems Tech: Mike Rose, Andy Yates
Stage Manager: Mike Pugh
Piano Tech: Trevor Lowe
Guitar Tech: Zach Saville
Drum Tech: Keith (Sarge) Lamphier
Lighting Director: Dan Boland
Wardrobe and Vibe: Tamsin Manvell
Chefs: Darren Staats, Michael Glazer and The BA crew
Security: Joel Hopkins, Steve Sanchez
Merchandise: Kelly McDonald

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